Saturday, August 5, 2017

In Your God Time

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Two days ago the Holy Ghost led me to a Bible verse in Isaiah, chapter 45, verse 7 which was meant to fascinate me, and as I never with this blog have any time for Bible study, I have been pondering this verse for some time, as the central theme of this lecture toward Cyrus the Great, Emperor of Persia, is the omnipotent nature of God, and that God even creates evil. Before though that cements into your infant minds, that will be addressed in the discourse it was meant, and not what the sloven would jump to with satanic definitions.

I form the light and create the darkness.  I make peace [National Well Being] and I create [physical] evil (calamity);  I am the Lord, Who does all of these things.

Isaiah 45:7
(Moral evil proceeds from the will of men, but physical evil proceeds from the Will of God.)

I form the light and make the dark. I make good times and bad. I, Jehovah, am He Who does these things.

Isaiah 45:7
Living Bible

In the above, we note that God does not create spiritual evil, but instead state He creates in this world calamity. In other parts of the Bible evil, translates as serious, bad, ugly, ill favored, wicked, harm, hurt, sore, mischief, harboring an evil inside, troubled, grievous, and perhaps the one which most people will understand best in adversity.

This is the ra' or God creates adversity, in response to the rebellious, sinful or perverted self serving choices that people couch in their hearts, entertain, and then act out in. A person or nation does evil, or is in rebellion against God's nature of being immoral in destroying the creative work of God or uncaring in destroying the creative works of God, then God does not empower national prosperity or peace, and individuals and societies receive the disorder which they have sown into themselves, their communities and their nations.

The word ra' is an adjective, not a known or a verb. It means that it amplifies an action, which is most interesting in the reality if one does good it returns 50 to 1000 times and if one does evil, it returns 50 to 1000 times on the person. Ra' is an amplification of the action of a verb.

Numbers 11:1
HEB: הָעָם֙ כְּמִתְאֹ֣נְנִ֔ים רַ֖ע בְּאָזְנֵ֣י יְהוָ֑ה
NAS: like those who complain of adversity in the hearing
INT: now the people complain of adversity the hearing of the LORD

I desire for you to even examine the word create, as that word yowser, (YO w ser). That word translates form, which again is from series of words in the Bible, linked to earthen, to make, devises, frameth, fashioned, in all of these, this is a hands on, intimate, continuous work like the Great Architect, conceiving the idea in mind, drawing a white print, finding the site to build, employing the contractors, the bankers, the construction workers, visiting the lumberyard, knowing the nails, touching the wet cement, walking the floors, examining the roof, decorating the house, planting the lawn in landscaping.
Most will never contemplate when God says He forms adversity in response to rebellion against Him or as a trial, God has already examined thee entire situation from before it began, to the trials of it, to the lessons in it, to past the conclusion, in how it will affect the person, others, the community, and how good people and evil people will respond.
This is not just some bolt from the blue, or some brimstone on Sodom and the cities of the plain. When God says He creates, He forms everything with as much detail as He did with you in the womb.

In moving on the word Lord is utilized, and while Jehovah is in the Living Bible, the Name in Hebrew is Yaweh, the same Name, but it is connected to Ani', or I AM. In this, when God answers Moses as to what Name He is to be introduced to the Hebrews, He responds  I AM the I AM, and in this it is different from the Lord translated as Adonai, or king. This is I AM WHO I AM, forming Peace and Adversity, as reward and reckoning, trial and judgment, on those who love Me and those who hate Me.
God was informing thee most powerful Emperor on earth, that God was more than mere king, God is a continuous forming motion.

Peace or good is from salowm, which is (SAY LOW wum). You will recognize it as shalom. It is a beautiful Christlike word in meaning well, ease, health, safe, prosperity, favor, welfare, perfect. Again as all encompassing word as form.

In all of this, God teaching in Isaiah to the most powerful person then in the world, the lesson of Paul by the same Holy Ghost, in there are lessons in the physical world of God makes the light and the darkness, and in those physical realities, we can know that people are happier in the light, things grow in the light, you are safer in not falling in the light, and you can find things in the light, while in the dark we need a light to see in order to find security. That simple lesson translates to the light or darkness or our wills, which is amplified in this world in if we do the things God says in actions which are moral, we have settled lives, but if we disobey God's moral laws, then all sorts of upheaval appears to correct the good and to bring self destruction on the evil.

I utilized Bible Hub, which is online for this commentary in teaching. It provides insights to each word in a verse so that you can understand the full meaning. I always pray before reading the Bible, and look for answers afterwards in the Holy Ghost, but I also have commentaries, and numerous Bible translations, and study helps Strong's in a Bible Plus, which I do not have on this laptop.
Reading the Bible is not all people should do. They must study the Bible and in most cases it is one verse, in context within that chapter, and then dissecting it word for word, to ponder everything God was teaching in that one sentence. If you noticed in this God says things in 20 Words, and it requires me several hundred to begin to touch on the meaning of the depths of what God is saying.

You do not have have to learn to speak Hebrew, read Hebrew or follow around Jews with foreign assistance, as God knows what English is, and knows who you are in His. I state that because there are far too many who think that being Catholic or some other sect puts you in better standing with God. Adam was not created a Jew and Abraham was not a Catholic. It is your personal relationship with God which matters, and that begins with forming your actions to God's moral directions, called repentance, communing with God in Spirit which is prayer, and pondering His Living Word which is God's Presence in you in the Holy Ghost guiding you.
Worship is important at home and in a non sodomite Church where God's Presence is, but it begins with a forming of yourself in God's forming by pondering the Bible.

I do not want to have anyone think though that God gives you adversity if you are His to ever harm you. Adversity is meant to strengthen His Spirit in you, and to build a foundation in you as you grow in Faith as that is why you are here. Just like you are not a child who can not police yourself from keeping your hands out of a cookie jar, the mistakes you made last year, you will not make this year.
Adversity though for evil people is the manifestation of their selfishness which brings their destruction.

You waste enough time each day on the garbage of words, you should invest the 15 minutes to the hour in just pondering a Bible verse, looking up the various meanings of words and then having God teach you by His Holy Ghost. You will certainly feel much better, freer, cleaner and at rest, than plinking away at Facebook in your God time.

Perhaps that is what I will once again discipline myself with in not trying to get donations from deadbeats in exclusives, but instead post more teachings from Scripture as that has been lost too much along this way.

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