Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lame Cherry Proprietary Recipe of Lame Cherry Potatoe Pancakes with an E or LC Spudcakes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Many moons ago my college educated sister, who knows everything and has a constant condition of head up her ass, arrived home from school (probably German club) and tortured us with Potato Pancakes.

Now I love pancakes as much as french toast, but those things were nothing but goddamn fried potatoes. I mean what the hell do I want to get up and eat what Ma tortured me with for supper in fried potatoes!!!!!!!

Breakfast should be sugar. That is one of my food groups in sugar. Everything in breakfast should involve sugar. Jelly on bread, honey in coffee or tea, syrup on pancakes and sausages........sugar must be involved or it is just some more goddamn squaw cooking.

I tell you the worst cooks in the world are Indians, English, Germans and Norwegians. Those Norwegian are all dill weed and leftsa and lutefisk, which translates shoe liners made of flour and potatoes, and shoe liners made of fish. There is nothing pleasant about destroying food and having those peoples handling the utensils.

That is what them Potato Pancakes were, just more of that whining Jew food that the peasants eat while the elders drink champagne and eat caviar with the Nazi and Soviets selling their ghetto folk to the highest bidder.
Potatoes are best used for vodka in a nice condensed sugar product or everclear, and if you add browned sugar, you got that German Red Eye stuff that will knock your socks off. They served that at weddings and is how they got those shy Germany boys married off to those plump German girls.

Any way what do you think this is an ethnic cooking lesson?

This is about the Lame Cherry Potatoe Pancake Recipe, so that you want to eat them, instead of puke them out or feed them to the dog to sniff and watch him chew a hole through the garage door getting away.

The recipe is easy.

Shred four cups of potatoes
Mince 1/4 onion
1/2 tsp salt
Pepper the top to taste
Then beat 2 eggs and add them with 2 tsps milk

In a non stick pan that you have not heated to hell fire temperatures to burn the non stick off or scratched all the non stick off into your pancakes before with a metal spatula, because you were too damn lazy to get the silicon spatula, add lard or olive oil.

Put in a tablespoon of spud mix, squash it down.

Brown on one side, turn and brown on the other.

Ok Leroy, next you put these thin brown things onto a paper towel to soak up the grease and dry as you finish frying.

Now comes the food part.

To serve, top with butter, or these two toppings.

Sugar sprinkled on top with sour cream (this will bring out more of the onion flavor)

Honey with sour cream (this will neutralize the onion to a caramelized onion flavor)

Bag the rest, and use a toaster oven to heat them up for breakfast nice and crispy the next day.

I have plans in this, proprietary plans, so no more of this non donor shit stealing things from this blog.

I think lemon peel instead of onion would be nice.

I think nutmeg might be nice as that is German.

Same toppings probably as sugar and honey are food group.

The hog lard would provide better flavor, as would bacon drippings. In that I think crushed bacon would be a nice addition no matter what the onion or nutmeg would be.

So there you have Lame Cherry Potatoe Pancakes with an E, and they do not taste like Jew food, German, English or Norwegian gag stuff, or Squaw cooking, for a pleasant breakfast.

I serve this with sausage or bacon.........and of course eggs as this is breakfast, with some horrifically sweet coffee that tastes more like desert, because breakfast without sugar is just camp food which you end up eating because you are too tired to get up and get the sugar for the pizza.

Nuff Said