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When Donald Trump Began Laundering Republican Donations To The Kushner Family

WINRED, like ActBlue, works like a credit card company — making its money by collecting a marginal fee on every transaction. It might not seem like much on a single donation, but multiply it by tens of thousands of donations every cycle, and all of a sudden it translates into serious business.
WINRED would collect 4 percent on every donation — so a $100 donation to Trump would net $4 for WINRED and $96 for Trump — and then send the money to the campaign via a “conduit PAC,” according to one Republican familiar with the effort.

“That’s robbery,” former Trump campaign adviser Barry Bennett said of the 4 percent charge. “That’s outrageous.”

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is interesting in the NRA headlines are it is dying due to grift and the Republican children of Ronald Reagan are being deprived of MAGA due to deceit within.

 All of this is connected in the bastardized "red state progeny" of Tim Russert who first changed Reagan Blue State, Blue Republican Party to Red State, for the simple reason, people do not like the color red and red was the color of the pinko commies, who now are the Barack  Obama poster children on display in the democratic party.
The problem is, 75% of the voters on the left do not want the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez spending programs as people on the left have not that much money either.

What has been rollled out in secret by the Trump Trans is a money laundering scheme, which has joined the selling of your data to a combined conglomerate within the GOP, named WINRED.

I warned all of you that the 2018 elections were going to be overthrown, in the House would be handed back, so that would end all talk of MAGA ever being passed coming into 2020. This was all a set up, and it surprises me that Sheldon Adelson, the mega Jew, had no idea he was being fleeced in 2018. The group who Webster Griffin Tarpley predicted would turn the GOP into 3rd rate party and split the DNC into a communist and socialist wing, so Americans could vote for socialist patricians like Jeb Bush, communists like Obama or national socialists like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is coming true before your very eyes.

Part of this was to bleed Adelson dry, and he started squawking for results as he wanted the GOP to start robbing poor Republicans to squander their money, while his money bought the influence.
GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson threw down the gauntlet — no more donations from him until the GOP builds a matching version of ActBlue.

It was into this that the President was given the opening to  complete what Jared Kushner in his financial rapine was attempting to sell in a sea of digital pimps, who were selling your information to political groups, all the while targeting people in voter suppression. In case you forgot about this, Jared Kushner engaged in a SUPPRESS THE BLACK VOTE in the worst form or racism in 2018.

 Brad Parscale

It was though with Brad Parscale that Jared Kushner began lining up in competition with Katie Walsh's information pimps, which would be the inner war of the GOP. What would appear in the shambles of this was President Donald Trump once again appointing his son in law, Jared Kushner, into what Kushner is adept at in graft, grift and money laundering.
Through Kushner using the Big Donald MAUL, he was able to force the four main Republican fundraising arms in the RNC, House, Senate and PACs into one group, which is liberal Tim Russert lingo in WINRED.

Winred is the mirror image of ActBlue which is the democratic money laundering machine. The cover story for all of this is, is that poor people have money, and as democrats raise hundreds of millions of dollars from these 100 dollar donations, the GOP should be milking them too, so Jewish Sheldon Adelson can have all his money to buy influence with your politicians.

The problem in this is, for those who have paid attention to this blog, if not paying out the donations to keep this blog rolling, is that Barack Obama like Hillary Clinton were adept at money laundering. The Clintons were champions in illegally laundering Chinese money into their campaigns, along with Indonesians.
Barack Obama took in 300 million dollars in counterfeit credit card donations, as was exclusively covered here.

What Obama did in the ACORN guise was allow terror electronic transfers from the Mideast into his campaign, using Chase Manhattan credit cards in the names of people who are dead or not using viable accounts. Enough of these reports appeared in people complaining that it exposed the operation in 2008 in the year of our Lord.
The 2008 meltdown was engaged to install Birther Hussein, and in the aftermath, George W. Bush TARP money disappeared in the amount to cover this 300 million dollar fraudulent money transactions to Obama.

These campaign moneys are not for campaigns, but are influence pedaling in contracts are signed in key people are paid off for "services" or media accounts are paid for to buy the loyalty of media outlets. It is all a cash cow money laundering operation using the poor as cover.

Karl Rove set up the Paul fag Singer billionaire hedge funders to funnel money through to the GOP,  but that is not enough, and as Reince Priebus in reverse speech stated that terror money was coming into the GOP as the DNC as David John Oates discovered in reversals, one notes how money is being moved around and put on the books in one huge laundering scheme.

