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Protecting a Police State instead of Serving Americans


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I was reading an article in the National Interest which was calling Rep. Jim Jordan and Republicans of being liars in a partisan witch hunt to investigate the CIA and FBI for abuses of power and it  struck me how far the apple has fallen from the tree.

What I mean by that is, the National Interest was founded as the policy legacy influencing group by former President Richard Nixon. To recall historical fact, President Richard Nixon was set up and framed by a group called the Plumbers. These were employees of the CIA who just happened to be in Dallas Texas in November of 1963 during the assassination of President John Kennedy.

The CIA has been tainted by being involved in taking down two Presidents. The FBI covered up both of these criminal attacks on America.

In the interim, the Church Committee for the US Senate along with the Pike Committee in the House, uncovered that the CIA had been involved in all sorts of criminal activity against Americans from MKULTRA mind control and Mockingbird propaganda.

For a memory lesson, the FBI has been involved in Ruby Ridge where a mother had her head blown off while holding her baby, as they shot the family dog. There was Waco where the FBI burned up women and children. Then there was the Oklahoma City bombing, in which one of the bombers, Terry Nichols got the bomb making materials from the ATF.

All of us experienced the Malheur Refuge murder of the unarmed LaVoy Finnicum, which began with the FBI firing at pick up with women in it that Finnicum was driving. Then there was the January 6th murder of Ashli Babbitt at the US Capitol, which the FBI investigated and ruled justified.

There are almost 900 American political prisoners, being tortured in prison over Jan6 that the FBI hunted down. Some have been driven to suicide.

That has nothing to with Russiagate, the taking part with John Brennan of the CIA an illegal operation against Americans with Peter Strzok nor Director Christopher Wray ignoring Congress in investigating what the FBI had been engaged in and what the FBI knew.

Meet you on the other side.

Jim Jordan Wants Revenge on U.S. Intelligence Agencies

The majority compares the establishment of its new subcommittee to the work of the Church committee. What they are doing is no such thing.

A longer-term ill consequence of the show that is about to begin is the effect it may have on the FBI and other security agencies themselves. It might deter the bureau from vigorous enforcement of the law if officers fear that enforcement will collide with someone’s political narrative. Or it may push officers into bending their investigative efforts in whatever direction the political wind is blowing at the time. 

The Lame Cherry was there in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, when an American was turned into Barack Hussein Obama, a birther, into Obama's first political prisoner, when Mr. Sinclair came forward and explained he was a sexual partner with Mr. Obama.
I remember Mr. Sinclair receiving death threats and reporting them to the FBI who ignored the threats.

The fiction that the FBI has not been serving political factions for years is something which is evidenced by the Obama years. They framed the people of Hutatree. They ran Fast and Furious gun running in which innocent people were murdered.

Now let us get to the facts in this. This blog has stated what we know in this is all about the cartel shattering the trust Americans have in our government. It is complete. We all know that there are going to be two sides in this stage theater and all of the above and more is going to come out. Excuses will be made again, people will get off, and the paid operators will get their 30 pieces of silver.

If you think that the GOPliters got a backbone after Darrell Issa promised us that he would get the evidence to convict Obama and let him slide. If you think the democrats are going to suddenly learn to not lie and defend America, that is not going to happen here either.

This is all a psyops operation and it will work as it is designed to.

Which brings us back to the irony that one of the biggest victims of all of this was President Richard Nixon. His legacy was overthrown not long after his death. Operatives took it over like they did the German Lutheran Church as much as the New York Times. 

The question in this, is not the life of one of the Americans driven to suicide or murdered, worth a Congressional investigation?  Frankly in this American police state, the majority who gets singled out in entrapment where they have to bankrupt themselves to try and remain free and have their reputations destroyed by the media, would be well served to have all of this Department of Justice aware that they were going to prison for their perpetual involvement in all of this.

If there were five, hell if there was ONE CIA or FBI agent who came forward in any of this, and said "THIS IS NOT RIGHT" and quit I would figure there were 500 righteous agents just too scared to talk. I see no evidence of any of that though. There is nothing but corruption, because they are all hired off the same psychological forms that have them all of the same "us vs them" mindset and Americans are the THEM and they have absolutely no way to resist or fight back, as they can not cost the courts, Congress oversees nothing, the media crucifies the public and they are so intimidated that they can not have a phone conversation without the NSA recording it for their conviction.

It might deter the bureau from vigorous enforcement

The list above has shown what vigorous enforcement has unleashed. Deterrence of the police state is what Americans on both sides have been voting for.

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