Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Vax Addict

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These are injections of DNA therapy not vaccines. Both carry the Synthetic Prion, nano particles and magnetic amplified replication of the prion.

Hello LC and TL, (writing from a different email)

I have not really kept up with your site since Jan 6. 

Basically, after what pence and  trump failed to do - just wasn't worth keeping up withthe news or current events and especially politics.  Soooo done with that. If they can totally steal an election and not willing to even look into election fraud thenwhat is the sense in voting at all?  all smoke and mirrors

However, I do have a question about the JNJ vax.  I know you are totally against
the covid vaccines and I'm definitely not going to take the ones that have mRNA - but is the Jnj one safe or safer or is it worse?  You may have already written about it and I tried looking through the older posts but couldn't find anything.

I am a Christian and I do believe God can protect me and my family - but I also feel that it may provide me some protection. 

Have I just given in to the fear?  Maybe.  I really don't watch or read the propaganda news but I do hear that there is the new delta variant and it hits harder and faster.  Of course could just be more scare tactics to get people to take the poison.

I've held out this long but now we have visitors coming and will be staying in our home.  Up until now we were following the guideline of face masks, social distancing, hand washing, etc...  Of course we pray daily that God will just keep us safe.

Wife decided to take the JNJ vaccine. I'm still not sure if I should take it because I have chronic lyme and have enough health problems without getting more from covid. (but I also don't want the untested poison in the form of the vaccine)

Been praying and fasting for an answer but still not sure.  I figured maybe your info would shed some light for me.

Thank you!! 

This is not the last vax the vaxed will be taking.

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