Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Biden Cultivating Vax Terror


Just think of me as the vax terror king

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oats has a new book out on the Vax Reversals and tracking it. It will have all the reversals online to review them..

This is the current world of reversals as appeared on Rense.com

They have brought the inside story in this and confirmed what we have suspected.

Collective Unconscious Reversal

USA going to die

They mocked God today

Hurt the soul - Get on the path

Joe Biden G7

They would provide a half billion - We locked all the terror

Nations tracking corporate investment - My love with this terror, terror.

G7 agreed to that coal fired facilities - I see the loss - now fork battle.

A request for me after I was elected - This con name a few

We organized on an idea -  You sent the Nazi

Fighting climate change - We need new lab

We will say what the meeting is about - We're sneaky

Scott Morrison Oz Prime Minister

Thank everyone - Now we'll be careful

We stood strong with the Australian people - Pass the dark a kiss

Tempory paymetns to Australian - You lock fail Ozzie

Households get the support they need - They're gonna get mud

The Victorians - They're all stupid

Impossible for me say - Soon I will tell you if I am Nazi

Chinese virologists

New virus in Wuhan - NASA new army