Friday, August 11, 2017

Some of them Song Bird Steaks

Likeness of Saint Thomas Aquinas having an Appetizer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had no idea that ole Catholic St. Thomas Aquinas was a bird killer and not only that he was so fat that he cut a u shape out of his dining table to his fat gut could have a space so he could put on the feed wagon, as he was a fat man.
He was an expert though not on writing books, but on getting fat. He even had a bird recipe named for him, Birds Saint Thomas Aquinas it was called.

I know all of this from some know it all Minnesotans who went tits up by the names of George and Berthe Herter.......they were the original Walmart before Walmart.

Any way, George knew it all as I was reading his book in them Dutch ate bob links and then French of Illinois made Pate de Allouette or Meadowlark pate mxed with cottage cheese and powdered taragon, and them rascal Irish and Scots were making blackbird meat pies.

Who knew that them song birds had a purpose in why listen to them and look at them when them Catholics were getting fat eating them.

George Herter Robin Eater Connoisseur

George and Berthe of Minnesota, 1960 AD in the year of our Lord were partial to both Robins of early summer and Meadowlarks. George was quite the expert in he ate lots of Robin chicks apparently......needed three to a person though, but them Robins was the best eating in surpassing bobwhite quails even.

St. Thomas had  quite the recipe it seems in he knew to get Robins out of the berry patches when young because they are bad destroyers of fruit. Damned vermin it seems to them Catholic Saints, and I always liked Robins.
Anyway you pick the Robin, breast them out, flour the breasts, salt and pepper, and brown them up in butter.
Then you do the slow cooker thing if you are St. Thomas in putting the breasts on a great covered with boiling water under them to steam them or a modern pressure cooker in Minnesota for 12 minutes.

You can serve them with gravy drippings from the browning pan or with fried onions. Make you one fat Catholic in no time.

Thing is with all them Minnesota regulations, you ate as many Robins as St. Thomas, you would get like a 100,000 dollar fine and end up in prison for life for blasting or netting song birds. Now back in the day, I heard the settlers ate piles of Meadowlarks when they were thick as buffalo, but with all that Round Up greedy farming all them song birds are dying as the US Fish and Wildlife Service prefers dead wildlife, because they can then just cash their big paychecks and do not have to deal with their Citizen employers who are not out in the fields looking at things if everything is dead.

I seem to recall back in the 1930's that Congress passed a bunch of laws protecting birds from their feathers being grabbed or their eggs put on display cases in rich homes, so I do not quite get how George Herter was chowing down on piles of Robin breasts in June as it was not like St. Thom getting fatter than the prize calf on European songbirds.

I do know I shot one of them vermin English sparrow one time as a kid and had the idea about cleaning it and eating it. Boy howdy, by the time I got it picked and started the butchering, it was like the smell of wet dog or worse, and I lost all interest in them English vermin.
Now I have ate lots of Morning Doves, but like partridge they are really rich in a smooth textured meat which is like liverwurst or that kind of rich flavor and given the choice between a Hereford steak and a pile of dark meat little birds, I opt for the beef.

Then again I am not from Minnesota nor a Catholic, probably I am on the thin side, as I was not eating all them song birds before, during and after prayers, as fast to a Catholic does not mean not eating food, but eating Robins fast before the other Catholics get their fork into some nice Robin breast which had been just a singing at 6 o'clock in the spring morning air.

I guess I should go do some more of this knowledable research by the experts who know all of these profane things, as who knew Catholic Saints got fat as pigs eating Robins and Minnesota environmentalists enjoyed a good Robin redbreast steak in the spring.

MIGRATORY BIRD TREATY ACT: Summary from Federal Wildlife Laws ...

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act implements various treaties and conventions between the U.S. and Canada, ... taking, killing or possessing migratory birds is unlawful.

Robin AKA Minnesota and Catholic Main Course

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