Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Trump Housing Bubble is built on Trump Invader Surge


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is always so much to write in the deluge of FAKE TRUMPISMS each day that some things slip by, but as I am homeless, and like numbers of Americans with mortgages and can not afford these inflated 100,000 dollar increased prices on homes, this "strong housing market" has to be explained.

GREAT AGAIN: Housing in 'strongest seller's market ever'...

The fact is this housing market is as fraud as Bush43's bubble, because what is taking place is Gary Cohn for Donald Trump is DUMPING tens of thousands of legalized invaders into America, with FULL PAYMENTS FOR RESETTLEMENT, including slave wage jobs which are undercutting American workers who are being fired nor not hired.

When these Trump invaders come in Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, Jewish Charities plug them into the Bush43 entitlements, and one of these is realtors and bankers having these Trump invaders sign housing deals. That is what created the artificial housing market under Obama for 8 years and Donald Trump is expanding it, so now you see another MAGA event in strong sellers market, when what this is, IS FOREIGNERS LOANED MONEY IN DEBT TO ENRICH WALL STREET BANKING AND REAL ESTATE, which is keeping Americans out of homes or moving up, because these  Trump invaders are displacing Americans.

That is the explanation which no one is going to tell you, because the elite like Sean Hannity get their millions and the rest of us just get to wait around for our holocaust and genocide, but there will not be any observances for that.

Just wait until Trump draining trillions out of the economy, only low 3rd world jobs, comes crashing down, as this housing bubble will bust just like before, and this time America will have millions of Trump foreign Rape Cock prowling the streets after you.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received this nice note this morning and I wanted to acknowledge it in being thankful and answer that, yes the President has an entire paid minder and troll network now patrolling all over the internet to shout down any comment that does not spread the propaganda.
Yes, we who put the President into the White House by God's Grace, are the ones now being shouted down for not agreeing to Obama's 3rd term as cemented in place by Donald Trump.

 A small offer of support for your highly valued efforts from a long time loyal reader. I find that when I echo your comments on various forums these days I am met with a barrage of attacks accusing me of being a troll. Are there that many people satisfied with the first 100 days? No surprise that I agree with you as wisdom flows through you time and again.

Border rancher: Illegal crossings down 90% since Trump...

And the reason the border crossings are down, is because the President is now flying them in to your cities to turn them into slave labor to replace you in your homes and your jobs.