Friday, May 21, 2021

The Bluetooth Vax


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Jeff Rense is now the elder statesman of journalist information, I suggest you watch the Astra Zeneka guy, who every bluetooth tries to connect to him when he passes by it now.

Coronavirus COVID-19, 5G 60 GHz Millimeter Wave,
Chemtrail-Spread Smart Dust & Vax-Delivered Digitized
RNA Are Launched And Coordinated To Shut Down A City
Or Nation, To Commit Genocide Or Trigger An ELE

EMF Meter Held Over Injection Area And Shows
Man Is Emitting-Broadcasting Some Kind Of EMF

Man Gets Vaxxed - Now Every Bluetooth Electronic
Device Tries To Connect With His Body - Watch

The 1% has created a grid of vaxes for purposes. These are not tests. This will all meld. Not everyone is going to die in mass, as pharm is going to glean this and what better way than Obamacare to have people begging for saving meds from this vax, which is going to be blamed on the unvaxed.

They have reached the mythical 160 million vaxed in America. The ReVaxNiks will now be blamed for all viral ills and forced vaxes will appear after July 4th in this programme.

Nuff Said