Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Obama Royal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well it took over two centuries, and a foreign birthed British Muslim to do it, but American finally has it's very own Bonnie Prince Barry, as the Obama stand ins embark upon the Royal Overthrow of America, in the Obama Foundation, which is going to litter America with the Obama 5th column of community organized sodomites filling every political hole so America can have a perpetual coup of fake intelligence, fake news and the real disruption of government as the stink of Obama permeates America to a 3rd world despotry.

We have discovered that Obama lusted to be an English Prince and longed to be a tampon like Charlies up Camilla's whoring nethers.

President Obama admits royal envy to Prince Charles and ...

President Obama told Prince Charles that Americans like the British Royal family more than their own politicians in a meeting at the White House this afternoon.

Now America has her own Prince Barry, in doing the important thing of overthrowing America through Soros NGO's, but involved in a necessary tax payer paid for engagements which the world can not do without as Obama double makes millions on his natterings.

Mr. Obama will accept the Profile in Courage Award given annually by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

....a private conversation with the historian Doris Kearns Goodwin for the employees of the A&E television network.

.....civic engagement, the health of the planet, the need for diplomacy, civil rights and the development of a new generation of young American leaders.

Later in May, Mr. Obama will travel with his White House chef and friend, Sam Kass, to Italy for a speech at the Global Food Innovation Summit about the effect of climate change on food sources. On May 25, Mr. Obama is to deliver a speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, joined by Ms. Merkel

In both European cities, Mr. Obama will also deliver paid speeches.

So Obama double gets an award for doing nothing, ruining Americans chances for a job and is cuddling up Muslim rape cock advocates.........and being paid for it. The mirror image of the 8 years Obama  destroyed the world.

It nauseates me in knowing what this is going to sound like in the, "Uh Uh Uh, change we believe in, and uh uh uh, I am a messiah above it all". Obama double will be like the 3 AM drip, drip, drip of diarrhea in the stool.

It will be most interesting as Hillary tries to run again for 2020, and Bill worried about his legacy, how the Clintons will be supplanted by the princely position, and realize that it was image Obama who ordered her on election night to concede to Donald Trump, as the Obama regime was not going to help install Hamrod.

That though is what our world of war awaits, in global entity Obama making every American cringe just the way Prince Charles makes everyone cringe in the Commonwealth.

I can hardly contain myself in waiting for the lectures from Obama double about the need to stop breathing as it increases global warming, in how everyone must now take short breaths.