Thursday, May 4, 2017

White House Locks Christians Out of White House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the White House treats the Lame Cherry like a whore in bartering my information around in putting me on their mailing lists, it affords the reality to snapshot the mind of Donald Trump, in the past few days.

It is interesting after the President became a bootlicker to President Vladimir Putin, in agreeing to sign on to the Putin partition of Syria by sending an American representative for some more vague promises of assistance on North Korea (Yes this is the Trump Art of the Deal, he deals the ranting McMasters and Ivanka cards and Moscow  and Peking out play Donald Trump.), Americans apparently are now under the protection of Vladimir Putin as HR McMasters has disappeared from puppet master meetings lasting half the day in moving Donald Trump's lips.

What did appear though are pagan and apostate religions cluttering the White House...........but no Christians.

Here have a look see at Wednesday's agenda. First Trump meets with the Muslim terror leader Abbas all day, and then some vague "religious leader" dinner for the end of the day. No comment on that from the White House if witchess, hindu, satanists or satan knows what, but we do know for certain that Christians do not get any face time with the President, but other religions do, after of course a deluge of Jews fill up Donald Trump's day causing the broken promise disaster we are suffering to our ends.

  • 11:55AM: President Trump meets with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority

  • 12:15PM: President Trump gives a joint statement with President Abbas
  • 12:30PM: President Trump has a working luncheon with President Abbas
  • 6:30PM: President Trump has dinner with religious leaders

Apparently one religion does get face time with Donald Trump.....besides Jews and Muslims, and that is the Jesuits. Somehow signing a proclamation of religious liberty with Jesuits in the room is like using Dexter's series on showtime to promote moral behavior.
There is that little thing called burning Joan of Arc at the stake, putting a death warrant on Martin Luther's head, world slavery, Inquisition and this Obama black latin liberation, with Americans being targeted for genocide as the Catholic religion meets with Muslims and dumps Mexicans all through America, is not exactly a group of people to be meeting with and associating it all with religious liberty.

But then this is the Donald Trump who just does something to make fake poll numbers rise.

The government should not discriminate against or punish Americans and their organizations simply because of their religious beliefs. Today, President Donald J. Trump will sign an executive order ushering in a renewal of religious liberty in America.
  • 10:45AM: President Trump meets with Catholic Cardinals and leaders
  • 11:00AM: President Trump signs the Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty and participates in the National Day of Prayer Event
  • 4:00PM: President Trump meets with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia
  • 4:20PM: President Trump has an expanded bilateral meeting with Prime Minster Turnbull
  • 7:20PM: President Trump gives remarks commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea

I wonder if Brenda Sparks or the Angel Moms ever get invited to the White House?

Why does Donald Trump bar Christians from the White House and will never meet with them?

I wonder if Linda from Sean Hannity's program was invited today, or is she too Christian too.

On the night before Trump’s news conference, April 19, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke told the Catholic publication America that no official request for an audience with Pope Francis had come from the White House.
At least one lay U.S. Catholic official said that the talks have now begun between Washington and the Vatican. One prospective stumbling block, the source told us, is the sharp differences between the Pope and the president on immigration.
“But this can be worked out,” the source said, recalling how presidents and Popes have historically avoided controversial topics on which they disagree and emphasized issues on which they are on common ground

Even looking to meet the Pater Pope, but not Christians.

Trump to visit Israel, Vatican, Saudi Arabia on first foreign trip...

Jewry, Catholics and Muslims.......but no Martin Luther Germans, no Tyndale English, no Greek Orthodox and no Russian Orthodox Christians.

Who gets invited to dinner, and who gets the garbage to pick through while looking in the window?