Jared Kushner got the GOP’s small-dollar money machine finally moving, but in a twist befitting of the insular world of Republican campaign consultants, Trump’s influential son-in-law is also now being cited as a stumbling block for the critical effort.
WINRED is the proposed small-dollar “payment processor” that the Republican National Committee and the campaign of President Trump hope to spread across the universe of Republican campaigns to generate enough money to keep up with the Democrats’ wildly successful small-dollar fundraising machine, ActBlue.

Winred, the Republican money laundering scheme was created by leftist Jared Kushner, combining the 4 GOP financial houses, all under one roof. It is about to become like ActBlue one of the most corrupt bodies in history as billion dollar payouts are what is being skimmed, and Jared Kushner is at the center of this.


Trump tasked Kushner with the job, according to Republicans familiar with the effort who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal from the White House.
“Nobody else had the authority to put it together,” said a Republican familiar with the effort. “Adelson was not happy with the way the money was being spent and raised. The president did look to Jared — basically them knowing that Jared was doing it, everyone coalesced around WINRED.”

The history of Winred is the struggle of the early internet, which has had many start up companies sidelined and have disappeared. Names alike Alta Vista and Protegy are no more, as  the centralized group of NSA funded spyware has bankrolled a monopoly, and that is what WinRed is, a Kushner monopoly selling your information and looting your accounts. If you do not know what I mean in your accounts are about to be looted, just read on and you will be most upset. 

The WINRED machine represents the merger of the GOP’s valuable collection of voter data, the Data Trust, and Revv, an online payment processor run using Stripe. From the start, Revv had a leg up because Trump uses it for his online fundraising. But other consultants urged the WINRED team to adopt a more widely used platform called Anedot, which they argued would be easier and cheaper.

 WinRed first registered with the FEC as Patriot Pass in January, but the name was criticized for being too similar to the New England football team. The committee refiled as WinRed in April.

Somewhere in Jared Kushner's WinRed is a strange young man named Gerritt Lansing. Who is Gerritt Lansing the darling of the GOP? Well Mr. Lansing is a man who was a college drop out, went to Greece to milk goats for the summer as he played Pan reading poetry.

Now you might ask yourself what is Jared Kushner doing with a flake like this? The reason you are asking it, is because the Lame Cherry is asking the same thing, because the person who is in control of your private information is the Pan Poet of Greece.
Again you might be asking what a Goat Boy is doing in charge of computer programming at the RNC, well I am too, as for some reason Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were not milking goats while taking time off from college for the summer to decide what to do.

Odd thing is, Gates and Jobs were also not playing goat boy, and then getting a degree in JOURNALISM as they started up their computer companies.

Again, how did Goat Boy become the computer guru of Jared Kushner?

But Lansing calls the year he took off before college one of the best things he ever did. Burned-out and aimless after high school, he spent part of the year working on a farm in Greece in the mornings, then taking afternoon classes that helped him develop a love of classical poetry.
"It gave me time to just sort of figure myself out and what I wanted to do and what I was interested in," said Lansing, now a junior classics major at Sewanee, the University of the South, a small college in Tennessee.

You may notice in this that Gerritt Lansing upon graduating,  from Goat Boy College in Tennessee, could not get a job in the media business as for some reason, not any media outlets wanted a person writing for them who had only milking goats as experience.

This is where it takes another odd turn as the Heritage Foundation loves Goat Boys, and promptly hired him, and put him in charge of their blog.

Again what milking goats has to do with managing a Conservative Blog is sort of lost upon most people.

Unable to find a job in journalism, Gerrit Lansing moved to DC in 2008 to take an internship at The Heritage Foundation.
As luck would have it (for both Lansing and the conservative movement) an internship at Heritage would turn into a full-time job and a career working in the Republican Party, as he currently serves as the Digital Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).
Lansing said he arrived at Heritage when its blog was “just starting to grow in leaps and bounds,” which gave him the unique opportunity to shape the direction of the organization’s online efforts.

As you can see by the above, Goat Boy is a real go getter as he soon moved from milking goats, to writing the Heritage Foundation Blog, and next thing you know he is the Computer Comptroller of the entire Republican Party.

As all of you reading this, know you can not get your own Congress people or Rush Limbaugh to reply to you, you are probably wondering just what kind of Gannon Gay Boy stuff was going on here like with George Bush back in the day, as something her is just not adding up.
How does a college air head, who can't get a job with his degree in writing, end up in charge of the Republican Party computers with your information on it?

You might be asking as POLITICO did, in just how a Goat Boy was offered a sweetheart deal where he walked away with 1 million dollars of your donations to the GOP in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.
The GOP insiders knew this stank was a not above board, and yet Lansing skated on this, so who is the horse in this for Lansing providing him cover?

