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Winning Muslim Wars with Herbicide

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To start this Presidential Brief out, we begin with the reality that HR McMaster, General Strangepud after dropping the MOAB on Afghanistan now wants to follow up with 23 billion a year doing the same no war winning strategy, but has US Soldiers guarding poppy fields for Goldman Sachs investors.

Afghanistan is still ruled by medieval warlords — just like it was before its 'liberation' — but now it has lots and lots of delicious poppy fields. But apparently McMaster is looking to squeeze taxpayers for every penny they have.
McMaster's brilliant plan will cost $23 billion per year (but will likely end up costing far more) and will "subsidize Afghan defense and policy programs".
Here is my solution again, and I actually did the cost analysis to compare Lame Cherry winning the war in Afghanistan to HR McMaster's profiting Wall Street in Afghanistan.

It starts with the chemical herbicide, manufactured by America in Atrazine.

5 gallons of Atrazine 240.00 dollars American

Economy of Afghanistan - Wikipedia

Many of these former refugees are now involved in the farming ... cover some 7,500,000 acres ... has media related to Economy of Afghanistan. Ministry of ...

7.5 million acres x 43,560 square feet in an acre = 32,670,000,000 square feet of farmland in Afghanistan.

Square Feet to Acres Converter - The Calculator Site

What is an acre? The acre is a unit of land commonly employed within North America and the Caribbean. It is equal to 4,047 square metres or 43,560 square feet.

32,670,000,000 square feet divided by 64,000 square feet application of Atrazine =  510,486.75

500 sq ft. x 128 ounces (gallon) =  64000 square feet

Application rate of Atrazine:

According to the product label: You should mix 4.3 fl ozs of Hi Yield Atrazine per gallon of water for each 500 sq ft area. 

128 ounces divided by 4.3 ounces =  29.76 applications in a gallon x 500 square feet = 14,883.7 square feet per gallon application.

32, 670,000,000 square feet of Afghanistan divided by 14,883.7 square feet covered by one application of Atrazine =   2,195,018.7 gallons to apply on 7.5 million acres of Afghanistan fields.

240 dollars per five gallons of Atrazine divided by 5 =  48 dollars per gallon of Atrazine.

48 dollars per gallon atrazine x 2,195,018.7 gallons to apply to the 7.5 million acres of Afghanistan fields = 105,360,897.60 to wipe out the entire funding base of terrorists in the region in the poppy crop whose money is funneled to European banks.

This Atrazine spraying will kill those fields of :

Atrazine is an herbicide that is used to stop pre- and postemergence broadleaf and grassy weeds in crops such as sorghum, maize, sugarcane, lupins, pine, and eucalypt plantations, and triazine-tolerant canola.

Meaning for two years the  Afghanistan farmers will only be able to grow human and animal foods of corn, sorghum and canola oil.

Now when I went to school, 105 million dollars was allot less than 23 billion dollars PER YEAR. Divide mine up and it only costs 54.5 million dollars a year on chems alone to stop terror funding, stop destroying people's  lives to opium across Eurasia, which costs billions of dollars more to police and incarcerate the criminals on the streets, as no one throws Muslim warlords or Rothschilds or that Macron of France into prison for money laundering.

How much Atrazine weed killer should be mixed per gallon?

How much Atrazine weed killer should be mixed per gallon? ... You should mix 4.3 fl ozs of Hi Yield Atrazine per gallon of water for each 500 sq ft area.

As America has C 130's which they used in Vietnam spraying Agent Orange, and numbers of other planes, the reality is they pay their pilots nothing, so the published cost to run a C 130 is:

list of combat aircraft flight cost per hour - Page 2

C-130: $3574/$3381 C-141: $4813/$4553 KC-10: $7316/$6921 ... Combat aircraft flight cost per hour, the experience of ROCAF (Taiwanese Airforce) in 2009: 1.

So at 3500 dollars an hour, which all the cost is fuel, President Trump is such good business friends with Kuwait, UAE and now Saudi Arabia, that you just get them to donate the fuel cost, which in the end brings my costs to win Afghanistan down to 55 million over two years.

Oh and I checked the cost of a C 130 is 14 million..........can get Boeing's cheaper:

Lockheed C-130 Hercules - Wikipedia

The current cost per aircraft is US$14 million although Boeing expects that this price will drop to US$7 ... Lockheed C-130 Hercules and Its Variants. Atglen ...

So for ONE TWENTY THIRD or 1 billion dollars, I could have my original used C 130 fleet and add 100 C 130's to the fleet for dope control, as President Trump has been skulking around Columbia, and that dope capital means something is rat ass going to cost another 23 billion once McMaster starts moving Donald Trump's lips again.

That is how the Lame Cherry wins the war in Afghanistan by taking away the commerce with weed spray, and not profiting Donald Trump's stock portfolio in Raetheon  getting more US Soldiers blown up or dead for the President to pose beside them to congratulate them.

Let us be frank here in Bush Obama ballooned the dope trade, because it is about billions of dollars flowing into European and US banks, which are laundered into Wall Street, so nothing is going to be done in Afghanistan as General Strangepud is there whispering to make money, than to win that war, because it is all about commerce.

Experts Agree: McMaster Is a Major McAsshole

Trump should fire his National Security Advisor and replace him with a potato.

I would offer that the potato should be exchanged out for Russian vodka, thereby increasing balance of trade between the United States and Russia, and in keeping nuclear buttons from Donald Trump to send the vodka to Mr. Trump until we find out he is a happy drunk, for HR McMaster, as vodka is bound to be a better adviser than General Strangepud is.

OK there is the Lame Cherry solution, which will never be done as Donald Trump is all Chamber of Commerce money, but I have proven that a Christian advisor can do the job more efficiently and cheaper than a neocon.

Oh and Afghanistan can grow corn and sell it to the Chicoms for their pigs and chickens to butcher to feed Chicoms.

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