Sunday, April 23, 2017

Donald Trump Throws Angel Mom Under The Bus

 Only required 162 Days to Forget Americans

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During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Candidate Donald Trump PROMISED, GAVE HIS WORD, to the Brenda Sparks, the Mother of a child who was murdered by an illegal inside the United States that Donald Trump would end DACA, the Dreamer Program immediately upon entering the White House, and Brenda Sparks believed Mr. Trump as did every voter.

Just a week ago Brenda Sparks with other Michigan voters displeased and feeling betrayed by Donald Trump had this to say:

Brenda Sparks, an “angel mom” whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant, appeared onstage with Trump at an August campaign event in Phoenix. She said he promised her that he would overturn the program known Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, in short order.

While Sparks said she didn't think it would be done immediately, "I had expected it before now."
"I still support Trump, but I'm going to hold his feet to the fire," she said. "He has not lived up to that promise."

After all the Trump Administration was telling every American that Mr. Trump could end DACA on his own authority, and there was no need for Congress to get involved, but the problem is as Brenda Sparks was trying to make Donald Trump keep his promises to Americans, that President Donald Trump instead decided to break his word to Americans and throw every parent like Brenda Sparks under the bus as Mr. Trump chose foreigners over American children.

Illegal aliens who crossed the border as children don’t have to worry about being sent home, President Donald Trump told the Associated Press in a Friday interview.

Illegals enrolled in the President Barack Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” DACA program can “rest easy,” Trump said, because “this is a case of heart.”

A President's word, American Trust and dead American children are not negotiating points. President Donald Trump has chosen the foreign invaders of America, over the parents of children who were murdered by them in any form from traffic manslaughter to taking American jobs.
For this, according to Donald Trump is a matter of the heart, in what matters most to him are Ivanka's crocodile tears and Gary Cohn's Wall Street slave labor.

 The fact is Donald Trump has not done a damn thing about these invaders. These rapist Muslims are pouring into America due to a Saudi quid pro quo and these murderous Mexicans are now legalized by Trump green  cards.

There is absolutely no excuse which can be made for this. Donald Trump told a grieving American Mother that he would protect her, and that American children mattered. His actions prove that Donald Trump is a liar and just like Barack Obama, Donald Trump's allegiance is to foreigners.

All of this has been suppressed and not reported in the amplified outlets to cover all of this up. Stop deceiving yourselves that this Jehu is going to keep his word as Obamacare 3.0 is come, Trump taxes will bleed you dry and jobs are only going to be for these legalized replacements for each of you.
There is no need for a border wall as Trump is flying in rape cock legal for the American Genocide exactly as Obama.

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