Monday, April 24, 2017

Homo Hannity with more Woman Problems

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really try to help Sean Homo Hannity out..........homo means he does nothing but promote sodomy on his program, until of like of course after the election he stops using country music in bumps and goes back to rock, as his audience influence share has shifted again to the old partition, but let us not get bogged down in media hype, as this is about helping Sean Hannity.

Helping Homo Hannity Out

This all started out with the babe magnet Sean Hannity getting Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment charges piled against him to get him off of FOX, and Hannity retaliated by sending lawyers after Kurt Eichenwald.....sorry that was Eichenwald who had classified intelligence with Evelyn Farkas he should be investigated for sending lawyers after a dude who sent him blinking lights..........Hannity bitch slapped Debs Scheulsomething who has now retracted to Hannity is just a creepy perv.

Then babe magnet Hannity had another woman taking sex to him in building her career as no one knows who this FOX skirt is, but now about 40 people do as she is a host of some program about sports and it is why we watched Leanne Tweeden for her expertise on sports.

Anyway here is the fox on FOX war.

Hannity Spars on Twitter with Fox Sports Host Who Called Him a ‘Literal F*cking Moron’

Sorry do not follow the above link as that is the one of Alex Jones saying he banged 150 women to be a man by the time he was 15.

Here is the link.

Hannity Spars on Twitter with Fox Sports Host Who Called Him a ‘Literal F*cking Moron’

Anyway, the thing is Homo Hannity is quite the boy in he likes being S&M by cute sportsdykes, as he was defending this girly. Now that Allan Colmes is dead maybe the two communist Murdoch wives can get this girl to beat up Sean Hannity every night in a new segment of men who get off on Dominitrix stuff.  Hannity is a handsome man who would look good in leather chaps and stuff.  No harm in whips either as leather takes all the punishment.
It could be something like Hannity would defend Donald Trump for breaking his promises to that DACA Mom about keeping murdering Mexican dreamers in America, and what is her name........Katie Nolan could take the riding crop to Hannity.
Look the girlfriend has got it all going on as this was one of her Tweets and is sure to take her far in her career as a sensible young woman who every executive would just love to hire for her professionalism and her understanding that women all do the Hoover to get hired.

Now thinking it is satire to day you sucked 75 men's cocks to get hired, sort of undermines all of the women who accused Uncle Roger and Bill O'Reilly of harassment and all of the women who Bill Clinton raped, were nothing but bimbo.

Speaking from a reality that dirty old men think they can donate here a few dollars to bitch slap me around or other dirty old men think they can talk trash about me and tell me to shut up about donations unless I set up a proper brothel to shut me up so the poor will not have this advertisement free blog to glean information, women have a hard enough time in life without people who do no deserve the job making comments for their own personal agenda to get attention.

What I do not understand in all of this is not why Bill O'Reilly was fired, but why was this Katie Nolan ever hired by FOX.

On February 23, 2017, it was announced that "Garbage Time" would either be retooled from its current format, or Fox Sports would find a new hosting vehicle for Nolan

Who needs Tucker Carlson, I say don't stop in firing O'Reilly, fire Carlson and fire Hannity as this Nolan can host from 4 until midnight, as who needs those men around in an Ivanka world.

We now return you to Audrey Hepburn in some weird nun sex wrestling in how she started her career.