Monday, July 17, 2017

Deep State Sessions

The Seep State of the Deep State Jeff Sessions is Seeping In

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Larry Klayman has graciously informed the world that for all of the trust placed in Jeff Sessions in righting the Judicial branch for the President, that there is not going to be any redress for Americans and that the People of the American West who have been so persecuted by the cartel, will have no relief as their lives and property are forfeit.

People should not be deluded into the crumbs of water rights signed by Donald Trump, as the confiscation wing of the regime is in full operational force. It is why Sec. Zinke has not been disarming the hordes of gun toting agents  throughout the West and not trusting law enforcement to the FBI and Federal Marshals.

From the start of the Trump regime, Larry Klayman has been advocating for the Bundy's and other American political prisoners of the Obama regime. Mr. Klayman related that he had contacted Jeff Sessions, as he had met him years ago. Mr. Klayman received a call back from Sessions promising that Sessions would review the files sent on the Bundy's and review the material.

Then came nothing.

Then came silence.

Then came stonewalling.

Then when Larry Klayman visited Justice physically, he was emailed that all the information had been forwarded to the prosecutors in Nevada. The very Obama prosecutors were the ones who would rule in the Bundy case. Jeff Sessions proved exactly who he was answering to.

I was shocked, as this obviously was nonsensical if Jeff and his staff indeed were conducting an independent review to determine if the prosecutions begun under Obama and Lynch should proceed, or in some way be cut back in scope. It became clear that Jeff, with all of his problems – he is under constant attack by the leftist media and rabid Democrats – simply went into a “defensive crouch” and thus punted on his commitment and referred me instead to the very Obama Deep State prosecutor who has been and continues to engage in prosecutorial misconduct, too numerous to list in this column. To say the very least, I was not just disappointed, but saddened as I thought that this new attorney general would have the courage to do the right thing and honor his word. While over the years I have become more than cynical about the honesty of government officials, I held out hope that Jeff Sessions was different.
The crowning blow to my confidence in Jeff and my hope that he might be different came just in the last few days, when I traveled to Las Vegas to visit with Cliven in federal prison. Coincidentally, I learned that the attorney general was in Las Vegas also to give a speech at the U.S. attorney’s office about sanctuary cities. I therefore emailed Erical again, and asked if she could schedule 15 minutes of Sessions’ time for me to meet with him over the Bundy prosecution. In response, I was told that he did not have time. A day later, it was reported that during his time in Las Vegas, Jeff told the media that he fully supported the prosecutors for their courage to pursue justice, but was “not taking sides or commenting on the case.”

Those are the realities of Jeff Sessions, and Rob Rosenstein. The American West has been forfeited to the same system which left LaVoy Finicum bleed out in the snow. Those who think Jeff Sessions is an honest broker, only needs to review what the FBI has done in stonewalling Congress, the non shutting down of leaks out of the White House, the banning of firearms, the issue of mandates concerning gun dealers, and all of this begins adding up to looking the mirror image of the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama regimes.

Jeff Sessions did not punt this issue to end the persecution of Americans. Jeff Sessions is engaged in it as Jeff Sessions is protecting the system against the very Americans that Don jr. and Donald sr. were promising fidelity to in Nevada when the Trump Brand needed the Western voters.

Words are meaningless without actions protecting Americans from the police state. There is absolutely not any protection for any American, and that includes the Big Deal Maker, as his Justice Department is a piranha eating Trump's supporters, and will devour Mr. High Rise for Mike Pence to become President once Mr. President is denied the re nomination for 2020.

The time for Bush43 excuses are over. Jeff Sessions has proven exactly who he is and Larry Klayman is the messenger of  the reality. There are those who will continue to make excuses for Mr. High Rise and listen to the MOGS that sacrificing the Bundy's for the promises of Trump Brand is acceptable like Caiaphas sacrificing the Christ for the good of the police state of Rome. The Lame Cherry will simply not play the fool in leading all of you astray. I will salute whatever flag they offer and teach the children quietly to not make themselves a target.

Sort of is a most interesting scenario in Steve Bannon said not to fire James Comey, but it was Jeff Sessions and Rob Rosenstein who pushed the President to that action of the deep state, and the same two just betrayed Larry Klayman and are going scorched earth on the People of the Western places.

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