Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why is the CIA running an operation against Donald Trump jr. ?

Why is the Intelligence Community Targeting the President's Son?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Why is Donald Trump Jr. receiving national security documents?

How the president’s son is involved in controversial "deep state" memo that upended the National Security Council

For a reality check on the Salon smear of Donald Trump jr., there were not documents, but one document, created by Rich Higgins of the NSC, for the expressed purpose of expressing his frustration at witnessing the deep state coup against President Trump in destroying Mr. Trump's connection with his voting base.

This was not a classified memo, this was not a secure memo. These were the assessments of Mr. Higgins on national policy. How Mr. Trump received it as he did not request the memo is not Mr. Trump jr's responsibility. What was his responsibility was to take it to law enforcement, and the chief of law enforcement is the President, who he alerted and all legalities ceased there.

What is of interest though in this, in this coup against Donald Trump led by Mike Pence, is that Robert Mueller has a pattern of going after the children of the Trump group in Paul Manafort's son in law, and now this incessant smearing of Don jr, first by the Kushners involving him in a Russian meeting and now this most interesting release and incendiary headlines about "crazy memos" and making it appear that Trump jr. is involved in something conspiratorial.

Unlike every news and media source, the Lame Cherry does not swallow the vomit and puke it back up on you. I decided to look up Foreign Policy. com which was feeding this group of leftists like Salon and noted that Obama employees are featured there in progressing who runs the world of the deep state.

Who Runs the World? Mid-Level Bureaucrats. | Foreign Policy

Who Runs the World? Mid-Level Bureaucrats. By Hady Amr Hady Amr served in the Obama administration from 2010 to 2017 as deputy assistant administrator for the Middle ...

The Lame Cherry undertook to investigate further at Who Is, a site which ICANN wanted to shut down for the information held there and discovered that is own and managed by the SLATE GROUP of Washington DC.

Registrant Name: Domain Administrator
Registrant Organization: The Slate Group LLC
Registrant Street: 1350 Connecticut Ave NW #410
Registrant City: Washington
Registrant State/Province: DC
Registrant Postal Code: 20036
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.2022611399
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.2022611399
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: 
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Domain Administrator
Admin Organization: The Slate Group LLC
Admin Street: 1350 Connecticut Ave NW #410
Admin City: Washington
Admin State/Province: DC
Admin Postal Code: 20036
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.2022611399
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.2022611399
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: 

In investigating further, the Slate Group is owned by Graham Holdings. That name should sound familiar as the Graham family in the Graham Holdings Company created by Donald Graham, of the Washington Post, which has been the conduit of the deep state CIA  responsible for feeding every coup since Richard Nixon, and protecting every criminal in Bill and Hillary Clinton since.

In effect, you are looking at an HR McMaster sponsored operation, running with US Intelligence, which deliberately initiated to involve the son of the President of the United States in a Special Prosecutor investigation, all to put pressure on and leverage the President of these United States.

The Slate Group - Wikipedia

The Slate Group is a US online publishing entity established in June 2008 by Graham Holdings Company. Among the publications overseen by The Slate Group are Slate ...

The Slate Group is a US online publishing entity established in June 2008 by Graham Holdings Company. Among the publications overseen by The Slate Group are Slate, Slate V, and
The creation of The Slate Group was announced by Donald Graham, Chairman and CEO of The Washington Post Company, in a press release on June 4, 2008. Its mission was stated as developing and managing a family of web-only magazines. The release also announced that Slate Group was expected to work closely with Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive in the areas of advertising sales, technology and marketing services.
In 2014, The Slate Group had around 121 employees and reported more than 25 million unique visitors and more than 120 million page views per month on average.

The glaring question in this, is why is the Mockingbird chief propaganda creator in Washington DC, hiding that this is coming out of the Washington Post operation in in the Graham assets to get the President's son, as this is an intelligence community operation again against the President and Don jr.

So you understand the full scope of this, this memo was leaked like other memos were leaked after Chief of Staff John Kelly took control of the junta. This memo serves only one purpose in the continued John McCain and Hillary Clinton coup against the President with Obama assets of the intelligence community. This memo has one obvious source in HR McMaster again, in HR McMaster is moving against the President, in the same scorched earth and notorious reality that McMaster cleared out the NSC, after Mike Flynn was ousted so McMaster could run the show from inside for McCain, Obama, Bush  and Clinton, removed Reince Priebus, all for the removal of Donald Trump so Mike Pence will be placed into power.

The link to  the CIA is absolutely certain, as this is their media operation and in this case it coordinated with HR McMaster as the source to get the President's son.

That is what this Rich Higgin's memo was about in exposing all of this intrigue, and for it McMaster fired Higgins. The reason  Higgins wrote the memo, is because Higgins was bring frozen out from expressing his analysis to President Trump directly in the McMaster dictatorship of the NSC.

This was an incredibly sloppy smear and the real story in this is why did HR McMaster unleash the Mockingbird in the intelligence community to get the President's son in this lynching of Don jr.? The answer is to extort the President of the United States as that is what this coup has been about from the first, to force Donald Trump to resign or deny him the nomination for Hillary 2020.

This is the reality of what this junta is engaged in. It literally whether it is that scoundrel Robert Mueller or that cad HR McMaster going after people's children as their vulnerable spot to destroy those American leaders.

The story is not about Don jr., but the story is who leaked this memo to the CIA assets of the Graham family for another American coup against Donald Trump, and in this case destroying the President's son, Don jr.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.