Saturday, May 1, 2021

Death By Vaxicide


No I don't think it is my cell phone tower........I think it is the 
googtuplet strain of a million bat ass viruses as social justice warriors
on my inherent white privilege.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As this blog has stated, there is nothing to worry about in another biological weapon release in the near term, because what is killing people in India is bogus as all these 'mutant' strains are now bogus, in what is killing the wogs in India is the vax as they vaxed over 100 million of them.

Bidencon is sending over more population reduction vaxes to blood clot these Curry Nigs to the Ganges.

So what you need to do is be aware in what the World Economic Forum was telling everyone, that a new plague was coming, it would be faster, more devastating and shatter the world. You know the 1% are not going to release anything with that kind of threat to them, so what will follow is more of this white nun propaganda of a deadly plague, when it is instead this damned vax, these damned Chinaman masks with Morgellons in them, and 5G with the Musk Space Array. The plague was created by Obama Fauci for the 1% and Peking was promised great things if it helped spread it as a cover for this global reordering which is taking place. It is cover for the immortal rights and to propel  this along to it's conclusion, there will be plague cover stories for all the harm these high impulse weapons will appear with a new plague.

Are there going to be piles of dead people? Yes there will be, and there will be people who will die of some biological weapon, but it will not be widespread as the propaganda over the L Strain was enough to kill off select people, and suddenly everyone is terrified of dying of something that only comes out of a human ass.

The way the 1% get a new Black Cholera deadly plague in which people drop like flies or birds, is to turn on the high octane emp of com signals which enhance immortals and fries up wetware and their pets. You will get the same kind of effect in crawling into a microwave. Notice what the synthetic prions are manifesting as symptoms..........bleeding out of your ass, you vagina, your nose, and rotting organs. You get the same effect from high frequency cooking or nuclear poisoning. The symptoms appearing are a cover for what is coming when the world lights up to a new frequency.

I would inquire on this, but I lost my directional beacon and all I can get is Johnny Crawford dying of the plague.

Nuff Said