Friday, May 5, 2017

Administration is initiating False Flag for War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Administration is talking about war in the latest David John Oates Reverse Speech. Rex Tillerson is espousing a false flag in order to start war with North Korea. Iran will be next, and the reality is the Administration is pushing China hard and fast in a "do not give a damn" if China joins them or not, as the Administration will do this alone.

No one voted for this and this is not the Donald Trump of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

Donald Trump 

The congressman - Lips they're not sorry

100 miles from the Washington swamp - We the law don't envy army units

the center for public integrity - The shell I sell  let's me share no damage

the failing New York Times - Your life you lost it

shrink America's GDP - You'll shield them

Applaud Palestinian Authority in they get along -  I will reveal it

We are in good shape on North Korea - Hear the limits

Not happy with nuclear test in China - The Bible landed (Armageddon)

Under the right circumstances I would meet with him - Throw Kim to Nazi's

small missiles in North Korea - This will mean a murder 

Rex Tillerson

Advise the president - He knew while we throw the covers on  (Setting up a false flag.)

our diplomatic efforts around the world - I wish to fake it

serious factors in Iran - I am serious, serious

Iran serious threat - You will believe the limits

Test China to help us - they'll launch it if they're serious

Decisions that cost lives - The machinery they held it with a sinner (making war by fraud)

the President is - it's so sad he isn't shy 

 James Comey

Classified information on Anthony Wiener - I'm  a survivor don't perceive the war.

Huma did not have a sense of violating the law - All of them chill out

Hillary Clinton

Wikileaks on Podesta emails release on pussygrab night -They're slimy

We overcame a lot - Worst night

The Clinton campaign- the crime of rape

HR McMaster

President will resolve this issue one way or the other - War you

Lindsey Graham

Vote on sanction against Russia - I'll rub it in

Threat of war against Kim Jong Un - This world will be Sunni (Give world to Islam Saudi Arabia)

North Korea with nuclear missile on it - We'll beat enemy

Guy in the Philippines - They see the one eyed Nazi to war

Pick for Army Secretary - I will see hither

War issued over slavery - Give Rapunzel the throne (Mr. Oates says Rapunzel metaphor is appearing more often and he does not know what it means. Perhaps operation.)

Kim Jong Un brutal man - A nuclear Armageddon