Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Surgeon General Warning About the Care and Feeding of Afroids

Hello Mr. Afroid. I am the Surgeon General of Donald Trump.
Do democrats pay you to stick things into you for their enjoyment
as it could be hazardous to your health.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hello, my name is dead guy prostitute of democratic donors, Gemmel More

It appears this sordid tales begins with a big money democratic donor who likes shoving  things like needles into working Afroids, as that is how he gets his gaytard jollies.

Nixon told the WeHo Times that her son's troubles may have had their start over a year ago, when he gave her a call in a panic.

'He filed a police report because he said that Buck had held him in his apartment or whatever and had shot him up with a needle with something he didn’t’ know what it was,' Nixon said,

'He called me crying. Three minutes on the phone hollering and I’m like "What the hell is going on?"'

'He said "This man, he shot me up with something I don’t even know what it is," and I’m like, my son is having a breakdown or episode. But he sent me pictures of his arm, his arm was red.'

Hello, I am Ed Buck.  I pay gigolo Afroids  to stick things into them.This is Governor Jerry Brown who sticks it to people with them paying him.

Hello I am Hillary Clinton. Fags who donate to me go to the top of my list if they stick things into Afroids.


Hello I am John McCain. That sticking things into Afroids looks like it might cure me.

Hello I am Maxine Waters. No one ever stuck anything into me when I took their money.


Hello I am Ed Buck. I just had sex with George Takei and he did not die on me.

Hello I am not Ed Buck, but a hippo ate me in Africa. No one posted a sign "Don't feed old white broads to hippo", so how was I to know.

In respect of the above, the Lame Cherry requests that the pedophile majority in Congress, pass an immediate law requiring the Surgeon General to post this warning on all democrats:

Warning the Surgeon General has noted that being gay around democrats is hazardous to your health like feeding old white broads to hippos.

Nuff said