Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump White Paper: Returning Federal Law Enforcement Local


 US Marshall Bat Masterson
The Constitutional American Law Enforcement

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While out for an evening walk with TL, our conversation was about the need to disarm the federal agencies who have no legal right to be pointing guns at their employers, thee American Citizen.

I have always thought the best solution was for FBI, Federal Marshal and Border Patrol to be thee only armed agents, and if Post Office, IRS or BLM has a problem, they should appeal to them for help, and then with warrant from a Judge, the situation would be taken care of.

There is something in this though that leaves out the States in their Rights which have never been forfeited in the 10th Amendment, where all rights not limited to the federal are retained by the People and the States as the ultimate checks and balances.

In this, I will to revisit the Malheur Refuge situation as an example, because the same exact situation took place in North Dakota on Standing Rock, and in the end, the State and County Police of North Dakota under a much more violent and trying situation, ended an Obama regime insurrection without anyone being murdered. Consider Special Agent Gregory Bretzing flushing LaVoy Finicum to a dead man's curve road block and the FBI firing at Mr. Finicum when the vehicle was stopped and he had his hands in the air.

Here we have a perfect example of federal and state, where the State handled the situation perfectly and the federal spiked the violence. This is not alone as there was the Bundy situation in Nevada, Ruby Ridge, Branch Davidians and Hutatree. In each case the politics of liberal DC brought violence to a situation, where the State Police quelled the violence.

In this, the Trump White Paper from the Lame Cherry, states that new protocols must be laid down, where if US Fish and Wildlife or BLM has a problem with a rancher or protesters, this does not ever bring in the FBI or other armed agents. Instead, the USFW will be mandated to appeal to the County Sheriff who is an elected State Official, and if this representative of the People in Oregon, in this case, deems the situation is something Oregon should become involved in, then the Sheriff with the States Attorney will appear before a Judge in asking for warrants of arrest. This is not a Federal Judge, but a State Judge, and if the Judge does not deem action necessary, or the Sheriff orders a stand down, then whatever is taking place at Malheur, will be further dealt with by the county.

If warrants are issued, no Federal Officer is to participate, as this will be all local law enforcement from the offended county and other counties if more assistance is needed. In no case does this escalate ever to State Police.
As the warrants are served and Americans are taken into custody, the charges are SET with no further charges permitted, as in arresting people for Trespassing and then once incarcerated the detained discover they face terrorism charges.
The detained are then transferred to the Federal US Marshal for prosecution in the said jurisdiction.

This is the ultimate system of checks and balances. The legal system calls for a jury by trial of one's peers, and Americans deserve to be taken into custody of the local police forces, and not have these massive operations which are run from Washington for political purposes, and agents on the ground are abusing authority to get promoted on the blood and tears of Americans.

One can not have a Branch Davidian massacre by the US military and BATFE if the military does not have tanks on the ground and BATFE is not in command, wherein a County Sheriff would simply arrest the person and the courts would handle the situation. One can not have Ruby Ridge if the BATFE is not murdering pets and mothers with children in their arms, when the County Sheriff is there and rejecting the operation. One can not have LaVoy Finicum dead when the County Sheriff is too inept to move on an operation and another County Sheriff is willing to give sanctuary to the protestors in allowing them to protest peacefully.

What needs to be accomplished by President Donald Trump is a complete reversal of the Bush and Obama mandates at Homeland Security which began before 9 11, where local police were all taught SWAT attacks on Americans, and where your Chief of Police was nothing but the bottom rung drone run out of Washington DC politics.
Law Enforcement must instead be State down to DC. If some agency has a problem with a person in Lincoln County wherever, then they have to diplomatically deal with the County Sheriff first as the legal representative in that County, which then if the Sheriff chooses moves to the States Attorney and a District Judge, and if these Constitutional elected Officers of the Court have absolutely no problem with the people in their community, then DC has no concern when the Indians dance or the Militias play dress up.

This will stop the violence in America and the overreach which is afflicting all of our Citizens, which has had an Obama regime corrupt and politicize everything it had control over in law enforcement. The Feds have enough things to occupy themselves with in trade wars, terrorism and border security. Things that are a national issue are their limited authority, while the local law enforcement can decide if cows grazing on some park land is a crime or just what the hell a cow does, because they are cows.

This is the common sense approach of putting the power back into the hands of the People, and restoring the US Marshals, FBI and Border Patrol to their jurisdictions of ARRESTING FOREIGNERS AND ACROSS STATE FELONS, instead of bothering the normal stupid American, who has ever Right to be as stupid as they please.

Stupidity is the most wonderful part of being an American.


America is no longer Bat Masterson FBI in a suit and tie
It is SWAT COMMANDO shoot to kill
J. Edgar Hoover never would have permitted any militarization of law enforcement.

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