Saturday, July 15, 2017

Donald Trump's ATF warning Gun Dealers to have Disaster Preparedness Drill

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In something  that should be sending off the red light warning sirens for Americans again, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives produced a pamphlet for all Federal Firearm's License holders with a checklist of  actions which in effect, are telling gun dealers to prepare for some type of meltdown in American society and to make certain they have an employee list, so the feds can keep track of who worked at the gun store.

RECORDS: Create and maintain a current set of records that includes insurance policies, suppliers and contact lists, and computer records backup. Store these in fire and waterproof locations. Keep current copies of important records off-site. If a disaster is imminent, contact ATF to seek approval to remove all business records to a safe location.
EMPLOYEES: Maintain a list of all employees’ phone numbers, and if warranted, create a phone tree for notifications. Establish a plan under which, in the event of disaster, employees know whom to call to report that they are safe.
INVENTORY: Conduct an inventory and ensure that records are up to date. These will be vital to assisting law enforcement and establishing losses for insurance purposes. Secure your inventory by utilizing safes, cable locks and other measures that can deter burglaries and looting. If a disaster is imminent, consider relocating inventory. FFLs are encouraged to inform ATF of the new firearms inventory location.
INSURANCE: Review your policy annually. Most policies do not cover floods and other natural disasters. Consider enhancements to your policy for more complete coverage and reimbursement for business disruption in addition to physical losses.
SECURITY: Review your alarm system and consider updating antiquated systems like VCR cameras. Consider having more than one security service evaluate your current system.

The ATF is propositioning to have back up lists of guns, in case their system is wiped, so that all Americans can be tracked to the last soul. There is special attention to employee lists in keeping absolute track of them at all times. There is even a measure to evacuate weapons and to keep them safeguarded, which has the look to it, of the feds will lose their inventories, and need to keep the public access to guns available for them to confiscate them for their own security deployment.

Hiding this under "flood disasters" is clever. It points though to something else is churning throughout the deep state. Remember this is Donald Trump, not Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. This is coming out of Trump's ATF, and one regimes protecting the citizen business, is that same regime's keeping track of every weapon, creating a back up list of all weapons sold in civilian hands, making certain all employees can be tracked to keep track of those firearms, and making certain that there is not going to be a loop hole that Pepe the Mexican stole my guns, when those guns were distributed to Minute Men types trying to protect the population from a federal martial law situation.

Is just one stick in the big wood pile of things not appearing quite right, but this ATF directive is just as readily employed to mean that something is being prepared to back up all gun records and to keep track of all of those firearms from falling into civilian hands, so this is a federal inventory which police can confiscate in an event of an emergency.

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