Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump pulling scabs off his Voters


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To speak to what Donald Trump understands or does not understand is a mute point, because the Donald Trump who is President is inflicting and afflicting an American majority which has been betrayed, humiliated, lied to and abandoned, since Ronald Reagan wooed Americans who had been politically homicided by the Watergate coup on Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump tapped into for his God given victory in November, and has either not had human sense or common sense to realize that his voters put everything on the line for him to emotional, financial and physical exhaustion, and since election day, Donald Trump has not protected his voters for months.
Instead the Trump voters have been on an emotional roller coaster never being given a moment's rest. This has been amplified by the Kushner West Wing takeover of the agenda, so Americans are now shocked that they are staring at Obama's 3rd term by Donald Trump.

What Americans need is peace and safety, and yet they are treated to nuclear war threats daily, conflict with Russia and the latest of a government shut down in more fighting, when Donald Trump would not fight for them while adding another 1 trillion dollars in debt in the 2017 budget by Paul Ryan.

Trump lashed out on Twitter on Tuesday over the budget deal, threatening a government shutdown when the spending plan expires at the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.
“The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there!” Trump said. “We either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!"

Americans were apparently deluding themselves into thinking that they did the work in 2016 and Donald Trump would do the work in 2017, and allow them to heal, but now it seems every day Donald Trump is in their safe zones bringing nuclear war or Clinton policies to exterminate them, and it does not seem that Donald Trump can stop finding scabs to pull of his voters each day.

The Republican president of the United States said he’d be “honored” to meet with North Korea’s leader under the right conditions. That he thinks the country may need an economic “stimulus” package. Or possibly a gas-tax hike for better roads. Maybe even break up the big banks. And certainly a health care bill even more generous than Obamacare for people with pre-existing conditions.
Donald Trump said all of that in one 30-minute interview Monday, and in doing so, managed to poke the eye of just about every major constituency of the Republican party -- military hawks, blue-collar workers, fiscal conservatives, Wall Street bankers and Tea Partiers who’ve made repealing Obamacare an article of faith.

Those like Homo Hannity like propaganda excuses of Republicans not getting it right or knowing what to do, when the fact is Paul Ryan knows what he is doing in protecting the corporate welfare and slave state that Bush and Obama created looting 3 trillion a year out of the US taxpayers.

For whatever reasons, Donald Trump is in a 24 hour a day WWE ring event and whether he understands or does not understand, this event is politically shattering the American base daily, and picking off more of them every day.

The Trump inner circle is concluded is part of this problem as the question is why has not Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Gary Cohn or Reince Priebus interceded in this, to explain to the President he has damaged his brand beyond repair. In this group are Neocons and liberals, who were #NeverTrumpers and are more than pleased for the President to be thumping these redneck peckerwoods as they are embarrassed by them and hate them.

I would hope that like Bill Clinton found a Dick Morris to bring his soul to Americans in connecting with them and providing the illusion of protecting them. I hope this because it is evident that who Donald Trump has around him have not advised him to protect him from himself.

Mr Trump must be brought to the reality that WWE was one night a week for 2 hours, and not 2 hours a day and not 168 hours a week full time burning the audiences out. The President needs to start being their trusted protector 166 hours a week and leave the WWE for the other two hours of entertainment to rally around.

If the Undertaker's brother can understand the WWE stage theater is not a lifetime event, and he can become Mayor, then President Trump needs to become that man too for the sake of the promise he made America that he has destroyed 65% of in just 4 months.

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