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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry asks you a simple question in what does the Z stand for in NAZI?

The Lame Cherry is attempting to wire your brain to facts, so that is the emotional short circuit which is your propaganda mind, understands to free itself from the bondage your thoughts are in.

The Z in NAZI stands for SOCIALISM, as the NAZI Party in Germany was the NZ or NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY.

Now ask yourself in the latest display of John McCain attacking all the cable Conservatives, all the radio Conservatives and all the internet Conservatives, as John McCain defeated the repeal of Obamacare, in effect John McCain voted to keep Obamacare, is John McCain a Conservative?

More to the point is Obamacare Conservative? If you do not have the answer, Obamacare has nothing to do with personal choice in choosing doctors, insurance, health care or ever having the freedom to not be involved in Obamacare. There is nothing Conservative about Obamacare as it is the government involved in private decisions, mandating to businesses from pharmaceuticals, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, medical manufacturers what the costs are and what they will be paid, as the government decides if you are to be treated. In those mandates, it controls society, by the government controlling what business can profit and controls what a Citizen can do. Society is the base of Social Order, which is Socialism in the many dictating to the whole.
So is John McCain a Conservative or a Socialist? By voting for Obamacare and the hosts of other government intrusions into the Citizen's life to decide, monitor and mandate what you choose, John McCain is a Socialist.

Is the Republican Party Conservative or Socialist?

Freedom to choose your schools, freedom to own firearms, freedom to choose your doctor, freedom to keep your own money in taxes, secure borders, pro life of individuals, Constitutional protections in the 10th Amendment of the State and Citizen, all define the Republican Party as a Conservative political movement.

Yet is one examines the leadership of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, in keeping Obamacare, keeping tax confiscation high, keeping abortion, expanding sodomy, keeping infringements on firearms, and all other rights, one defines the leadership as Socialist.

In this, the Republican Party which is you, is not the REPUBLIZAN Party with a big Z in it for National Socialism.

This is why most of you are furious at the GOP. It is because it is not representing you and you are deluged online by paid MOG's or minders who post how wonderful all this Obama 3rd term is that Donald Trump is managing.

This brings us to Donald Trump. He certainly ran on Conservative platform,and was challenged on that by the #NeverTrumpers in being not what he stated. It is in that examination of what Trump Brand is in action, as that is the reality.

Donald Trump states a number of positions on the Conservative very strongly in loud language, but in this like John McCain espousing Arizona Western values and voting for things Obama and Mitch McConnell with Paul Ryan saying GOP things in Kentucky and Wisconsin and keeping things Obama, what is the world of Donald Trump.

You will discover soon enough once trust is removed, that the excuses for Donald Trump evaporate, because in this Republizan rule of America, what might be a poorly written Immigration Ban by Stephen Miller struck down by the courts, might just as well have been a purposely bad mandate which would knowingly be struck down by the courts.

Reasons? It is Mr. Trump's actions in his America First. He acts to begin deportations of invaders, is "stopped" by the courts, but in the meantime Rex Tillerson at State and John Kelly at Homeland open a floodgate of Visa Terrorists pouring into America.
The same is the fact with John Kelly now Chief of Staff in waving seasonal workers and placing them on permanent status as advocating Congress provide an amnesty for all the invaders.

See with Donald Trump one must understand that his positions say one thing, but an excuse arises and one gets Obama's 3rd Term.

Mr. Trump said he removed America from the Paris Accords. That is a lie, as America is still in those Accords, but as the Accords were the focus, Mr. Trump signed a global trade deal which was pure socialism in "removing poverty in a few years".

NAFTA is the same Trump statement, and yet Trump's directives make him Mr. Green Environment worse than Obama ever was in Canada and Mexico.

People point out Neil Gorsuch as an achievement, and yet Neil Gorsuch is Mr. Sodomite marriage in more national socialism over reach.

What of gun ownership? Nothing has been pushed by Mr. Trump to restore those rights, instead the Treasury Secretary is banning Russian guns for Americans, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pouring on the coals in prosecuting gun owners worse than Obama ever did.

With Mr. Trump's conservatism, the CON is the key word, as he always has a crumb to hand out, while the smorgasbord is socialism.

Throwing little boys out of schools for Ivanka to promote girls who are already graduating at a rate of around 160 girls to 100 boys out of college is more socialism.
Bombing Syria for Ivanka, has nothing to do with  Syrian chemical weapons, but an Israeli state apartheid project to annex Syria, by driving out Russia, and exiling Muslims to Syria, along with the other  National Socialist Arab nations surrounding.

The list is long from Russian Sanctions, warmongering against North Korea and Iran, as there is not a national interest involved in those policies for Americans, but is instead a policy for the Socio Conglomerate or the Nazi Corporations which administer the Republizan State around the world for maintaining the system. Russia, Iran and North Korea, all are rich in resources, do not trade in the social order dollar for the globalist, and do not run massive debts enslaving their peoples. That is Trump policy from the Neocon HR McMaster who is the same national socialist on an international scale moving to communal or Obama community organized states to control and exploit.

So in the review of Donald Trump, he is a leader who rids himself of Conservative Christians and deluges himself with socialist leftist Jews and socialist Neocons, in all the policies have nothing to do with the foundation disarming the police state, balancing the budget in cutting spending, creating jobs, limiting the welfare state, cutting the regime from a Nazi State to a  Republican form of Government, but instead is enlarging the very national socialism Americans trusted they were being rescued from.

The question in Republizan Rule is why is Mr. Trump doing this? Why are Mitch McConnell, Ivanka Kushner, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and Gary Cohn all so deviously loyal to this system? It is because it is the spoils system, meaning National Socialism is not democratic, but is a system of the feudal few having profit, power and control, while the majority exist in managed misery.

It was stated long ago that the danger to a Republic was when the people discovered they could vote money to themselves without working for it, but the real peril is when Conglomerates install leaders who will corrupt the people with welfare bribes, and those bribes become a system which that money is then funneled to the Conglomerates in a money laundering scheme, bankrupting a nation and enslave a People, in National Socialism.

- Lame Cherry

This is the Lame Cherry quote for all of thee above in explaining why Donald Trump promises one thing to Americans and his policies are all Obama Socialism, as the GOP leadership in Congress and the Judiciary all accent to the same policies of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. It is the same Socio Conglomerate superstate sucking an artery of money directly from the United States Treasury.

All of this Russian hacking, all of this Trump Twitter is a diversion, from the real anaconda operation putting the death squeeze on the American Dream. You are thinking Make America Great, when the reality is Making America Gone is the reality.

The Lame Cherry took this time to explain the above in the base structure of all of this. Giving Mr. President the benefit of the doubt is understandable, but after twenty National Socialism positions are being driven by this Trump White House, it becomes a point that trust disappears, and one begins to assess if this was all a confidence conditioning of Americans in making them think that it was Congress, when it was really Mike Pence and Reince Priebus with full support of Donald Trump to shatter the repeal of Obamacare, as that is what Mr. Trump wanted as he once promoted Obamacare.

One may argue the trust factor, but one can not argue the policy reality, and the fact is Republicans in America are being deceived and ruled by the Republizan Leadership of the National Socialists in control  of America, as they are the same Obama community organizers, as America is a National Socialist state by policy. America is a Nazi State and the Republizans are cementing those community organized policies of Obama to National Socialist America, and the genocide of thee American  Race as certain as what took place in the American Civil War under Abraham Lincoln's National Socialist state which was fed by Lincoln spending to the financiers and industrialists.

See, perhaps you brilliant children should be reading the Lame Cherry Civil War histories so you get your heads out of your really bright butts in receiving some Truth into your grey matter.

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