The Republican Party’s top digital strategist in 2016 got a nearly $1 million payout from a firm he co-founded that collected online contributions to the party and its nominee, Donald Trump — despite earlier claims that the strategist had severed his ties to the company.
Gerrit Lansing’s joint roles, while legal, have raised questions of cronyism and profit-making at the Republican National Committee — and now sparked an internal review “to prevent a situation like this from happening again,” the RNC told POLITICO in a statement.

As you can read below, the GOP workmen were all looking around and asking what was going on, and wondering when the Department of Justice was going to be issuing warrants. In this, Lansing informed the troubled GOP officials that the GOP had given him a "deal" where he could have conflicts of interest and not be charged or fired, and he got this deal because the GOP could not find anyone with computer savvy to provide them money raising programs.

Again, where does a Goat Boy get a computer program to sell to the GOP in the first place as his degree is in JOURNALISM!!!
“I asked Gerrit if the RNC was OK with him pitching a product he owns and running the business while holding a senior position there — and I noted how bad that looked,” Steslow recalled. “He said he had negotiated a deal and had permission, alluding to the fact the RNC had had difficulty finding qualified candidates for the role. So, essentially their competitive advantage was the conflict of interest itself. I was really bothered by the audacity of that.”

At this juncture in whoever let Goat Boy into the RNC, found a willing partner in Jared Kushner's Brad Parscale. Lansing was running Revv, part of that Katie Walsh insider media operation of geeks with computers. The problem again is who is Gerritt Lansing fronting for as he has a degree in JOURNALISM?

Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital director, said that, while he understood the potential perception of a conflict, he was unaware Revv was owned in part by Lansing when he selected it. Parscale said he picked Revv because it was “technologically superior.”

So you understand this as it comes home to your bank accounts, your email address and your personal information tracked and sold.Gerritt Lansing through Revv, had processed 300 million dollars in donations, had access to 3 million credit cards and had saved eight hundred thousand profiles, which is your profile as you are a registered Republican active online.

An archived version of the company’s page on a startup website said it had credit-card information stored for 6,500 users a week before the Iowa caucuses. Now, Revv touts more than 100 times that: “In less than two years, Revv processed over $300,000,000 in donations from over 3 [million] donors with over 800,000 saved profiles,” its website says.

Yes the man who has your credit cards, bank information is the man in the Tweet  below who has great admiration for the Democrat money laundering machine of ActBlue and stated so.
Odd thing how Katie Walsh had a great deal of admiration for liberal counterparts too.

23h23 hours ago
Tons of respect for Act Blue. Game on.

Speaking of Katie Walsh, who should Gerritt Lansing in Goat Boy mode be retweeting, but none other htan Mike Shields, who is Katie's favorite penis, and if you look close, that is NUMBER 10 DOWNING STREET that Shields is posing proudly in front of as a British educated student. NUMBER 10 as this blog covered is where he was given special access to propose to Katie Walsh, at the Prime Minister's residence.

For those who need a review in this, it was while Shields was proposing that Theresa May, current Prime Minister was coordinating with John Brennan of the CIA to create  the Pissgate file to frame Donald John Trump.

Mike Shields Retweeted Alex Isenstadt
Great announcement by . Serious kudos to and DT President Matt Lakin for getting this over the finish line.
Mike Shields added,

Gerrit Lansing, WinRed’s president, and Mike Shields, a former Republican National Committee chief of staff who is involved in the also project, were expected to brief House GOP leaders on the launch Sunday evening. Lansing, a veteran GOP digital strategist, is slated to address several other party gatherings in the coming months.

 This is our star Goat Boy of the GOP, Gerritt Lansing, now president of the Jared Kushner instigated financial conglomerate selling your information for huge sums of money.

President WinRed

 The following is form Lansings Linked In page, and in this, nowhere can it be found that he had any education, business experience or creative genius with computer programming. Yet Lansing ended up in the White House with Sean Spicer lying for Lansing in the job.
Like Katie Walsh he soon left the building, but thanks to Mike Pence Katie Walsh landed on her rolling heels feet and was soon with Mike Pence cuddling and in charge of money operations again.

For Lansing, it was Jared Kushner who chose him, with all of the shady deals that GOP insiders were most displeased with who is now running a private firm inside the GOP with all of your money and personal information.


  • Image for Senior Partner

    Senior Partner

    – Present 1 year 10 months
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Image for Co-Founder


    – Present 4 years 7 months
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Image for Chief Digital Officer

    Chief Digital Officer

    The White House
    2 months
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Image for Chief Digital Officer

    Chief Digital Officer

    Republican National Committee
    1 year 7 months
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Image for Digital Director

    Digital Director

    National Republican Congressional Committee
    2 years 8 months
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Image for Press Secretary

    Press Secretary

    House Budget Committee
    1 year
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Image for New Media Director

    New Media Director

    Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL)
    1 year 6 months
  • Image for Blogger


    The Heritage Foundation
    2 years 5 months


With absolutely no rhyme nor reason for the appearance of Gerritt Lansing, there are only clues in his known associates file in his go to girl is apparently Megan Foote, who has an interesting begin up job, in she was the intimate who was the liaison with the great Mormon family of Mitt Romney who hates Donald Trump with a neurotic passion.

