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The Luck of a Nuclear Wind

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As one of the last nuclear warfare experts, and having hoped that President Ronald Reagan had laid to rest with visionary Russian leaders in Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, that Americans would never have to suffer the sick to their stomach anxiety of the Cold War, the era of Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson, Mad Dog Mattis and HR McMaster has rebirthed what Americans understood from the 1950's to the 1980's, and now as most of these children have grandchildren and the grandchildren are vacuous to the Trump loving bomb world, the Lame Cherry is updating the information for all of you to enjoy this nuclear sickness the snowflakes will probably wet themselves over.

In the lead photo, you will note that America for some insane reason has nested all of her Minutemen nuclear missiles in pockets, for easy first strike attack by Russia, China or even North Korea or Tehran, as in theory a series of umbrella detonations would neutralize this 1/3rd of the American triad. I will not go into details about other tactics, but the absolute dereliction of duty in doing this grouping is a High Crime against the United States by her politicians and military.

In basis, all of the people in this area would die. I know we do not care about Montanans, Wyomingians and North Dakotans, as that is why the rest of America placed this nuclear nest among those expendable peoples.

I do know what you are thinking though in you think you are safe, so let us go to the next graphic.

Sort of pretty is it not?

Until you realize from these three bases, in the HAARP changing wind patterns of now northwest, east, northeast, north, south, one begins to see the nuclear fall out patterns which will pollute across America, and suddenly one notices that the big cities and your population areas begin to be radioactive zones.

The reality is, that when a nuclear detonation occurs or a series as would most likely occur in the Minuteman zones, is that the heat would suck up debris and pollute it to make it radioactive. The Russians operate an 800 kiloton thermonuclear warhead on their ICBM's, meaning these are H bombs, and each one of their beauties carries 10 warheads as they are MERV's, multiple re entry vehicles.
America put into treaty they just have one nuke per missile, but Russia has in our treaty 10.

Literally in a salvo, because the American missile shield could not cope with a salvo, it would simply require 6 missiles to create the damage below. The point being there is ground ZEROES in multiple hits on the silos, and the mushroom clouds lift, and in turn to about 100 miles out there is a hot zone, but then there will be a secure zone, until the debris begins falling out in the wind, and into this there will be concentrated hot zones which will be like living inside a Fukushima reactor.

I know many of you are still feeling sort of secure, but let me provide you with a common weather pressure system pattern across America in a pattern. You must understand that there are a HIGH LEVEL WINDS which will take that nuclear dust could a thousand miles away from ground zero, and there are wind pattern clouds which swirl clockwise and counter clockwise. So take the above straight red lines and begin bending them in swirls and suddenly like rain or snow patterns, you experience  radiation wave patterns arcing across the United States.

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See in the glory days, the US Nuke command used to inform Americans that America was blessed compared to Russia in Russia had straight west to east winds which polluted the entire Russia bloc. America had swirling patterns which localized radiation contamination to region. That has sort of changed with HAARP as the prevailing winds in America disappeared in the 1990's and now on a bad day, all of the Minot North Dakota fallout could push to Washington, have another front generate in a day, and plunge it all across a 500 mile swath of America until it reached the North East.

I never wanted to deal with this nuclear genie again, because this same genie works in biological bombs too, as you now realize that the people who were not in favor of nuclear warfare, sort of had things more correct than those who loved the bomb.

I have not included Tim Rifat's cobalt bombs, which are 5 year extermination bombs, because learning of nuclear war is a gradual process and you simply shut down and refuse to process the information any more.

The North American Monsoon

It all comes down to the luck of the wind in a nuclear first strike. You hope for a wind to blow it away from you and kill a few million people, instead of blowing it on you.
The reality is those three SAC bases are a creation of a triad of death. They are just far enough apart where the surface wind will be blowing in a different direction from the other bases for optimum fall out. If North Dakota is blowing south, then Montana is blowing east and Wyoming is blowing north.

Fall out would be designated as:

Heavy fallout 5 miles
Moderate fallout 100 miles
Light fall out debris 100 miles plus

It comes down to as the NRA cheers Donald Trump, and all the other lemmings who have not figured this out, in the reality of the question, "Do you really think it is what you want in HR McMasters is telling Donald Trump to get all of you killed because of Korea?"

Do you want to die for Koreans?

Do you want to watch your babies bleed to death from radiation poisoning for Japanese?

Do you want to smell the stench of a million people rotting 300 miles away for Tomahawk missiles dropped by Ivanka on Syria?

Each of you should probably decide on this issue, as that is where it is going, because your Congress did not reign in Obama and is not reigning in Trump, and the reverse speech of Donald Trump and his advisers are all about loving to start wars.

Did any of you vote for this? I can promise you that Hillary Clinton would have brought us to this, as Jeb Bush would, as even Obama was talking about scorched earth in 2015 already. This has been planned, and Donald Trump is being fed the same fake intelligence as the others would in starting this war.

But we have Mike Cernovich now with White House credentials so I am certain these questions will be asked.

Someone has been creating an American Genocide for some time, and those nuclear nests are the proof which no one informed you about.

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