Monday, May 1, 2017

Waiting on Christ

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I share the assaults that happen on us here to let you know that things are not a walk in the park, just because God moves me for this blog. The fact is the more Christ is in you and you in Christ, you are His Light in this dark world and evil is drawn to it and attacks it.

It grieves me when bad things happen to the good people of this blog, but it is the evil wave coming on the world now. I get to the point that I watch everything I say as satan exploits everything, from just mentioning that bad things come in three's or what has been on my tongue in "just another thing".

I received this letter and wanted to reply to it to address things about pets.

 This week we had to put my Wookie to sleep. She was 14, and had arthritis. I went to the mailbox on Monday and saw that she was in the field and couldn't get up. (She's 80 lbs-a german shepherd akita ). I got a sheet and made a sling-when she gets down I can lift her mid section with the sheet wrapped around her and take the weight off her back end where she's lame . I did this and helped her back to the garage. She'd been in the creek,  so I dried her with the hair dryer, she began to move around the garage like she was in pain, within 15 minutes it was clear she was hurting. Chad came home and we loaded her up and rushed her to the vet. Xray showed she had bloat, surgery only option, 50/50 chance, $2000, the vet said that she wouldn't operate if were her dog, chad didn't want to. I was crying -trying to decide, then Wookie took a turn for the worse and the vet put her to sleep. I've not been able to eat much or sleep this week. I prayed for the Lord to speak to me-I know she was not a person,  but she was not" just a dog". To me, dogs are nearly perfect - they love us unconditionally,  and are so innocent.
 Wookie was always at my feet . she'd drag her lame self out to sit under me in the swing anytime I went outside...I can still  feel her big soft head as i petted her.
I always said that she was mine, but that's not the way it was. I was HERS.
I hope that I'll see her in heaven.Surely, such sweet spirits as our dogs and pets go on to heaven. Do you think they do LC?

I know that pets go to Heaven and I know that some pets come and check on you after they left their bodies.  I know that the Spirit of God in you in goodness, imparts a greater life force into the "soul" of animals, which transcends to Heaven. God does not waste life. He created it all, and when you have a good pet, they are going to be with you in Heaven.
My Ruby and TL's Vashti was around here quite a bit for a few years. One night I jerked my hand from the back of the chair as I always watched television which was behind me in writing, by draping my hand over the back of the chair. I jerked it because when Ruby was alive, she always stuck her nose on that hand and I would jump.
I felt her do that and she was there in spirit.
She used to come around a great deal, especially before trouble. She helped heal the wounds of interactions with other animals I had had in the years past. She is a most interesting dog in all she was about and doing after death.

I have read of people with near death experiences seeing other people's horses and dogs waiting for them. I know my animals have been around here, and it was not a psychic imprint, but them. So yes good animals go to Heaven like good people do who trust in Christ.

The other day, we stopped at a cemetery looking for the grave of my wicked uncle. We found it as he died this past winter, and TL felt it  too........just a big dumb presence there, quite vacuous. I know he is in hell, so it must have been a psychic imprint on his ashes. Odd zombie experience in nothing was malevolent at all, but it was just a stupid troubling presence.

I do have an impression that a winnowing is taking place in things or living creatures, so you will not have to suffer with their suffering later. I know how hard it is to decide to put an animal down. I had to be the one to tell the vet it was time for that cow that had a calf which was rotten in her, in another of these freak evil situations which should never appear, and here the horses were, a turkey was this things just attacked in this evil wave.

Please know that your pet is safe, is happy, and doing all the wonderful things they did when young, and someday you will be sitting with them on a porch in Heaven enjoying a forever spring day.

It is though to a point that I do not think I am going to be acquiring any more pets until all of this passes, as I can not deal with the bombardment of the suffering.

For those who share their sad things, that is a good thing. You need to unload the emotions and share with those who care. I do care and I have experienced those things, and Christ has experienced all of the sorrows we have or ever will have.

I know things happen as Christ said in that tower falling on people, but I also know a few times is chance, but constant is evil design, and I also know that praying to keep this corrupt world from doing the implosion it is involved in, is like trying to stop a car crash while in motion. I am not lecturing in this, but what I pray is that the time be shortened and Christ returns more quickly, as that is the only way these sorrows are going to end for the good people waiting on Christ.