Sunday, February 5, 2023

Chinamen Blimpy


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dick Allgire included, the photo of the Chinese spy contraption, shows that it is an electronic data mining creation, exactly like the FBI Stingray which is on lamp posts or in constant flight over America, like Biden's planes shuttling invaders into Blue Reagan States. This thing was  listening to military, security and your phone calls, and gathered them all in.

Bidencon showed it is feckless and afraid of China as it attempts to keep China from joining Russia further in that Ukraine war. As it expects China to stand around to get pounded in 2025 AD in the year of our Lord, the way the Pentagon said it was aiming for, after it gets done holocausting the Slavs of Ukraine.

CIA Issues Stark Warning - ‘An EMP Attack
Is Imminent’

Possible Scenarios Following An EMP Event

Third Alleged Chinese Spy Balloon Spotted
‘Near U.S. Interests’

Allgire Remote Viewed The Chinese Spy Balloon
Electronics Array Days Before The Event Happened

Sen Cruz - Biden 'Allowed A Full Week For The
Chinese To Conduct Spying Operations Over US'

GOP Rep Turner Says Biden Let Chinese
Balloon 'Complete Its Mission'

US Source Claims China Spy Balloons Transited
US 3 Times During Trump & Weren't Detected
Trump And Officials Under Him Deny All Of It

'It's Disinformation’ - Trump, Former Officials Slam
Anonymous Report Of Chinese Spy Balloons
On Their Watch

China Threatens Repercussions For Downed
Spy Balloon, Reserves ‘The Right To Take
Further Actions In Response’

The Chinese 'Spy Balloon' Story An
Alternative Reading


Spycraft Or Not, Shootdown Of Chinese
Balloon Using 5th-Gen Jet Looks ‘Silly’

China Preps For War - Spy Balloon Belies Much
Larger Economic Warning Signs

What is most upsetting to the Lame Cherry, is the lying the Biden regime engaged in, but then we have been nothing but lied to by the FBI, CIA, Congress and whatever for years in things like Malheur, Jan6 and Ashli Babbitt, Russiagate and this array of sex degenerates.
We were lied to in this was a "Chinese research drone". Those reports which were featured here, are absolute lies and whoever was involved with them should be fired as they aided and abetted China in espionage activity. That is not going to happen, no more than the reality that this China blimpy happened by chance at this time. It was as deliberate by China as all those Goddamn HAARP storms coming out of China from Christmas onward and blasting California and the rest of America, were something not coordinated out of J Street with those portfolio pimps looking out of Peking's interest in America.

The only reason you know anything about this blimpy, is because someone in the DNC saw a way to use this incident to weaken Dictator Biden as the democrats want this old pedo gone and do not want Kamala Harris filling in as the nominee. Who picked this story up and it went national, are the Obama Inc who wants Michelle Obama in the White House in 2024 AD in the year of our Lord.

So let us just look at this in it's full measure and stop the EMP stuff for a bit, as this blimpy was a coup against Pedo Joe. Stop running this shit up the flag pole in following it blindly as you put shit up a flag pole and it gets in your eyes and you see nothing.

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