Thursday, April 27, 2017

Existing in a world not our Own

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I post this not for sympathy nor for the cheering of those who sought to destroy me. It is simply a fact that the Drudge headlines reveal that America and the world are overflowing with a demon psychosis of derangement and evil.
I simply with the evil that is willed against me for having posted this blog, am at collapse point. I was exhausted  in the year 2000 and needed to rest then, but no rest was given, and producing the time line of Donald Trump as President was supposed to be the shield for all of the good people to recover, but that has not taken place as it has been a fight daily protecting this Presidency and attempting to steer it to a sound course, but the evil which was rolled back is now returning in a tidal wave. I simply have not grown into the Light to protect the world from this millions in evil thoughts, the rampant demon machine and a government which is amplifying instead of neutralizing every situation.

Things have been in a degrading state here for sometime. To get to me, my plants and animals are afflicted and murdered. It can be anything mysterious like violets suddenly flooded out with no one watering any different to Monday night Darby and Libby were perfectly fine, and on Tuesday Darby was shaking and uncertain on her feet, and now this morning Libby is the same. The vet is coming and he thinks it is colic, but there is not any way these two horses both contracted colic from a diet unchanged which is simply grass. The source is the evil directed at me and it has been slow torture since December in things I do not care to remember.

Evil is amplifying and most of you are well aware that it is there and it is afflicting you in things which do not make sense. For everything that has died here, I felt like Job before, and now I am just going through the motions, as the suffering of innocent things is what rips me apart inside. I feel like hamburger in my Spirit after all I have been put through this past 2 years and each time I recoil  to recuperate, something goes inside and shreds me to those nerves again. So I do not know what to continue on with this blog, if it will be a daily synopsis or what it will be. I need at least some income so I have to struggle here as there is no alternative in the shape I am in. I felt ok a week ago for the first time in some time, and then Daisy jerked me and my spine and shoulders have not been the same.

Each of you has to let go of the distress in the disappointment. You have to trust in the Lord and do not act out, as a blind person could see this is the beginning of sorrows. Do not get yourselves into trouble. Do not threaten anyone and do not act out. Just focus on the things which give you serenity and the Lord will carry you through.
Each you have enough problems and do not care to hear about whatever is taking place here. I simply make note of it as a barometer in these afflictions point to something very wrong in this world and these kinds of ruptures and manifestations at this Mad Max extreme levels reveals something is very wrong.

The headlines:



Woman Files Suit Against DELTA After Man Masturbates...

UNITED AIRLINES bunny death mystery deepens as breeder demands body back...

VIDEO: Maxine Waters suffers brain freeze during rant on NKorea...


Striking reversal in culture wars...
Graveyard of First Amendment...
Portland rose parade canceled after 'antifascists' threaten Republican marchers...

Everything I have tried was to protect the Trump Presidency and the family from all which is now imploding. I gave specifics in the children needed to be OUTSIDE advisors. I stated that Ivanka needed COVER in Elizabeth Dole to be her political go between inside the White House. I informed the White House they needed God and Loyalists, as in Christians to be the Spiritual buffer, that the President needed to gain control over the deep state first, and above all make peace with Vladimir Putin in order to give him success as he relied on proven people legislators like Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich and Jamie Beutler to give him 3 victories in Congress to build upon. Instead the entire barrier has broken down in the worst consequences in Donald  Trump thinks he is a dealer, but he failed in he lied to everyone in causing upheaval in his base, which was already suffering wife beater syndrome from 20 years of the Bush fam.
So now it comes to thee communist Murdoch wives attempting to give Ivanka Trump cover when this entire administration has violated every political rule, in they brought in their enemies who hate them and are betraying them, and alienated their base which was the only protecting they ever had.

Insulting Ivanka: Why the media are turning on the first daughter

CNN commentator and former Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter said that “when I see Ivanka taking on this role, I really see her becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways. She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikable. She’s trying to get these jobs she’s not qualified for based on family connections.”
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compared the Trumps to “the Romanovs,” saying the president envisions a royal family and “it is un-American. It is untraditional. It’s somewhat weird.”

The Cruz people were not pacified and the Clinton people never will be mollified. Now with the base no longer believing in the President, all he has are the very people who both the right and the left detest.

By God's Grace he has worked through me to get you this far, I though am not capable of carrying the load as I am broken down from it. I will stagger where I can to though in your tomorrows, but now all of those who wished harm upon me because they did not like the Truth, will not have to deflect for them when the time comes.
That which has been unleashed is amplified and it is returning. It has momentum and there is not going to be any stopping this. It is a spiritual fire with too much fuel and will only be extinguished by burning itself out.

Stay with the Lord Christ, do not misbehave or act out. God in Peace in Jesus Name Amen and Amen