Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Let's talk about this some more as Ivanka says it dupes Americans
by making me look more caring.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mr. President is focusing on opiod crisis in America, and like most crisis, the crisis is a farce, as it could be neutralized by self control and enforcing the law.

Coming Up This Week

Today, Secretary Price will join President Trump in Bedminster, New Jersey, for a briefing on the opioid crisis. Tomorrow, the Secretary will attend HHS Night at the Nationals Park in Washington D.C.

The Lame Cherry will break this down on Mr. President's lack of communication in what this is in the opiod crisis.

First let us have a Wikipedia definition:

Opioids include opiates, an older term that refers to such drugs derived from opium, including morphine itself. Other opioids are semi-synthetic and synthetic drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and fentanyl; antagonist drugs such as naloxone; and endogenous peptides such as the endorphins

Those are the synthetics, and the natural grows in the Obama poppy fields of Mexico and Afghanistan which Mr. Trump inherited.
Now that we understand what we are dealing with, we can progress to the situation of this is all based in money in street corner traffic, worth three million dollars on every city street corner where this traffick is allowed, because it is allowed by the police force, because that money is laundered into those strip businesses of the franchise pizza and whatever that you always see empty, and once it is on the books there it profits Wall Street and your local banks who get the deposits, and the funds then show up in politicians pockets who all look the other way, as this is how metro and Indian America operates.

So that is the finance of it in Gary Cohn's Wall Street makes out like bandits in this, and everyone knows this is taking place, just like the politicians know, and that money then ends up in speculation like the Kushner investors looking for funds to dump into front businesses.
What you think the Chicoms invest in America, because that money is legitimate? It is all fraud double end leveraged money off of slave labor, dope traffick and the gem of the human trade of Chicoms like Mexicans sowing their mongrels into America who then send billions home to those slave states to prop them up.

Now for the solution which Mr. President has no intention of engaging in, because  this standing around and having meetings, with millions more in funding being given to more regime employees to not enforce the law, is all a front to keep the Wall Street finance propped up with black market funding.

Pretty simple in they can RFID chip socks, and they can put serial numbers on diamonds, so pharmaceutical pills can all be etched, and when they show up where they are not supposed to be on the streets, the President signs Wanted Dead and Dead Warrants, and the Big Pharm suits are taken out and shot, the dope dealers are taken out and shot, the doctors are taken out and shot, the fake patients are taken out and shot, and the politicians are taken out and this a dozen times, and you will be amazed how quickly the opiate crisis ends.

Same point in the poppy fields. Bomb them with naplam, spray them with atrazine, shoot all the farmers who grow the dope, the Muslim and Mexican dope lords, the dealers and voila the opium crisis ends.

As hooch weed is now legal, just hand that out by the bale, break that racket too, and doped up opiate heads, go up in a puff of smoke and the problem ends.

Granted the billions in the financier dope trade disappears and all those franchises go office space, but it is not like I am Mr. President hanging around with the white collar dregs who pretend they are so above it all, when the fact is all this finance is nothing but goddamn underworld crime.

The world was better when the mafia ran things, as the mafia kept the dope trade out, and policed the entire situation, as they gave jobs to dock workers, unionists and card dealers at casinos, and people worked and lived productive lives.

So if Mr. President was serious about ending the opiod crisis, he would not be calling it by some asstard name no one knows what the hell it is, and he would have unleashed the dogs like President Reagan did as Nancy just said NO.

Once again the Lame Cherry filling in the blanks in matter anti matter exclusives and my children and you brats, now you know if the President is serious, because once again the cheap solution is posted, and if the President was serious, the problem would disappear in 6 months to a 97% completion.

Make me American Protector General, Mr. President and it will get done, but understand that my authority goes to the White House and when those leakers start warning the dope lords on Wall Street, those leakers are going to get the same justice as McCain's ISIS in Syria.

All of that is fiction, as nothing is going to be done, as this post is simply to expose the fraud of this, in there is a solution, has been a solution, and nothing is done, because the financiers are running this, and their bought politicians call off the DEA and military from shutting this all down, and the President's friends and associates all are part of this filthy lucre, as this is the grease which runs finance.

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