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Why the cover story for Adrenochrome?


What are the environmental changes that induce us to produce adrenalin, and in turn, produce adrenochrome?
-quality and quantity of our food supply: imported and processed foods
-Man-made chemicals
-Increased consumption of sugar
-increased noise
-quicker pace of life leading to higher stress levels

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has been curious about the fixation on adrenochrome, which I had not paid attention to as it was Q generated, but something Alex Jones reported on deeply troubled me in something being wrong, when I witnessed lines of pregnant young women lined up in Catholic Charities in Texas for processing, because they had been presorted, and then were disappearing onto 737 Boeing jets to places not known.

I have watched the adrenochrome videos in the last posted was a document leak that looked vintage disinformation plant as it was focusing on the blood harvesting, under torture, in torture farms of people, in order to get oxidized adrenaline for use by the elite.

So I began looking for links and data mining it, and noted the Daily Beast had invested in knocking this Q story down. The problem is that DB was mentioning things about LSD and other oddities to make this sound off the wall, but there was real research into this manufacture of the human body, and it was substantial.

Even Donald Trump has been blaming his own supporters for not taking the vax and then had to walk it back in everyone had the right to not be forced to take this vax. There is not a gear shift in adrenochrome to the vax, as all of this is interconnected in one labyrinth of information.

This Lame Cherry has already in exclusives informed you that all of those dead microbiologists of a decade ago are linked to this, as this is their compartmentalized work. The false tree of life had been in the workings for a very long time, a DNA tree which does not require God to activate it to immortal life.

In an email blast sent out to his supporters on Monday, former President Donald Trump bashed those who are just saying no to the experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) gene therapy injections being administered under his "Operation Warp Speed" mass vaccination scheme. According to Trump, there is no reason for anyone to skip the jab because "every medication" carries with it "some risk." Taking a precautionary approach, even for an alleged virus that almost nobody develops symptoms from, is "deranged pseudo-science," according to Trump. 

Adrenochrome is a legitimate medical drug. It is a pink substance, but what is available to the public is synthetic like the synthetic prion in the spike protein. Like the sythetic fibers in the Chinaman masks. It is though specific in the blood for clotting and it deactivates neuro transmitters in the nervous system.

If you notice in this, both of those symptoms are from the vax and Coronavirus Wuhan, in what it affects the body as a biological weapon and a transhuman platform.

Yes. Just like Huxley said, adrenochrome is a compound formed by the oxidation of adrenaline. Its main medical use is to slow blood loss by promoting clotting in open wounds. It’s available for purchase online by researchers, with most outlets stating its source is synthetic and its uses are the inhibition of COMT (which deactivates certain neurotransmitters), and the synthesis of prostaglandins (fats involved with blood clotting).

The Coronavirus causes splitting head pains which I can attest to. People who took the vax also had severe headaches, and andrenochrome, produces severe headaches. All three are affecting the same areas of the body, but for different reasons.

Another user, in a review titled “Worst Headache Imaginable” described a racing heartbeat, profuse sweating, and “a headache that could have brought down an elephant.” The “incapacitating” pain allegedly subsided after two hours, but recurred periodically for the next seven days. “I had absolutely no hallucinations,” he concluded, “unless I was hallucinating the headaches.”

There was a huge study linking people with Schizophrenia to high levels of adrenchrome in their bodies. If you read through the following quote, you will find the term serotonin in these patients and how all of this links up to the antioxidant functioning of the body. Before you read the quote, observe these headlines in Coronanvirus and that would be the vax included, are interrelated to serotonin and dopamine levels in the body.

Diarrhoea as a symptom of COVID-19 has been commonly observed,2 3 but the cause remains unknown. Diarrhoea occurs from excessive production of serotonin ...

Oct 29, 2020 ... In fact, scientific evidence is emerging on the potential direct effects of COVID-19 on mental health of people infected, as well as on the ...

Serotonin stimulates production of adrenochrome in the human body. Whatever is taking place in this biological weapon and transhuman fiberforming is related to the production of oxidized adrenaline. 

