Saturday, August 5, 2017

For the Love of Putin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Back in the 1970's, Russians were always shown propaganda by the Soviet of Americans, but the Russians were looking at all the nice cars the American had, so the propaganda failed.

Donald Trump does not comprehend propaganda toward Americans, or he would not be sitting on a golf course, with other suits, but instead be communicating to the American People who voted for Donald Trump, that Vladimir Putin is their American Dream come true.

President Putin gets all the leftist press in a wet spot over his shirtless photos, but what Americans are seeing is a Vladimir Putin who they understand.

Here is Mr. Putin, speaking to the aristocratic trout fisherman of America.

Here is Mr. Putin, speaking to the every day Joe, perch fisherman.

Here is Mr. Putin speaking to the adventurous American Northern Pike fisherman.

Vladimir Putin even hunts fish underwater as he is the Putinest Putin on the Planet!!!!!!!

Vladimir Putin is talking to Christian Americans cut out of the Trump junta.


Vladimir Putin is speaking to the heart of the American Dream, as everyone dreams of Alaska and Canada for a tiaga fishing trip.....including Don jr.

See Vladimir Putin goes into the American Dream for his vacations, and speaks to people of the land from Finland to Hungary, and every nationalist enclave from Scotland to Argentina, while Donald Trump sits behind a gated private resort, with rich snobs who loathe Americans.

Mr. President Trump would not even be aware like all of his cabinet that the perch above was a trophy fish in all the glory of Russia.

Donald Trump talks the American Dream, while Vladimir Putin lives the American Dream, and is telling every American and European heart, "Hey I understand you, and you understand me. My Soldiers will rape themselves out in the cities and it will not be so bad for my friends in the West who have guns and are just like me wearing your army surplus and not your expensive Cabelas wear and hanging out in country clubs."

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