Thursday, May 11, 2017

America Does Not Need A Special Prosecutor

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One wonders after the off balance performance before Congress by FBI Director James Comey as he ranted between nausea quotes and quotes about being the last righteous man in the world, if Comey had been ordered to fall on the sword to move Donald Trump to fire this coup plotter, so the deep state could get what it has been after from Day One in a Special Prosecutor to perform a witch hunt against Trump Loyalists and to "discover" some Katie Walsh blurted out statement that Donald Trump is guilty of being Donald Trump  for this propaganda press to gasp over.

One only needs to review the disaster of the Special Prosecutor, as it has been so bad that like liberals and global warming, it keeps having to be rebranded as progressive to climate change to Special Counsel.

The list of the atrocities of the Special Prosecutor began with Archibald Cox who was on a deep state coup against President Richard Nixon.
Cox soon went out of control in investigating areas he had absolutely no business looking into. President Nixon correctly fired Cox in being involved in this coup against Mr. Nixon.

Do you remember Iran Contra? Yes another Bush family disaster in arms for hostages, which President Reagan was not involved in. It was none other than Lawrence Walsh, who found absolutely nothing on President Reagan, but five years later, Walsh, just before the 1992 Presidential elections between Bush41 and Bill Clinton, as Bush41 was surging in the polls to defeat Clinton, Walsh announced indictments on Bush personnel which overthrew the 1992 elections and caused the disaster of the rapist William Jefferson  Clinton.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, do you remember the disaster of Ken Starr, investigating President Clinton which moved from semen stains or whatever was the reason then, and  somehow had Starr covering up the murder of Vince Foster, and in the end "finding absolutely nothing".

What about Plamegate, in which James Comey appointed his best friend Patrick Fitzgerald to "investigate" the leaking of Valerie Plame's name. We know from the  facts now that Fitzgerald new that Richard Armitage leaked the name to Robert Novak, as Novak confirmed it was Armitage from the beginning of  the  investigation, and yet Fitzgerald stalked the Bush Cheney White House for years in order to impeach Dick Cheney.
We know this as  fact as Fitzgerald and Comey  told the targets if these innocent people simply turned on Dick Cheney and lied about the Vice President, the entire investigation would go away.

Let us be honest in this, in Special Counsels are created by the deep state to extricate conditions from a President or destroy them. These shams cost millions  of dollars and did nothing but weaken an American President when America at that time needed that President.
Special Prosecutors, have performed two coups in removing two Presidents in Nixon and Bush41, undermined President Reagan, undermined President Bush43, and that is exactly what the deep state is moving for as when this investigation stays in Congress where it should be, it can not steam roll over the President and now that this coup plotter James Comey has been rightly fired, the deep state has lost it's blackmail potential against President Donald Trump. That is why the deep state is demanding a Special Counsel in order to gain once again the destruction of an American President, and in this case, it is for the purpose of weakening America for a nuclear war with China and Russia, which will profit the cartel and remove their competitors, so they can rule the world in the ruins.

The fact is for the high crime of James Comey in this conspiracy,  it is him who should be indicted and in chains awaiting a speedy trial. President Donald Trump has been brilliant in this, in he has flushed out Comey's co conspirators in the democratic party, and the chief plotters in John McCain and Richard Burr in the GOPliters.

America does not need a Special Prosecutor. America needs an Congressional Investigation completed in 60 days, and for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to order the FBI to either present evidence in 30 days in this 11 month witch hunt against President Trump, or this investigation is shut down, and those resources targeted with a Grand Jury an investigation into James Comey, the madam butterfly to appear in this drama, as we start noting patterns in former Bush43 people are involved in this, the GOPliters with John McCain and the caste of liberal criminals, all amplified by the Intelligence directed press led by the New York Times, Washington Post and Charlie Rose.

As the coup plotters have been flushed out in greater numbers, it is time for the investigation to focus on them as they are the real story and not this fake Russian hacking probe.

It is a fact now in a Lame Cherry exclusive that James Comey was performing for to be fired and it was all designed to move this to a Special Prosecutor as Comey was incapable of framing the President, even in trying to fund Pissgate propaganda.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has begun to gain control over this outlaw coup against the President. It is time now to move against the coup plotters as Rod Rosenstein is the Special Prosecutor.