Wednesday, August 9, 2017


For Brutal Intimidation

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One expects surprise, in the black of the night, terror raids, in regimes like Pyongyang, Tehran and Rhodesia, as that is what the police state does to subjects. It is what took place under Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. It is what is America now in nothing has changed under President Donald Trump.

It reminds one of the railroading of Governor Blagojevich, John Edwards. It reminds one of the bleeding out of LaVoy Finicum after another deep state raid flushed those Americans to their peril and death. It reminds one of death sentences for the Bundy supporters. It reminds one of Sheriff Joe Arpiao, the latest political prisoner in America.

So much was made by liberals of the witch hunts of Senator Joseph McCarthy, but what is the difference in McCarthy to Bobby Kennedy railroading mobster competitors into prison of Patrick Fitzgerald terrorizing Americans for years in Plamegate, when he already knew everyone he targeted was innocent.

America has a new witch hunt, like the old ones against Richard Nixon by Archibald Cox going beyond Watergate, Ray Donavan targeted as leverage against Ronald Reagan, Lawrence Walsh running a coup against HW Bush, Ken Starr bringing Bill Clinton to heel, and now Robert Mueller is taking the already mistrusted FBI due to Mueller's protege in James Comey abusing all authority there, and has unleashed them in a thug act against Paul Manafort, which is designed with the same purpose as raids against the Branch Davidians, Ruby Ridge, Hutatree, to send a message of terror to the Citizens, that the police state will protect the system at all costs.

It is all the same unAmerican, distasteful and disgusting abuse of power and authority which in the year of 1776 at America's founding, was being engaged in by the English rulers to terrorize the American to submit to tyranny.

Yes, Muellerstate is the terror police state, terrorizing Paul Manafort for crimes he never committed in hiding money, the same way the Clinton's are not being prosecuted for.

Muellerstate, the troubling reality of what Donald Trump was elected to protect Americans from, and not one FBI agent resigning in protest of tyranny old as Nimrod, now as PLA, KGB and whatever else has been exposed as the definition of corruption in it's worst brutality.

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