Sunday, July 4, 2021

The Capsid Vax for Super Virus


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The vax is making antibodies to the nuclear capsid or the protein covering of the virus, any virus or anything covered by this protein. Dr. Richard Fleming provides this documented proof and it is a red flag, because the vax should only be producing antigens to the spike protein, but is instead targeting the protein coverings in the body. As Dr. Fleming states, there is something else in these vaxes which is triggering this.

I will address this further below.

A capsid is the protein shell of a virus, enclosing its genetic material. It consists of several oligomeric (repeating) ... read more

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Science only speculates where capsids arose from as they may be older than viruses. The point is they are an ancient transfer unit developed by organisms to survive and have worked for eons to keep diseases feeding on all life forms.

What the Lame Cherry wills for you to comprehend is this. What if you are America in 1945 and you have  the nuclear bomb and it makes all other warfare obsolete as this is an absolute weapon. Transfer that to this vax. This vax is creating in millions of people an absolute weapon in it is not just attacking the spike protein and replicating it, but it is attacking the protective shield or Star Trek Enterprise Deflector Shields, to destroy the Enterprise, and not just the Enterprise  but every ship in the universe.

What is going to be the natural reaction if you are a virus? Are you going to hang around and be wiped out, or are you going to develop a Romulan Cloaking Device so you can go in and kill the antibodies which are wiping you out?

Are you understanding this now in what Dr. Geert Vanden Boosche was educating the public on in you teach a virus that you can kill it, the virus mutates to a super virus that kills you, instead of devolving into something which you barely notice when it infects you, so you stay healthy and the virus lives on too.

This vax is destroying the protective shell of life of the virus in targeting it. That means ALL viruses are now vulnerable. In quadrillions of cells, there will be a virus or perhaps some new lurking disease of these hybrid fungal bacteria sprochetes viruses which will slip through and no living thing will have any antibody protection from it as our bodies are designed to look for certain disease forms. The reason the Black Cholera of Asia, Small Pox and Black Death were so genocidal is because the human body did not recognize these disease organisms as a threat and it wiped out civilizations.

This is the danger in the data as nature is clever in figuring out how to survive. I was walking in our soybean field of Round Up beans. Do you know what is in that field still after 20 years of scorched earth? Goddamn weeds, because the weeds figured out how to beat Round Up.

Viruses will soon figure out how to beat this vax and remember this bioweapon has bacteria grafted in, and more to the point, with all of the antibiotics, fungal diseases are what are attacking humans now, as the diseases figured the way around penicillin. 

It is evident that some of the most mindwarped people are those in government now following orders like from Joe Stalin or Adolf Hitler, None of them in forced vaxes or shut downs, ever ask, "What the hell is in this vax that is doing this as they are jabbing this into me and my kids"? 
Not one CDC, military or FBI agents is asking what the hell is going on as they take the vax and then listen of Fauci divide America into vaxed and ReVaxNik camps.

This vax is spreading, not to just cells in the blood where virus are supposed to be, but into the brain  and lymph systems according to a 2017 AD in the year of our Lord Moderna finding. Non is asking why White people were given Pfizer and Tanskins were injected with Moderna. For the record, my cousin who works with Indians, as the Indians refused to be injected, she was injected with Moderna, so should be have been, is there a threat, is she better for it again, no one is asking the questions.

In closing this, Dr. Fleming states plainly that DNA and mRNA belongs inside your cells where antibodies do not see it as the cell is the protective zone. DNA belongs in the nucleus of your cells. mRNA belongs inside of your cells. When mRNA appears outside your cells it is one thing, and this thing is showing up in the vaxes, and that is Prion diseases. mRNA is a protein and when it is outside your cells it is a Synthetic Prion.

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