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For almost everyone reading this, the name Jefferson Davis means a cliche, in the  same propaganda of now 2 centuries ago, and it has degraded to absolutely disgusting in the liberals rooting around graves and monuments like hogs as grave robbers in the attacks against the greatest people the world every produced from Nathan Bedford Forrest and now Jefferson Davis.
The fact is that both General Forrest and President Davis were gentlemen, who you could have left your bank accounts with and they would have been safe,  as your virginal daughters, as they would have fought to defend  their honor.

You have  to be a student of history, that censored history of America, which no one speaks of from the period from Andrew Jackson to Abraham Lincoln.

This was a dynamic period in American history as America was transforming from the elitist east and gentile south, to the American West. One must understand that in those years, Ohio and Illinois were the "northwest"  and  the frontier. St. Louis was doing business by the Mississippi via the Falls of St. Anthony, or Minneapolis of present, as the Metis People of Winnipeg Canada traded in the American interior.

As the less populated West became a power, the powers of the east and south sought to gain control. The eastern establishment worked through bank fraud swindles and the south worked through slavery.

This was the competition of America which has been deliberately hidden in "slavery" as this is not what this period was about in the least. It was about the powerful Southern States in Congress checking the minority New England States, and the West was the prize at stake in who would win.

There were magnificient men of that era. Jefferson Davis, Thomas Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford  Forest, Thomas Hart Benton, Robert E. Lee, John Calhoun, Andrew Jackson, John Edward Brown Stewart and Andrew Johnson. All of these were Southern gentlemen and of superior leadership and intelligence. They had one idea though which all adhered to in the Constitution, in their State was their Country. It was these UNITED States in each State was equal and more authority in it's borders than the federal at Washington City.

There was not any way to break this hold of power in the 10th Amendment by the money interests, which President Jackson almost succeded at in reducing the banks, so they chose the one kill shot they had in slavery to both brand the South as inferior, attack it at it's commerce, and to make certain that the New England minority would rule America.
If you are aware, this is exactly the situation America has been and is ruled by causing such horrid problems for America in the 21st century.

The Southern political power center understood completely what the attack upon them was designed to do, and that is why States Rights was the issue the intellectuals argued was the point of  the war, as the northern propaganda used the cover of slavery.
The same mandates which States are being destroyed by today, is what Jefferson Davis resisted against for America.

Jefferson Davis was correct as George Washington was in the Negro was not advanced at that era to self govern, no more than an ox would be if an owner turned them loose. It would in fact have been a crime of negligence and was dangerous as slaves  revolted in Virginia and Americans were murdered from time to time.

This is why Jefferson Davis was chosen as the leader of the South. He was the most capable leader in America. His Confederacy though was not a federal system, nor did it have the manufacturing base to sustain a war with raw materials. Jefferson Davis was 1000 times the leader that Abraham Lincoln was, as the north floundered under Lincoln, and a Union Army which was not interested in destroying the south for a federal dictatorship.

For those who are ignorant, Jefferson Davis was the father of Ronald Reagan in States Rights and Jefferson Davis espoused all the things Donald Trump ran his  2016 campaign on.  For the dolt they will think this means racism, when in fact it has to do with the Right of the People, the American People to not have their rights infringed upon by the federal in spying on them, over taxing them or shooting them. There was not any federal police force, because the States protected the Citizen.

Jefferson Davis in Constitutional Rights was exactly who Donald Trump was running on Constitutional Rights in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

It is sadistic in what is taking place in removing the memorials of Southern American Heroes. It is equal of the Nazi appeared and started bulldozing the concentration camps, because what the Union did to the South in shattering it for 4 years of war and 10 years of federal occupation, genocided thee most brilliant and gifted minds that America ever produced, and exterminated a Cavalier race of Americans who have never been replaced, and now in this 21st century the ghouls of the race hating left, are digging up the dead in America and afflicting sacred memorials.

I have on my computer the two volume memoirs of Jefferson Davis which I am too busy to read. I was able to read the fine work of Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri though, and these are true leaders of America who understood it was the people and not the bankers who were the lifeblood of the United States.
It was the Southerners who opened up the American West to homesteading, in the poor could obtain a farm by ploughing up the land, and gaining property by working instead of usury at banks.
This MUST BE UNDERSTOOD, that men like Jefferson Davis and Thomas Hart Benton did something that Thomas Jefferson though would take 1000 years, in settling America. They took Jefferson's wilderness and made farms, ranches and cities out of it in 100 years. It took Europe 1600 years to rise from Black Forest to urban nation state. That was the genius of freedom to self profit and responsible liberty, and it was these Southerners who constructed America on this framework to the astonishment of the world.

America owes the debt of gratitude to Jefferson Davis as a hero of the Republic, Confederacy and United States. It is reprehensible what is being done to his memory and it is past time that American Confederates have National Protection as Intiquities equal to Indian burial sites, as these are historic monuments to the greatest people of America's past.

Jefferson Davis was far more American than the celebrated Abraham Lincoln, who unleashed scorched earth warfare, and used the Negroid as a terror threat, and then turned these uneducated property loose when they had no ability to care for themselves or govern their own lives.

The issue in this though is not slavery, but for those who question slavery, the question is, what is evil in blacks herding blacks in Africa to be sold, who would be eaten by lions as so much more meat in those  wilds or being property, fed, sheltered and living to reproduce.
Both are evil concepts, but they arose because the Negroid of Africa two centuries ago was not far removed from the African today in having no industry, no initiative and no ability, other than to breed to a billion souls, being fed by American welfare.
That issue would be addressed in how George W. Bush saved African from malaria, how their population has exploded in having no way to care for themselves, but the same global bankers are  making profit off of UN grain shipments and stealing African mineral resources.
Africa is still the same giant plantation of breeding stock it was centuries ago, and Jefferson Davis and the American South had nothing to do with it.

Those are side issues to the real issue in the attacks on Jefferson Davis will be withstood and rebutted, as will the assaults against all Southern leaders of the past. They were the finest of people who adhered to the Rights of Philadelphia 1776. The only shame in this is Donald Trump has not kept his word and show the same fight for America, that Jefferson Davis did.

Jefferson Davis kept his word every day of his political life.

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