Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Solution to Lost Afghanistan Mr. President

 I love nuclear bombs Mr. President, love nuclear war and love to 
start multiple theater nuclear wars. 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to invest a great deal of page space to this, as a deadbeat yesterday appeared on Facebook and attacked TL, and called me a "communist", the reality is that each of you deadbeats deserves exactly what is coming in God's reckoning. I make this post though a matter of public record, as I will publish a Trump White Paper on North Korea, laying out a complete policy to hopefully save America, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan from nuclear death, as the current McMaster neocon drama is something the President must break away from, or he will be known as the President who triggered Obama's well laid nuclear annihilation of mankind.

Until the President breaks his childlike fascination with creatures in uniform and comprehends they are not all George Patton, the McMaster Syndrome will plague America to nuclear war.

The focus of this post is not North Korea, but Afghanistan, which is being lost due to McMaster ineptness.


Trump Says USA 'Losing' Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals...

Tension rises...

There are three problems in Afnamistan for Donald Trump.

HR McMaster

The Dope Trade

The Vietnamization of the Afghan War in first turning it over to incompetent British, and then turning it over to the dope lords under Birther Hussein, as a kill zone against Americans.
 Mr. President has pertinent solutions for securing Afghanistan.

Solution 1, fire HR McMaster for the Vietnam Era buffoon he is, who makes war on Trump loyalists more than McCain terrorists.

Solution 2, spray all of Afghanistan with atrazine herbicide which will kill all poppy for two years, and then provide Afghani farmers with corn and and canola, which with subsidies will be sold to China  with more profit than the poppy.

Solution 3, America takes technical control of the war.

America is fighting a Vietnam hybridized Iraq war in Afnamistan with factored in Pentagon and Raytheon profits. What must instead be conducted is a high tech war of making every terror trade avenue a toxic ground literally.
Afghanistan will be Balkanized in no one may leave their territory. No phone nor computer will function beyond the limits of the theater zone. All citizens will be ID chipped or will be shot out of their zone by robotic drones.
There will be a curfew without excuse from 7 AM to 7 PM, in which those who are not where their RFID tag shows them to be not in their homes, will be shot by robotic sentries above and on ground.

All transportation is only shipped via approved routes and carriers. One can not have a terror war if the terrorists are all isolated and do not have violent means to conduct terrorism.

All patrols are Afghani patrols with American visual supervision.

Without McMaster, the war for profit ceases. Without poppy, the Muslim dope terror connection funneling money into Europe, ceases the Obama dope ring. Without Americans on ground, no Americans die, and the neutral robotic sentries dispense war justice.

90 days, I make Donald Trump Khan of Afghanistan. 365 days through attrition, all terrorism of pyrotechnic nature ceases, and Afghanistan is at peace.

The Lame Cherry has laid all of this out previously, but the deadbeats and Donald Trump are not interested in solutions, or else they would invest the time in educating themselves.

The reason Afghanistan is not won, is because of money laundering and industrial profits. That requires being stated, and once those situations are remedied for Trump Brand, President Trump if he is interested in victory can have it in 90 days.

So let us cut the horse shit, in those deadbeats who smear me, because they want to be lemmings following pied piper Trumper, I have provided all of the solutions. As for Mr. President he has provided himself with Jew financiers and Neocons who like using the American war machine for profit and power.

Donald Trump made this towering failure. It is his responsibility as the solutions have always bee there by God.

May God  bless the President to  fulfill his oath of office and may God bless those who smear this blog to repent, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

This concludes the Afghanistan Solution.