Biochemical and Clinical Impacts of Adrenochrome Besides being an hallucinogen, adrenochrome is a highly reactive neurotoxin that in schizophrenia undermines at least three major biochemical systems.52 It is an antagonist of the hormone triiodothyronine and can and often does seriously damage the thyroid. In chronic schizophrenics, this gland impairment appears permanent. Adrenochrome also has a Jekyll and Hyde relationship with serotonin and, so, impacts on tryptophan and its other chief metabolite, niacin. At low levels, serotonin appears to stimulate adrenochrome formation while at higher levels it retards the process. Adrenochrome also generates numerous free radicals causing oxidative stress, eventually exhausting the schizophrenic antioxidant defence systems, creating deficiencies of glutathione peroxidase,superoxide dismutase and catalase. Complicating the impacts of high adrenochrome conversion from adrenaline are the numerous interactions that normally occur between triiodothyronine, serotonin, and the three major components of the antioxidant defence system. In chronic schizophrenics, who have suffered for years, these biochemical abnormalitiesresult in brain atrophy associated with large fluid filled spaces known as ventricles and seriously damaged thyroid glands.

As we weave through this, adrenochrome is part of the auto immune response of the human body. What produces auto immune hyper responses? The biological weapon Coronavirus and the vax. There are now five links to all three of these focal point subjects and it is not coincidence as someone knows something about this drug and there is a great deal of effort involved to cover it up and to obtain it.

Adrenochrome production is speculated to be a marker of an auto-immune response the body makes in response to allergens, which we have been bombarded with since industrialization. When we have an allergic response, more adrenalin is produced.

When the word transhuman or unnaturally evolved humans appeared linked to all of this, no one connected that a disease or a medical condition of a plague could be a stepping stone to something which benefits humans. Dr. Sharon Moalem, linked the disease hemocrhomatosis, actually helped protect people from the rat plague. You must open your mind and understand in looking at the biological weapon Coronavirus and the vax to comprehend that what was used to terrify, also has a purpose to evolve humans unnaturally.

Dr. Sharon Moalem demonstrates how conditions that are considered unhealthy (such as hemochromatosis, diabetes, and high cholesterol), or even deadly in extreme cases, might actually put their carriers at an advantage in combating other life-threatening illnesses. For example, he explains that hemochromatosis, a disease that, if left untreated, will kill you, may have actually been a defense against the deadliest pandemic in history–the bubonic plague during the 14th century. It turns out that this genetic mutation, which continues to be passed down through generations, actually helped spare many lives at one point.

As this seems to meander, all of this connects on a path of evolution. Adrenochrome actually converts in the body to a toxin. Yes a substance of interest becomes a toxin in the human body, but it also limits cell division. As in, if you had synthetic protein that needed a governor or an ability to put the breaks on synthetic cancers which the vax enhanced, or as it does. limit or control cell division as that is what cancer does, is divide cells at a high rate, you are beginning to see that when a synthetic prion enters the body, and Chinamen mask fibers link to this prion, and the entire physiology of the body transforms and goes cykokenetic storm, that a substance would be necessary to regulate that, in order for the body to transform, that is adrenchrome.

As the article states, adrenochrome is shown in studies to be antimitotic. It limits cell division:

But adrenochrome (and the other chrome indoles from noradrenalin and from dopamine) have other properties. Adrenochrome is a known mitotic poison,

i.e. it decreases the rate of cell division. In heart muscle and in leukocyte about 80% of the adrenalin is converted into adrenochrome. It is a highly reactive compound with a short half life in the body where it is quickly converted into adrenolutin (3,5,6 tri hydroxy N-methyl indole) which is also toxic, and to 5,6 dihydroxy N-methyl indole which is not. These substances circulate in the body.

And in the links below and explanations is the proof of the link in this, in the poison that adrenochrome renders to, is a treatment for cancer in stopping out of control cell growth.

If you understand that the prion supercharges the body to react and kills it, it burns it out. something needs to inhibit that. That prion is like a nuclear bomb going off in your cells. adrencrhome puts the gen back into the bottle, so the process of fiberforming can complete before the human body burns itself out in 5G and consuming itself producing this prion in the mRNA and Adenvirus platforms.


Oct 12, 2020 ... The so-called mitotic poisons are one of the cornerstones in cancer therapies. The idea that cancer cells usually divide almost uncontrolled and ...


