Thursday, August 10, 2017

Robert Mueller now investigates golf balls and push up bras

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry covers this story not caring one iota about this, because President Trump has proven time and again he does not care about his supporters in the least from Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the Christians who elected him.
What matters concerning Robert Mueller the witch hunter, is that what is done to Donald Trump will be unleashed on each of you, again with Sheriff Joe and the Bundy Patriots as examples. For liberals ejaculating all over themselves in this, just be aware that your side has other measures like Rod Blagojevich or Seth Rich in how you are dealt with.

President Donald Trump has proven he will not fight for himself nor his voters, so there is not any point in being worked up over this soap opera. The President should have followed the advice and had a 40 million armed Citizen march on DC. This would have passed all legislation if the President was serious and ended any coup. The President simply would have ordered the police state to stand down, let the march and occupation of DC take place, in providing military shelter and food for the Citizens, and all would have been solved politically.
Now I assess that Donald Trump could not bring 100,000 Citizens for a march on DC, and trusting HR McMaster as the Venezuelans did, those 100,000 would be crushed in the streets. The only way Donald Trump could get his base to protect him now, was promising a quid pro quo, in if the Citizens marched, they would get this, that and the other thing.

What is troubling in Robert Mueller is the fishing expedition he is on, to investigate golf balls and bras, as that is where he has moved this witch hunt, in looking at years old beauty pageants and Florida real estate deals, which have nothing to do with Russians.
What this is about is legalized blackmail, in the authorities appear on your doorstep, pretend they are looking at someone close to you, but are really just using that leverage to get you to admit to what they already know. That is what Robert Mueller is engage in, exactly as Patrick Fitzgerald framed Scotter Libby to try and get Mr. Libby to roll on Vice President Dick Cheney, so Cheney would be impeached and Colin Powell would be Vice President, as that is what Dick Armitage intended when for the deep state, Armitage leaked the information about Valerie Plame.

Robert Mueller is going to be peeking up female contestants skirts and down waitresses blouses in his second Grand Jury. Of course this is about money, in some twisting of a business deal where some local politician got a ticket to the Miss Universe Pageant or got to play golf at a Trump resort as a perk, but Mueller will twist this to being a bribe, go after a Trump lawyer, business associate, staff or Don jr. as Jared Kushner has been framing Don jr., and indict them like Scooter Libby on something they forgot, and tell them it is Bundy life sentences if they do not say the President, real estate developer or reality television personality did not order this.

As the Lame Cherry informed all months ago, this is about denying Donald Trump the nomination in 2020, and those headlines broke a week ago in Mike Pence and the machinations of William Krystol. The Lame Cherry informed you all that Mike Pence has already agreed to pardon everything that looks like a Trump as President, so this all comes down to 2020 Pence, after 4 years of Trump implementing by Ivanka, Cohn and McMasters, Obama's 3rd term, and we are back to the conglomerates overtly ruling America for nuclear war with Hillary or Mike.

While leaks allege Mueller is examining one of the president’s 2008 Palm Beach real-estate deals, as well as the 2013 Miss Universe competition held in Moscow

I have enjoyed the work of Alan Derschowitz for his public career. The problem is he was on the wrong side of issues in most instances, but he has brilliant legal mind. He has shed more light on the Mueller second Grand Jury, in it is pure racism as Mueller knows that a DC jury will be black, hates white people and will indict anything Trump, as it appears that Mueller is hedging in the Virginia jury is bogged down in the fake Russian hacking, so Mueller is abusing justice as is the permanent case in America, in investigating Donald Trump's finances, which absolutely have no bearing on this Russian issue in voting.

Donald Trump is careful, as much as each of you reading this, but it is human traits in you cut corners in a rolling stop, not reporting some gift money that Gram gave you, and in show business or real estate, you do not bring success unless someone is getting something. With Robert Mueller, he "serves" in the regime for years, and then "retires" to a money funnel law practice, which all the corrupt elite know to use, to protect them, and Mueller trades access, justice and influence, as that is what his rich clients are being extorted over are being blackmailed by him, but it is all 'legal', because the insiders always do this.
For someone like Donald Trump who has the union with their hand out, the mob involved in the union, the politicians always with their hand out looking for a freebie like Nancy Pelosi as Speaker raiding the Air Force liquor cabinet, Mr. Trump gets into trouble, because the system criminalizes those in the real world, while writing passes for Hillary Clinton.

There is a list of Robert Mueller's crimes which is long in his criminal cover ups in everything from bales of cash disappearing in Iraq, the IRS going after Christians to arming Mexican terrorists in arms drops, but this is not about law and  order. This is about intimidation, blackmailing Donald Trump to answer to Jew Street and the Junta for war profits, and sending the message to any other person who thinks they want to be Donald Trump, that this witch hunt is what awaits them, and even your most trusted backers like Jeff Sessions are just sleeper moles minding you, like Bill Buckley did Ronald Reagan.

The point in this is where this all began, in if, Donald Trump is not serious, is not going to do what needs to be done to protect America, with the mob being promised real results for turning out, then there is not any sense in anyone getting worked up over this or putting their necks on the line, as Mr. President has proven that he will let the Trumpenfuror lock the doors on Christians and let people rot in jail who are innocent.

It simply is the way it is.  This blog invested 2 1/2 years in poverty and illness in providing cover for the candidate and the President, and I was plagiarized, smeared by the Kushner trolls and locked out. I am not about to waste any more energy on this defending golf balls and push up bras. The incompetents being paid to do it, are failing, so the President can get what he paid for, because his best assets who volunteered in Matt Drudge, Mike Cernovich, Gateway and Alex Jones have stopped drinking the kook aid defending this corrupt cabal and junta.

Perhaps the President can get his false prophets back into the White House and they can tell him all sorts of lies again as the President likes hearing this, that and the other thing.


 D, O, NALD T R U M P, spells President
Donald is the Trump of our mighty nation
Donald is the Trump of our persausion
D, O, NALD T R U M P, spells President
Donald is so great, he's the only one you see
Donald Trump, that's him!!!!!

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