Tuesday, June 6, 2023



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As the weather in America is devolved in this super drought cycle, exactly as the Lame Cherry predicted it would months ago, I'm fascinated by the pattern HAARP has engaged in. For basically a month now there have been these Pepper Clusters of rain. Usually nothing to do with fronts, but just like something is grinding the life out of the atmosphere and making the skies weep a few drops of rain, in what literally are several thousands showers a day.

It simply looks like some big lezbo hoof print grinding some poor but into the sidewalk.

If you study the below, you can observe the Mississippi Valley / Great Plains, in storms moving east to west. This can not be, but it does follow HAARP's winter patterns in generating storms with constant east winds. That is abnormal. If you care to check military nuclear war doctrine, the protocols to the 1970's stated that America had prevailing westerly winds. When HAARP was cold sinking yet in March and April there were constant north winds. When the north winds were even blowing hot air, that is when HAARP switched to these continuous east winds.

This is just a non stop pepper atmosphere.

Meet you on the other side.

In normal patterns what you should be witnessing is warm air in the jet stream moving north, and with it bringing in June a series of super storms from Oklahoma north. You remember the storm chasers. They chased tornadic blips. There are not fronts, no mixing of dry air that is warm and cool, and moist air. There is just this splotches of popcorn showers erupting over areas dumping rain in a random pattern.

Yes America is in a super drought. What you should be witnessing are weather patterns moving around a Hi pressure system over the Four Corners Area which is a blocking front. That is not happening. Instead there is high heat, high humidity and these odd popcorn eruptions.

I have been too busy to monitor this closely, but the times I have checked, it has been dry in the most fertile corn and bean areas in the Mississippi Valley east.

If you remember HAARP weather terrorism last winter in those massive jets of water and massive Lo Pressure bombs dumping inches of rain and feet of snow, there has not been one storm in the late spring or coming into summer. There are just Pepper Showers. This must be the lezbo weather mod answer to a super drought, meaning they either want a food shortage or they can not generate weather as when La Nina was prevailing. I do know that the heat index is through the roof in America. Crops are growing in heat which has not appeared in this HAARP suppression in making everything cold and wet for a decade. Maturity will function faster in this kind of heat. There is enough moisture to make wheat.....not corn and beans if they not make a storm dump again. The problem in that scenario is the kind of heat which is there will generate super storm cyclones.

I have been watching the HAARP AI's at work. For the past month, they kept generating really cold temperatures about 2 weeks out and then it disappears. HAARP is in the AI's signalling around June 9th another massive cool off. If it gets down to the 50's in this period, the kind of heat in the deep south, hitting that line is going to cause some very severe storms where this cold and hot lines will meet. If this sets up, there is going to be massive storm damage and death on that line for at least a week.

I'm attempting to track this line for the future and my guess is a line around Kansas City Kansas over to north of Nashville Tennessee. You want to find the line where the temperatures would range around 80 degrees, it is 70's north and 90's south, that is the line.

I'm too busy and too many non donors are making things short here, so I have things to do, to survive and what comes is your responsibility in God's Care.

It looks like a cold sink plunge is going to be generated during summer. That is what the AI's are gearing in this popcorn showers drought of HAARP ground atmosphere.

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