Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Girl, Nutmeg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The past few weeks the Lawrence Livermore National Labratories have begun posting for the public the film to digital archives of the greatest series of nuclear bomb tests conducted by the United States in the 1950's. Foremost in this group is Operation Hardtack as much of the testing in Hardtack was the genesis of national security in America, in perfecting nuclear warheads and producing viable nuclear warheads which would not degrade in storage or on missile heads.

Most people do not realize that America was involved in miniaturization of nuclear bombs from the start, and that included the thermonuclear bombs or hydrogen bombs.
For those who need a refresher, what was dropped in Hiroshima was a uranium atomic bomb. A hydrogen bomb though uses an atomic bomb as the primer and this then ignites the secondary fuel for an explosion like the sun.

In all of the footage of this family of bombs the astute begin realizing that each bomb is distinct, a sort of living atomic creature in each one reacts different, looks different and has a special signature. The featured bomb in this is Nutmeg of Operation Hardtack. She is fascinating for the reason she teaches so much in being a small weapon of 25.1 kilotons, in a two stage thermonuclear device, based on the old W47 bomb type, which was on numbers of Polaris nuclear missiles, but the W47 was found defective in the wiring would become brittle in time and corrode and the bombs would not detonate.
Not an event one would care to discover in a nuclear exchange.


21 May 1958 21:20:00.2 MHT (11 hrs) Eninmen (Tare), Bikini Atoll 11.50355°N 165.3722°E 0 + 3 m (9.8 ft) barge,
weapons development
early XW-47 ? 25.1 kt

2 stage thermonuclear device, possible W47.

This then is the life of Nutmeg as you will know her.

You will notice something odd in the event, as the film opens up with a bright flash filling camera, like a slow opening and closing of the eye, and then all the light centers back on ground zero, where within moments, a rapidly expanding mushroom cloud fills the world.

This bomb was tested on the Bikini Atoll, so there was a great deal of moisture in the air and this super heated moisture is what creates this cloud.

Here though is the life of nutmeg in she first exhibits her light flash of releasing the energy.

At 5 seconds, the light has disappeared in the blinding flash, and the vapor plume of the mushroom cloud forms from the thermal nuclear heat.

At 8 seconds, the fires below are generating the rising heat to vaporize moisture to begin the formation of the mushroom cloud.

Nutmeg does not disappoint, because she forms two clouds or one mushroom with a halo at 15 seconds filling the world.

Something revealing happens at 25 seconds in the wind hits the camera location in some debris can be seen moving in the lower left corner.
There are warnings of this, as in studying his color film, one can see white flashes darting on the screen, and these are seabirds, buffeting along in this atomic gust.
I do not believe this was recorded previously in the birds being thrown in front of this gale.
One notes now that the mushroom cloud has become an assembly of clouds in the sky rapidly moving outward by this nuclear weather front.

It is at 33 seconds that the cloud shadow reaches the camera location and begins shrouding the area.

At 56 seconds the event in the general location has only the toadstool stem visible of the original inferno of Nutmeg, appearing almost identical to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki plumes.
This is the soot cloud of contaminated debris or the radioactive fallout creating this sludge of heavy material to fall out.

As these films are over 50 years old, they are degrading, and the scientists retrieving them, state that when the canisters are unsealed it smells of vinegar, as the film is deteriorating and will soon cease to be a record. This would be an immense loss to history and national security, as each of these bombs is a living creature for the minute they exist. They consume a minute amount of matter and produce an immense amount of energy, which literally was never meant to be in an environment outside of a start.

As one of the few remaining experts in nuclear warfare on this planet, I appreciate each of these living forms of nuclear energy. No, they are not alive, but they are a form of life not as we know it, but as the universe understands life. They are to be studied with respect, and not in hysteria or panic, as one misses the reality of nuclear bombs and energy for their unique beauty and symmetry, and the lesson that as one does not walk on the surface of the sun, no one should ever engage in these weapons in any form of war.

The beauty of the nuclear blast is the radiation poison, so toxic, that it deters their use. Other kinetic weapons of like power will come to be used in slaughtering hundreds of thousands to millions as they are a clean weapon which leaves no penalties.

For that reason, nuclear weapons are the one weapon in the human arsenal which actually once stopped people from slaughtering each other, and it produced a population explosion on the planet. My personal hope and it is in vain, that nuclear weapons will not cease, but will be the weapons to keep the glorious weapons of mass destruction which have no lingering consequences, except epidemic from the rotting corpses in the millions, from being used also.

Whether Christ returns soon or far, humans have in their grasp a way to get off planet earth and begin building lives in a universe of planets so far apart that the conflict of war would cease. Murders will not cease as that comes from the heart, but given enough space on planets far, far apart, we will not have to be fighting for space in a universe for the taking.

That is the lesson of Nutmeg, our beautiful girl, who was ready for her close up on 1958 and still looks as alluring as she did on that bright day in May.