A spindle poison, also known as a spindle toxin, is a poison that disrupts cell division by affecting the protein threads that connect the centromere regions of chromosomes, known as spindles. Spindle poisons effectively cease the production of new cells by interrupting the mitosis phase of cell division at the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC). However, as numerous and varied as they are, spindle poisons are not yet 100% effective at ending the formation of tumors (neoplasms). Although not 100% effective, substantive therapeutic efficacy has been found in these types of chemotherapeutic treatments. The mitotic spindle is composed of microtubules that aid, along with regulatory proteins; each other in the activity of appropriately segregating replicated chromosomes. Certain compounds affecting the mitotic spindle have proven highly effective against solid tumors and hematological malignancies.Wikipedia

This entire maze is designed to keep you from becoming a zombie tumor so you can be evolved unnaturally by this mark of the beast. I have inquired of this and the reason Q was featuring this drug, was because this DIA faction was leveraging to make sure they got their share of the correct gene therapy.

This blog has informed you that there are going to be two immortals, the lords and priests and the slave. The 1% are not receiving this vax, becuase it is inferior. Just as the 99% will get the vax and the prions, but will never receive the adrenochrome. What the 99 will receive is MERCKs anti virals, which will produce a scab zombie who had better behave and follow dictates as being quasi immortal they will constantly rot and not die, but require that anti viral to sustain life.

Adrenochrome is a 12 month therapy of 5 treatments of about 1.5 milligrams, which is the governor, the control, the throttle, that makes certain that the DNA nuclear bomb going off in the elite does not rot them down. Once complete, the immortals will have their perpetual forms, evolved on this old human platform and never require further treatment. That is the theory, but as this blog has warned, anything not God is inferior, and all things inferior are corrupt and degrade on the immortal sphere as this is not eternal. There is a difference, especially between an insane satan spirit and an immortal human of transformed flesh.


This is the hypothesis which will be elaborated, i.e that too little adrenochrome will increase incidence of cancer while too much will decrease the incidence of cancer. Small amounts of adrenalin are produced all the time even when asleep, but during the day and when exposed to stress, the amount is increased

Adrenocrhome is both cure and poison. It like prions crosses the blood brain barrier with ease, and is the regulator of what is in the brain by design in this vax and what is necessary to preserve that brain.

Adrenochrome is very powerful, but when it crosses the blood brain barrier and enters the brain, the effects it exerts is incidental, and not intended by mother nature. Sometimes evolutionary traits that develop comes with trade-offs. You have a powerful chemical like adrenochrome that can attack cancer cells, and yet acts as a neurotoxin when it crosses the blood brain barrier, so the result is perceptual distortion.

In the final revelation of this, this is cure and poison, this is insanity and cancer, and it is the necessary solution to what is being clinically evolved. Syuthetic adrenocrhome is inferior, as is that from stress and torture which Q was posting about for the DIA's share. The fact is the most perfect frequency whcih this drug is created in the human body is in birth. Mothers and babies produce this perfect stepping stone to govern immortality in that process. That is what is being gleaned and for the numbers of the 1%, that requires huge amounts of these pregnant foreign vermin. This is not something of torture chambers in the cover story, but clinical harvesting to obtain the highest grade product.

Researchers at the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) emphasize that many of the genes associated with schizophrenia are the same as the genes associated with cancer, but that the cells that have these genes use them in opposite ways in the two disorders. While cancer results from changes in the genes that cause cells to go into metabolic overdrive and multiply rapidly, those same genes cause cells in schizophrenia to slow to a crawl.

Those pregnant girls did not happen in mass by accident. This was all planned out. The Padres were involved in more ways than one in offering life in America, in exchange for the absolution of sex and getting pregnant. You can observe these masses of Alex Jones women, are all pregnant at the same period of time and designed to be delivered at a specific area of time later in 2021. Just as the mRNA can not be powdered and needs to be fresh, this adrenochrome must be fresh and it can not be in a powdered form.

My interest in this has been satisfied to understand the process which is involved so I doubt I will be posting more on this subject as I highly doubt the 1% appreciates this made public and I would assume those police state types will be wondering in their vaxes what they got and how much enjoyment it will be to be an immortal slave.

This is the Lame Cherry in another exlcusive in matter anti matter.

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