Friday, August 27, 2021

It was just Junk Yard Day


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK so things got interesting with JYG.

We stopped in and he was getting a load of old junk machinery in, which was junk, rusted and falling apart. I was pleased as I picked up a couple of International corn planter braces, because that is what I needed for my potatoe digger which is still being refined. Last refinement is a bracket for the 3 point which I will have to get from JYG.

So he mentions he has two diggers, white and red. I tell him that sounds like International 45s and I said I was interested and I give him our number. JYG says he will call, but did not call............until dark.

So he calls and he tells me the best part of his day was a bee stung his hands and it was now swelled up. I wonder what the worst part was.............

So JYG says, "I get there and I'm hooking up these diggers, and it is taking awhile. I get pulled out to the driveway, and someone pulls up. Turns out it is the other brother, the one who is not the one who told JYG he should clean up all that junk and haul it away. There was telling JYG he couldn't have things, that it was this guys, that there was a Judge and there were papers and all sorts of things".

JYG  then said, "Yeah when the gun got pulled out, I just walked in back of the pick up and stood".

I never quite figured out if this was the Sheriff, or the younger brother, or what was going on, but as TL says, "Only this would happen to JYG".

The side the gun was on, was asking how much JYG hauled away and JYG said one load and when he was asked how much it was worth, JYG gave a JYG answer in "Not much" as he had the stuff all chopped up already.
JYG has this big metal scissors and he can chop things up fast. He has this torch too, which he can cut things up  fast. I just marvel in who pile of junk can be a pile of metal scraps the next time I visit.  People have no appreciation of salvage people. They take all the trash which would fill up our world and our ditches and recycle them. JYG sorts all kinds of metals, aluminum, copper, steel. He can tell you what things are and what they are worth.  He is one of the most brilliant people I have ever come across.

He also is the only person I know who can get a gun waved at him, and find a way to not escalate it, not get shot and just tell the story like it is just another part of his day.

He did tell me that I probably should not ask the guy about the digger as he was still pretty hot and I should let the situation calm down. I did not know the time period as junior with the gun was already talking about hooking up to the diggers and hauling them to the auction.........yeah JYG did all the work and this prick is being the gun waving prick he is.