Friday, April 28, 2017

Pretty to Peking

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a journalist I am fascinated not in how many people read this blog, but how American expatriates to other nationals respond to what is posted here in this global readership.

I was so pleased when Russians were reading this blog in mass as my number two readership, but then someone with alphabet letters prevented this blog from being read by Russians, as all the Lame Cherry promotes is peace, that does not speak well of what goes on with the minders that Donald Trump has directing him.

That of course interferes with my ability to receive donations, not that any Russian oligarchs have adopted me unfortunately, but in that the Lame Cherry is rolling along to even greater readership in communist China.

As the Lame Cherry only deals in Truth and God's Inspiration, it makes me wonder how this blog is appearing in one of the most censored places on earth in China. That is interesting in I have no sympathy for dictators who eat beautiful chocolate cake, run regimes that whore North Korean women and are pointing nuclear weapons at America, and are moving to exterminate the free people of Taiwan.

So is it the Chicoms appreciate the revelations about their making a fool of Donald Trump, as they like being credit or is it the Trump hating Bushites Donald Trump trusts, are having a good laugh at Trump's expense.

So much psychology involved in a little blog that no one reads.

That is now the reality in China has replaced Canada in readership in ranking.

Why is it the alphabet agencies have not interfered, and what is it that Peking sees which other peoples are not.

So many questions.