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But I'm a California Asshole, What do I care if it snows in New York


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I once attended a trapping seminar and the presenters were driving a rental with California tags. They told us bewildered that they were constantly being flipped the bird and the highway patrols stopped them, because they were from California and they were "talking too much in the car".

This is a lesson for the rest of the people who do not give a fuck about people in flyover country or think just because you are not freezing your ass off, that it is not going to affect you.

If you have noticed, HAARP tried from October to January to dump heavy snow on the Sierra Nevadas. The net result was Jeff Rense in Washington reported he was still dry and that moron Frosty Wooldridge had Colorado burn up. The weather mods gave up, as this blog told you all they can do is enhance weather, not change global patterns.

The above photo was Friday to give you a time lapse. The gif below is Saturday. As you can see, HAARP did something very different this time in this cyclone to contain radioactive fallout. Instead of driving it into Wisconsin and into Chicago for a New York 12 hour flight. They drove this son of a bitch, further south on the jet stream, following what the weather service was predicting for Izzy. I had thought the past patterns would hold, but this was new. The 1% want to freeze the asses off the Southerners this time too. That means ice storms in the Carolinas as predicted as this moves into the New England states, who did not pray to have this stopped when I warned them, and now here it comes.

Last night, we were supposed to be 3 below. I got up to a bad start of a day in barrel stove smoking when it should not have, but the temperature was 17 below zero. The predictions are off. That means that HAARP fucked up in they now have too cold, which is really going to be interesting for Chicago as this moves into the Oho, as they have atmospheric engineered this to produce more cold for the Great Plains, Midwest and the East.

15 degrees is really fucked up. You predict 25 below and that means 40 below. Suddenly Chicago and other areas are freezing their asses off. Just as the above illustrates it is going to be miserable in Dixie.

I'm snowed in and have to limit my Wifi thanks to all the non donors, so I can not monitor the wind patterns to figure this out for the next few weeks. I do know that HAARP overloaded this now, as I got to watch bizarre weather anomalies this morning of thermal inversions over some of my neighor's places.  Apparently I could tell which houses were bleeding off heat, as fog hung over their trees, so much I thought a fire had broken out somewhere and it was smoke drift.

3 hours later, the sun was up, and the air was warming and the entire landscape had this thermal inversion as this created cold was being rejected by the normal warmth of the sun and the land. Snow even at times, in not melting is warmer than the 20 below air temperature sucked out of the upper atmosphere.

Why this matters to a shit hole like California and the rich shit heads there, is because the more energy burned in other areas is used as excise to drive up their fuel costs for cars to electric. California is being reduced to Niggerstate status like Colorado. The Walmart family owns the water going into the state. Shortages are  abounding in drought and by creation and it is going to be dry all over the southwest for some time as I doubt any major monsoons are out there to be enhanced. The preference for HAARP now is to deplete energy supplies by this Ontario based cold sink which moved out of Alberta. They are using this to drive all the other weather patterns for the next few weeks.

That means when it snows in New York, ti is going to cause problems for the West Coast for all of this year. They meant to migrate the semi wealthy out of the Western states to make room promised to the Chinamen who can eat the Mexicans.

HAARP is going to reinforce this cold the coming week. Then by the 23rd they are going to produce another snow event for the east which begins in the Plains. I have to see the patterns which produce before I know, as this cold last night does mean they overloaded the system by drawing air out of the stratosphere. 
How far south this is going to reach, may be Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina. What is cold now is going to get cold in this reinforcing shot. When HAARP hits like this, the algorithms go nuts in trying to make a patern. What I'm seeing as the AI's try to make sense of this, is the AI is projecting something in the 20's. What I think may happen is the westerlies will begin taking over again in their dry and heat as I do not thing the energy is there to sustain a really cold spell or to create these fake vortexes.

As this blog stated, Gerald Celente is predicting climate change will replace the vax in March. It is hard to convince people of global warming and carbon footprints after HAAPR has been freezing their asses off for the month before.

For all the manipulation of these weather bombs from September to January, that much vacuum is going to cause a surge in the normal southwest patterns which begin around March, early or late depending on the heat structure.

I'm just guessing as I have not inquired, but I think there is going to be a fast southern jet stream shift this year, meaning no excessive rains for the dry plains, meaning the heat and rain will be in Canada quickly by June.

Yes HAARP can blow things up and does often, but I think that will be the trend do to all this weather mod overplay for the past 4 months.

All are going to be affected as America (250 million Ameicans and 250 million foreigners for a pop of 500 million and growing foreigners) is only producing resources for 350 million people to consume.)

Time to confiscate you rich bastards money with HAARP

With that, Nuff Said

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