Megan Foote

Megan Foote

Executive Vice President at IMGE LLC

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Public Relations and Communications

  • Image for Special Assistant to the Romney Family

    Special Assistant to the Romney Family

    Romney for President, Inc.
    1 year 2 months
    Greater Boston Area
    • Managed strategic long-term travel calendar and prepared daily schedules for Governor Romney’s five sons
    • Prepared all event briefing documents
    • Provided on-the-ground staffing and logistical support
    • Coordinated travel and schedules with Governor Romney’s Scheduling Office and Mrs. Romney’s Chief of Staff

    In situations like this, one begins to wonder just who is the real father of Gerritt Lansing or who has he cuddled with, as Katie Walsh was a John Ashcroft protege before she began seducing married Republican senators from Illinois, which is the place that Lansing gained political traction, but whoever Lansing is really connected with, we know one thing for certain that Jared Kushner's brother in this Jared scheme, owns a huge chunk of STRIPE, which is the guts of WinRed.

    Yes your personal data is being traded, bought and sold by liberal Jared Kushners, liberal little brother who hates Republicans and Donald Trump.


    Josh, Shylock and Jared Kushner

Among concerns cited by some Republican consultants contacted by Yahoo News, was that Jared Kushner’s younger brother, would benefit via his investment in the technology company underlying WINRED, Stripe. Kushner's firm, Thrive Capital, invested $30 million in Stripe in 2014 and made a second investment in Stripe, for an unstated amount, in September 2018.

We return to WinRed in this, as WinRed is a credit card venture, meaning every time that you make a campaign donation to the Republican Party, to Republicans who are all being forced to use this monopoly, 4% of this money is going to the Kushner's. That is a fact and Goat Boy in this monopoly stands to make a fortune larger than the 1 million he already gleaned from you, as Donald  Trump will raise over a billion dollars for 2020 and for every 100 dollars, 4 of those dollars go to people of the most questionable nature.

Obviously Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Tucker Carlson are not going to cover this, any more than the major CNN types are not going to make an issue of this as liberals do not want it known that four out of every 100 dollars going to Bernie Sanders or Barack Hussein Obama, was laundered into their own ActBlue monopoly as they sheared the sheep on the left.

Most of the questions in Goat Boy and Jared Kusher is coming from Yahoo media types who are listening to Republican insiders stating that something in this is crooked and they are not going public as they are terrified that the White House will destroy them.

If Donald Trump and his handlers had not prostituted me like a cheap whore in 2016 and left me in the same poverty status, but had come through with the money for someone who wrote the time line to place this Jehu into the White House, I would not be reporting on it now, as I would be out fishing on our place. Instead, their dirty big secrets are going to be published in this cover up.

For all of you tight wads who have not donated to this blog, my advice is that you do not donate a penny to the Republicans or Democrats as four percent of it is being skimmed in massive dollar amounts. No one is making an issue of this though, as the Mockingbird is protecting this cash cow.

Who really created the software and who is behind these #NeverTrumpers who leveraged out the Christians and Loyalists is the same connections to the Pissgate Dossier running in the back current of all of this.

Someone knows what is really going on in all of this, but that is where this always begins in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as what has just taken place is the stuff the Department of Justice puts orange suits on white collars.

“The Trump campaign, quite rightly, only cares about themselves,” said one GOP consultant. “They’re not long players in this, there has to be somebody focused on the long term.”

Not surprisingly, this economic super-entity is dominated by members of the Deep State behind the Deep State — a relatively tiny group of individuals with unfathomable power and influence. The individuals in control of a tiny handful of mega-banks — especially Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse, among a handful of others — are at the very center of it all.
Lofgren was not the first observer to realize or point out that the elected officials ostensibly in charge of governing America are not really in charge. Even close friends and associates of the Deep State behind the Deep State have commented on the issue. The late Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, a mentor to President Bill Clinton, was close to the core of the Deep State for years, and, while he disagreed with the secrecy, he admitted to agreeing with most of its aims. He was even allowed to examine their records for a period of time. And then, spilling the proverbial beans, Quigley put some of his explosive findings in his massive 1966 book Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time.   
Quigley offered extremely important insight into the agenda, especially the monetary machinations, of the real Deep State. “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole,” he explained on page 324. “This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.

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