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The Socorro New Mexico UFO Event

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The following is a fascinating tale of American legend from April 24, 1964, when a policeman named Lonnie Zamora, in pursuit of a speeding car, heard in his squad car a very loud roar and observed a UFO, with a blue flame, go behind a hill and touch down.

Officer Zamora broke off pursuit, and in a struggle drove his car up a hill, and over it, where he observed a 'car' as he was not expecting a UFO, and into this, the Officer noted two smallish people in white clothes. The one seemed surprised and in a confused panic of moving to the UFO, parking, running away, losing his glasses, hearing two thumps as he ducked over a hill, and the roar again with the flame, there appeared the story of Officer Zamora, that even the Air Force brass in DC called to have the story verified, as they were interested in the account, meaning this was not one of their machines and not one of the demon machines flying about.

On the landing zone, brush was burned, the grass dried, imprints of 4 landing prints from the ship, and a later evidence of sand into glass from heat, produced the Socorro UFO event.

It is into this that some evidence later emerged that a person connected with the Manhattan project and his students in New Mexico, may have produced this hoax.

As well as having been NM Tech's President, Dr. Stirling Colgate was a world-famous astrophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Considered a science visionary, he specialized in plasma and atmospheric physics. His discoveries in these fields are acknowledged as monumental. His associates included such luminaries as Oppenheimer and Pauling. Colgate still maintains an office at Los Alamos at age 84! This author emailed Colgate to see what his thoughts are today on the Socorro UFO and to see if he would shed additional light on the event. In my email to Colgate I attached the Pauling letter from 1968 with Colgate's handwritten notes on the Socorro UFO.
Colgate took several days to reply to me. In his email, Colgate answered very cryptically and sparingly:
- To the question, "Do you still know this to be a hoax? His reply was simple: "Yes."

- When asked, "Today, decades later, can you expand on what you wrote to Pauling about the event?" He wrote: "I will ask a friend, but he and other students did not want their cover blown."
- He offered that the hoax, "was a no-brainer."
- When asked "Specifically how did they do it?" He just answered, "Will ask."
- When queried, "Have you ever publicly commented on this?" he replied "Of course not."

What the Lame Cherry examines in this is a plausible explanation for this, in could I in 1964 actually have created the Socorro UFO?

We have reports of an egg shaped object.  Four landing legs, flame of orange and blue which the Air Force upon testing soil residue stated did not contain hydrocarbons and two figures dressed in white.

If one examines Officer Zamora's account, he states the craft was not too high, lit, and when it took off, it was lifted by thrust from the flame  and barely cleared the ground for some time.

Goodyear has been operating blimps since 1925 in using helium. This UFO acted a great deal like a balloon, and balloons do use for hot air use, a flame.
Goodyear uses internal pocket balloons to expand and contract, to perform the zero gravity or a neutral weight which is supposed to float. Now picture an egg shaped helium capsule, with a solid carriage with doors, as that Officer heard two thumps, a frame to put landing pods down, and an asbestos liner as a heat shield, and we have a product which if one carefully weighed out the entire cargo, including fuel and two of the smallest students. this would be what Officer Zamora described.

As it did not have fins to navigate, the direction would be provided by steering the burner, and to land this thing, a valve would open to release just enough helium to drop on target.

This then would produce the problem of Officer Zamora's craft, in it having problem gaining altitude, as it let it's helium out and was no longer zero buoyant, and needed thrust to get aloft.
This could have been a hot air balloon with a double burner, but considering the heat involved, it would have baked the college children inside. Therefore  the conclusion is helium and a balloon burner for thrust.

As not any hydrocarbons as in crude oil types, perhaps we had as a fuel alcohol, in a big bunson burner, pressurized like a drag racer.

is there a flammable fluid that leaves no residue? | Yahoo ...

Best Answer: any fuel that carries some oxgen with burn clean, such as most Alcohol. But depents on what you are burning it with, and what your detection ...

Everything would be aluminum in the frame as it would be light and have a higher melting point. The orange flame would be  due to the burner not warm enough to produce a clean burn of a blue flame, which would occur later in the burn.

There are reports of this craft moving from 300 to 700 mph in mathematical deductions based on theory. A burner and fright could produce great speeds  in those trying to prove a UFO.

Stirling Colgate had access to the most advanced technology America had, coupled with the mind of atomic physics. What is most puzzling about all of this is that this invention was not cobbled together by institutions of higher learning.
I might have made a neutral gravity ship of helium, and then used air pressure from a turbine fan to propel and steer the ship, as that would have been  a  more agile ship, but they needed that big blue flame and roar to attract attention for this spoofing adventure.

All in all, it was quite a good teaching lesson, and I will conclude that those involved in this, are still in our most prestigious institutions. The children did not cook themselves or get shot by the cops.
Perhaps one day the last survivor in a tontine, where they can all laugh from the grave. That though should be a few years as 20 year old geniuses in 1964 would be just coming to the end of their life cycle in being just over 70 years old.

I will assume with the drones cluttering up the world, that some children will create a like helium device, with same thrusters and put on a dazzling show in a perfect location, with girlies and cell phones to record it all as the next wow event on Gaytube.

That of course would mean that children now had some Batman fun in Adam West, instead of sex abuser like Batman Ben Affleck.

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