Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Wonder of a Friend

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I am sure most of you have friends or at least will say you have friends, but for me I have always thought that "friend" thing was a bit too easily bestowed and claimed. That is why in my Bible reading today, when I came across the friends of Job, I was moved to include it as the definition of a friend.

Job 2

So they sat down with him upon the ground seven days and seven nights, and none spake a word unto him: for they saw that his grief was very great.

For those who do not know Job, he was one of the most righteous people to ever live, and satan was allowed to afflict him, from murdering Job's family, his servants, his livestock, destroying everything he had, including his home, and it came to the point that God allowed satan to give Job a skin disease where he sat in ashes, and scraped himself, and even his friends could not recognize him as he was so ghastly.

Now read the above verse and tell me if you have one friend who would sit with you for seven days and nights without saying a word, or if you are that kind of friend in having done that.........

See what I mean in that friend word is tossed around far too fast and loose.

Job's friends though blamed him for his misery as there was no human answer for evil. There was not even in Job an answer in his self righteousness which could give an answer for evil, because evil is a thing which prospers the wicked and destroys the good at times without reason, because evil is the will of satan and it's minions.

What a friend we have in Jesus...

Yes a simple song which is not appreciated in the least and ignored, because we have lots of friends we tell ourselves and lie to ourselves about what great friends we are.

It is just the way things are, because not even my own Mother, would sit with me seven days without having better things to do, as that is what even the best of Christians are.

If there is a soul in you, you are probably uncomfortable about all of this, and making excuses for what you can not help, but in that you will seize upon "I can not help it", and then just move on and forget about all of this, as you are a great friend and have great friends, as that is what you tell yourselves as you say catty things or are such pew sitters in being lazy that you dump your dead mother's books into the junk store without taking the name tags off, as all you were interested in was hauling away the silver.
That last part was my amusement today, as TL showed me a book in the thrift store with the name of my bro in laws dead mother. A good Catholic book mind you, but they could not pitch that old broad's things away fast enough to get at the loot.
Puzzling in my brain cancer aunt is dying for 18 months and I figured they would be out there grazing around the edges for some inheritance, but I guess the 10 grande promised my sister only counts for caring emails, as they might catch cancer and no good friend would want that.

Time to go lie to yourself that none of this was you or is you, as you are such a great friend and you have such great friends who will mourn with you a week.........

Seven day friends, three day friends,
One day friends........
A friend for an hour, a friend for a day
Friends like that should just stay away.