Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Director Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray, leaker Katie Walsh's boss John Ashcroft
and abuser of power, Patrick Fitzgerald
All that is missing is witch hunter Robert Mueller and criminal
James Comey in these questionable associations

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With all the disappointment of Donald Trump as President, and no one in government doing a thing for the American People, except the Sec. of Veteran's Affairs, I sincerely hope that Christopher Wray restores the FBI to it's  historic standing set down by J. Edgar Hoover, when Americans trusted a G Man appeared to protect them and always only went after the bad guys.

I have nothing but disappointment in everything American government. I have no hopes with Director Wray, considering his past associations are with some of the most horrid abuses of power from Patrick Fitzgerald and James Comey.

So I suspect more disaster, more police state intrusion against Americans as Jeff Sessions is promoting seizing American Citizen's property without the Courts, and Robert Mueller is stoking the most insane witch hunt in history, and Christopher Wray testified that he thought this was not a witch hunt against the President.

That is the worst of this in I found myself hoping Christopher Wray is a liar, and was telling those frauds in Congress anything to get this job, to unleash the FBI on all the coup plotters, but in all of this, I expect Director Wray two years from now to still have the criminal assistant Andrew McCabe as his number one, as Mr. Wray was raised under Robert Mueller's brining in the young bloods who Mueller could con and buffalo by bringing them to Washington DC, to form this  Mueller Comey cult that awards state criminals and makes criminals of Americans for breathing the air.

There was a time that every American was delighted in the appearance of sun glass and suit wearing FBI Agents, now the majority of Americans are already wincing at wondering how Director Wray is going to let them down like everyone else.
It is the state of America. Christopher Wray is in charge of the supreme law enforcement agency in the world and no one believes in it any more.

God keep His children as it has been proven too often those entrusted to protect and serve God's children have been guilty of that negligence.

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