Thursday, July 25, 2019

Donald Trump: Bring Back Slavery

Mike says we are going to make slavery great again!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With communist democrats wanting to give these lazy, greedy snowflakers a free ride in forgiving student loans, I see this as a golden opportunity for President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and of course, their Mrs. President, Jared Kushner to bring back slavery.

Debt is debt and if these snowflakers are not out there competing with Mexicans for jobs, I say that the 1% should haul these hundreds of thousands of  dead beats to the auction block, and start bidding.

Think of the deals you could get if you were Kushner rich. Speaking of that, Jews held the higher percentage of Negroid slaves in America back in the day, Mike Pence in his pharisee world has them slaves serving around, and Donald Trump..........well he got a two fold package there as the English made slaves of Scots and that rascal Adolf Hitler had good working solutions for concentrated labor to employ people and get the nation prosperous.
I mean, look at it this way, Donald Trump has all these vermin in America funding Social Security and making taxes, with them roaming around on the loose, so why not just round up them snowflakers as they are already trained.

Think of  all the doctors who are not paying off their loans, probably because they were too stupid to pass a state license. Should  not some millionaire be able to buy the debt for this dead beat and have them work it off? Say it is like 300,000 in debt. At 30,0000 dollar a year wage which is more than fair as room and board are included, in 10 years the doc would have  the debt paid off, and the millionaire, like Alyssa Milano would have a doctor on premises to take care of the kids or squeeze puss out of a dog's ass glands, as I am sure a doctor would be qualified  for that too.

There are lots of trained folk out there. Plumbers, lawyers, teachers, political arts.....what you would do with a political art I do not know, but I am sure if you could teach a Nigger to breast feed your kids, then why should not a political arts student not be taught to breast feed your babies, as you want your wife to have perky breasts into age 40.

I have a dream to have perky breasts at age 40.

If you look at the list of debt slaves in America, you can see that South Dakota tops the list. Now don't think they are dead beats in South Dakota, it is just all the Mexicans took the jobs, and there just are no jobs to be had there, so you can get a degree in gynecology, but in a land of flowing vulvas, you just can't get a job to stick your fingers up a twat.
I am sure South Dakotans would make the finest of slaves.  Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio....hell that is all German and Scot stock. Make great slaves that you could trust your children with, your dog, but probably not your beer. I say round up these people and bring back the working servant class to America.

Student Debt by State
Overall Rank*
Total Score
‘Student-Loan Indebtedness’ Rank
‘Grant & Student Work Opportunities’ Rank
1 South Dakota 66.17 1 46
2 Pennsylvania 64.59 4 7
3 West Virginia 63.41 5 1
4 New Hampshire 63.24 2 37
5 Iowa 61.01 6 16
6 Minnesota 60.46 3 45
7 Mississippi 59.56 9 2
8 Ohio 58.67 8 14
9 Michigan 55.19 12 8
10 Rhode Island 54.89 7 50
11 Delaware 53.79 10 32
12 Kansas 52.94 16 19
13 Indiana 52.53 14 29
14 New Jersey 52.44 15 28
15 Connecticut 51.80 11 43
16 Kentucky 51.20 18 9
17 Vermont 50.66 13 48
18 Wisconsin 50.36 19 18
19 South Carolina 49.72 20 12
20 Alabama 48.71 26 4
21 Georgia 48.68 23 13
22 Massachusetts 47.71 17 49
23 Illinois 47.05 21 34
24 Texas 45.78 30 15
25 Montana 45.70 27 24
26 Missouri 44.90 24 42
27 Nebraska 44.74 29 26
28 North Dakota 44.48 25 41
29 Idaho 44.13 32 22
30 Maine 43.69 22 51
31 Arkansas 43.54 33 17
32 Oklahoma 43.24 35 10
33 Louisiana 43.15 36 5
34 New York 43.07 28 40
35 Maryland 41.39 31 47
36 Tennessee 41.13 37 23
37 North Carolina 41.01 38 20
38 Oregon 40.57 39 21
39 Virginia 39.45 34 44
40 New Mexico 38.36 41 27
41 Colorado 38.35 40 38
42 Arizona 36.50 42 39
43 Alaska 33.83 43 6
44 Nevada 33.68 48 3
45 Florida 33.28 45 11
46 District of Columbia 31.21 44 30
47 Washington 30.67 47 33
48 Wyoming 30.36 46 35
49 California 26.83 49 31
50 Hawaii 24.21 50 36
51 Utah 15.67 51 25

Granted you got to be careful, like Minnesota, you might get yourself some darkie from Somalia, because you can not count on all of them going by Mullah Ihmar to alert you. Just never can tell as them fat white girls get off to California, get knocked up by some darkie, drag the kid home to Minnesota under the name Tom Pendergast, and you buy that sight unseen, and what gets delivered is some fat nappy headed low IQ. Got to watch them Minnesotans as they will sell you a pig in a poke every time.

Michelle Obama tried to buy me, but Mike saved me.

So just remember to buy sight seen, and you will probably do ok. Now I would keep a good whip handy for some lashing, as it might take a few lashings to get that uppity beat out of them snowflakers, but put a good chain on them, stake them out on a cold day, hose them down, and with chattering teeth they will be happy to just be warm, so they can serve your every whim.

I have a degree in Snowflake

Fortunately Utah has limited debt, as no one wants the Mormons, and Jews are too rich to go into debt as they stole the money already. Muslims are too stupid to go to school, and Jehovah's Witnesses won't go near a college. What I am trying to say is you got a good chance to get a good Protestant, trained up by God,  who likes being beat. Just don't get suckered in by them Catholics, as you never know what nun or priest has been sullying up them children, and you don't want none of that popery around or your kid will start taking on the sloven habits of Barron Trump.

I will send the Virgin Mary to beat your ass.


Anyway, in the new Trump National Socialist Party of the Kushners, supplanting the GOP, the  first plank needs to be a working slavery plank to retire all that student loan debt. Who knows maybe Jewess Ivanka wants to trade up past that Chicom nanny she has, and get a nice white goy girl to allow her children to feel superior to Christians as they order them around, or get them to take a beating for doing some thing that Jew kids do which Jew parents forbid......I don't know what that would be, maybe like putting in a 20 dollar donation in the collection plate and not taking out 100 dollars for their generosity.

Anyway, that is a Nazi party I could get behind, as when the rich people get honest and make a big donation here, I plan on getting me a rare Wyoming boy to do heavy work outside and one of them North Dakota girls as they both will be bright, self starters and when the Russian nukes fall, and the tanskins rise up, you can count on them two to stand on the front lawn shooting the hordes of vermin, which will allow me to sit on the front porch having beer and snacks, enjoying it all.

Yes, I've always wanted a nice white slave or two. Whites transformed North Africa, won the Ottoman wars,  tamed Virginia in the United States. It is time with all this debt that the Trump rich, not get just Gary Cohn tax breaks, but get something of real value, as you can only get so many portfolios, before it is like trash. The real commodity is flesh, trained flesh from fine liberal schools in America.

I have a degree in Wyoming to hold up board fences.


Let this be the plank of the Trump Party.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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