Friday, July 28, 2017

Donald Trump's North American Police State

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Do you remember that promise of Donald Trump to get out of NAFTA? Do you remember that Donald Trump later renigged on that promise for a renegotiated NAFTA which we were promised again that we would get a better deal?

If you care to review thee entire Trump NAFTA negotiating points, which are Donald Trump's and Jew Street as Gary Cohn has kicked off all the Navarro and Bannon talking points, for global ordering the United States to Mexico and Canada. What you will discover below in BOLD PRINT though is Donald Trump's NAFTA Green Environment negotiating points. It mimics the investment part of open money dump investment into the United States, meaning Mexican and Canadian globalists can buy up controlling interests in what is left of America, as that is Donald Trump's exchange for Gary Cohn buying up parts of Mexico and Canada, because Donald Trump drives Environmental Policy INTO NAFTA where it was once a side agreement.

In other words, all of that globalist California environmental dictatorship is about to mean your state is about to be dictated to by Mexico and Canada.

The word ENFORCEMENT appears often in Trump's NAFTA, enforcement means fines and jail  time for Americans for violating not American laws, but Trump's NAFTA dictates with foreigners.

This Trump dictatorship reinforces all of the nature raping environmental treaties like CITIES, which feed American aquatic wildlife in the billions each year to Mexican cormorants or more wolves devouring America as they are "endangered".

This is all put under A SENIOR ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE, which means a non elected group of Canadians, Mexicans and Americans will be enforcing global law on people with the full power of the police state to crush the people who have no million dollar lawyers.

It ends with the mandate of protecting grass, gophers and the land, without any exceptions, meaning some Justine Trudeau or Obama el Trumpo can remove anyone from their land, shut any business down, as their mere presence is a threat to the environment.

Donald Trump told Americans to trust him. The Lame Cherry is now of the Ronald Reagan mandate of TRUST BUT VERIFY, and when I hear what Donald Trump promised, and then invest the time to read what his contracts are enslaving Americans to, verify not that Donald Trump keeps his word, but that the only thing Donald Trump ever told the Truth on, was that he was a globalist.

Donald Trump Now Says He's a "Nationalist and a Globalist"

Donald Trump ran for president as a nationalist, in all of its most toxic forms. Trump's extreme economic nationalism, cultural nationalism, and flirta ...

Bring the environment provisions into the core of the
Agreement rather than in a side agreement

Establish strong and enforceable environment obligations that
are subject to the same dispute settlement mechanism that applies to other
enforceable obligations of the Agreement.
Establish rules that will ensure that NAFTA countries do not
waive or derogate from the protections afforded in
their environmental laws for the purpose of encouraging trade or
Establish rules that will ensure that NAFTA countries do not fail to effectively enforce their environment laws through a sustained or recurring course of action or inaction, in a manner affecting trade or investment between the parties.
Require NAFTA countries to adopt and maintain measures implementing their obligations
under select Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEAs) to which the NAFTA countries are full parties, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Establish a means for stakeholder participation, including commitments for public advisory committees, and a process for the public to raise concerns directly with its government if they believe it is not meeting its environment commitments.
Require NAFTA countries to ensure access to fair, equitable and
transparent administrative and judicial proceedings for enforcing their environmental laws, and provide appropriate sanctions or remedies for violations of their environmental laws.
Provide for a framework for conducting, reviewing, and evaluating cooperative activities that
support implementation of the environment commitments, and for public participation in
these activities.
Establish or maintain a senior level Environment Committee, which will meet
regularly to oversee implementation of environment commitments, with opportunities for public participation in the process.

Combat illegal fishing, unreported, and unregulated (IUU)
including by implementing port state measures and supporting increased
monitoring and surveillance.
Establish rules to prohibit harmful fisheries subsidies, such as those that contribute to
overfishing and IUU fishing, and pursue transparency in fisheries subsidies programs.
Promote sustainable fisheries management and long
term conservation of marine species,
including sharks, sea turtles, seabirds and marine mammals.
Protect and conserve flora and fauna and ecosystems, including through action by countries to combat wildlife and timber trafficking