Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Joe Biden's Pedo Girls - Cindy and Meghan


 Cins puts on a Catholic school girl uniform, tells me she is 8,
we turn on the View to watch Megs, and I sniff them both.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I remember Cindy McCain in 2008, and trying hard to spin her with positive propaganda, because John the hero McCain's democrats who he chose to lose his campaign to Obama, who still needed Bush fam to steal 10 million GOP voters, was a disaster and the glaring problem was John the Songbird was a traitor and a cripple and Cindy McCain was something out of the Stepford Wives. I mean this woman was a walking zombie. She looked like she was on meds or doped up, or like she was a fricking zombie.

That is why her treachery with other Arizonans against Americans in disenfranchising votes,  as Cindy's payoff for supporting Pedo Joe is some ambassadorship, is priceless as this woman whose fortune came from getting kids drunk on Bud beer, so homosexuals could rape straight kids at underage parties, walks around like she made her money honestly, instead of preying on misery.


 A high honor to be included with traitors, in your own state, and that zombie Martha McSally who was installed, had as much voter appeal as Cindy the zombie.

The thing is fat Megs has weighed in on this.

Meghan McCain Blasts Katie Couric For Saying Republicans Need To Be ‘Deprogrammed’ – ‘Go To Hell’


No, it was not about being traitors, but Megs thinks she is a Republican and Katie Couric wants to deprogram her. Megs probably thinks it is some weight loss program and she is not going to be deprived of donuts.

What Megs does not understand is she is one of Joe Biden's Pedo Girls like Cindy. Pedo Girls are Biden with benefits as you keep your job at ABC and you get an ambassadorship. Real Republicans get the FBI building cases against you for walking through the Capitol. It is ironic how much John the Hero walked through Congress, and being a traitor from Vietnam, the FBI never arrrested him. Never arrested him either for taking ISIS kickbacks from Obama running terrorists in Syria and Iraq to steal oil for black ops.


So we are in a world where Cindy McCain is honored by being a traitor and Megs is upset thinking being deprived of donuts makes you a Republican on the FBI wanted list.