Monday, July 24, 2017

Dicey Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Viking dropped me a note apologizing for being late on things as he had been up at his sister's cabin. Considering the things he endures and puts up with, he is one gentle man who deserves to have his address on easy street, as he is currently bionic in spare bone parts.
I was just pleased he had not been gunned down by Minneapolis lesbians  and muslims wearing cop uniforms as being an Australian dead on your front lawn or up at a cabin, seems like the choice I would rather be up at the lake myself.

As for me, the Lame Cherry was described as dicey.

 Of uncertain outcome; especially fraught with risk 

I have no idea why I would be insulted like this in being dicey, as I am good girl, pray my prayers, eat sugar as a food group and work for peace, but you just can not please bleaters as they keep coming on the blog and things are not going to their reasoning and then they just do not know about me. Me I seem quite stable, others things seem unstable to me.

Like TL received a nice note, from a non bleater who likes the Southern history. Good news on that, in there is coming a month of history as it has never been produced before. It should be quite nice if people can read it in the internet is still functioning.
The person who appreciated this blog, was having all kinds of problems in things not loading, including the blog, so I thought I would share an adventure, but something important first.

I should have lied to everyone about Donald Trump and did the Sunprancer thing of cheering all of you over the edge. See last year when you thought you were on the Lame Cherry winner ticket, numbers of you crawled out from under your rocks and pretended to be Patriots and donated something. Just as soon as you realized by the warnings here that things have not changed, off you scampered to you FBI monitored Facebook accounts, claiming poverty in your 600 dollar purchases and taking cheap shots at the popular girl again.
See if I would have just told you it would be alright like all of the minders are doing, and appealed to your being an asstard in vanity in that everything was great in your great stock portfolios, you would have donated like you spend on that never happens as you are like Trump in you hand out the crumbs while he eats the steak.
I though answer to Christ and you fulfill the Old Testament condemnation of yourselves in you do not want to hear the Prophetess, but rather would be lied to in told what wonderful excrement producers you are in your Facebook toilet.
Someone ought to use that in the Facebook thing, like those who stole my Jeff Sessions milk carton that ended up all over the place without any credit to the Lame Cherry.

Now for the adventure.

I mentioned this past week that someone in the regime who can grab WIFI, gain access to computer feeds, was producing a great drag on my computer, and our hot spot. I can tell when the spiders are around, as the fan kicks in on this computer. The other day I had to shut down this laptop as it was so hot it was burning me in the processor.

So as the smart phone sits on the desk here, and I never use it, nor does anyone else, in we just turn on the hotspot and turn it off, I happened to notice the other day that the phone back was warped. I picked it up and though, that is strange as I have had that thing for 2 years and never noticed a problem, TL's phone from the metro was one where TL used it like a semi truck, and it never had a problem.......but of course the phone that brings the Lame Cherry heats up, just as I notice the computer is becoming a flame thrower from doing the same things I always just work. All I do is work. No Gaytube video watching, no surfing, nothing that would use resources as I have a limit, and just from posting on this blog, the cell phone got so hot that it almost burned the house down, as it warped the back plastic cover.

So when I get people posting things about me in dicey things as they set all secure in the world which I gave them, which was not Hillary Clinton now as President, and as I exposed Sessions, Pence, and Kushners in the deep state, and my phone starts acting like Spocks tricoder in Arena on the original Star Trek, I still am the one who is the target, taking the chances, while all of you pretend you are something.

As I do not have enough to do, I now get to go through the process of being denied by AT&T on the phone, the phone manufacturer will probably weasel on it too, and I will file a BBB complaint, and in the end the few people who have donated, will find their money is going to go to getting a phone that does not burn up Mom's house, in an affordable model as I am not like the rich bitchers who have the 600 dollar text messagers to validate their pathetic selves.. I would not spend 600 dollars on a phone if I did have that like I will not spend over a quarter on a t shirt in the thrift store.
Be nuts anyway with the regime trying to assassinate me by smoking phone to waste that kind of money.

That though is my life, producing the blog, while the pretenders who I should have been lying to like all the other media sources, pretend they are in this game.

For those who think a donation 1000 years ago gets you the right to offend me, bitch slap me, it does not, no more than 20 dollars for a whore to lick you twat gives you the right to run over her next year.

You children and brats have no idea what is trending to change your worlds. I am not about to lie to you, but I sure as hell am not going to just tell you freeloaders either as you have proven what you are. I will make certain to tell people who are in harms way who are my children, but one step closer to Jesus coming is one step closer in my electronic appliances are not trying to kill me like a terminator heat bomb.

Nuff Said