Tuesday, June 6, 2023

To have a John Wayne name..........


For a girl who wears flour sacks, she hits damn hard with a frying pan.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

     Thank you for helping us navigate life through these treacherous times. 

I would sometimes I could share the cool names of people and how fittingly where they live. The person above of whom I'm  thankful is part of the Lame Cherry family, is perfectly named front and back, and lives in John Wayne country with a John Wayne movie name.

I mean shit, La'me Cherry for the Brier Patch, I'm the barefoot chick, clad if flour sack, waving around my Winchester, with a bar' skin on the log that John Wayne rides up to get a bottle of home brew, while he is chasing unlucky Ned Pepper. That is the name I'm stuck with, no John Wayne characters or partners with me.

Richard and Stephanie, will know what I'm talking about in the Two Chiefs saga took another turn today, besides leaking out of the soft plugs, for more work for me. So having enough heat and unloading this Silly Pony mule,  I decided that we would go water at Grandpas and then head to town. Heat was too much for the softies here.........no one on the road, but the people we did meet seemed to wave like they knew me. Everyone likes the flour sack wearing girl.

So we got to get papers on Two Chiefs. He will appear in July or something like August to end this mystery of what the hell I'm talking about. I always wanted to ride around in West Texas. I think a ranch there was called the Sixes. Comanche country just seems like my kind of country. I like thing with character and mesquite and thorn, and hot days like we had today, make me think I would like West Texas.
It is always cool in Cottonwood shade.

So anyway we pull up to the court house to lie about Two Chiefs as that is what Rooster Cogburn would do. And who is coming out, but the head nut herself. Another by God design moment. So I run over and accost her and she does not shoot me, as people here do not open fire most times if someone walks up and blindsides them  with a barrage of questions.

Anyway, I don't have the title. She tells me that that every car crusher or junk yard is supposed to have a title for vehicle. Yeah right. Those people never follow the law and who the hell steals cars in the Brier anyway.

So there is a long process of certified letters to bogus addresses, letters returned. (like the post office would do that) and then you can send a bill of sale that no one signed off to the state capitol to get your new title. I mean Crazy Horse drove this pick up, so what the hell is all this about in making it impossible to get a title.

I learned what I needed though, so when I go to the nest county seat, I will be able to fabricate the situation better. Thing is the Brier Patch officials are ...........they don't care about anything.This gal just got elected and follows the rules. Last vehicle we got, they sent me the licenses and I know my check did not go on Saturday to the county seat and then to the capitol building in a day and my licenses appeared the next day. TL thinks they just trust me. I must be famous as the flour sack wearing gal.

I do have the dude's registration which was in Two Chiefs. I looked him up. Geezer is like 800 years old. He wouldn't know jack or shit. Hell I could probably get him to sell me the Indian Reservation if I asked nice. Damn Two Chiefs, I fell in love and he is just and Indian Giver in crying all the time and only running on firewater.

So that was pretty much the day, except incubating us in the tool shed on wheels. Glad I had a JYG free fan or a fan I got free for buying some other thing.

JYG called today about that vehicle we bought. The woman was all in anxiety if the title was changed yet as she still had insurance on it. I told JYG we had everything changed over weeks ago so she can stop whining.

He seems to phone here allot. Must like us or we are the ones who are always in on his latest adventure.

So I better go shower as being incubated is unpleasant. I got too much to do. I really need a slave. Don't want no African. Always thought a nice Japanese or two would make good slaves. I think I would take a Korean too. I could probably get things done. I could also get things done if people donated like the few who do who uphold the end of all the thieves on this blog.

Two Chiefs would be at the doctor now, as I really do not want to pull his pacemaker. Just would like some things to go a bit easier to get things so I could see the end of the day without falling asleep. Maybe I will pull his tire off to see the light.......don't want him falling on me though as that would end things and then what would you have to read.

Oh hey, cleaned out his box today and I found his breather top. Make things easier manufacturing that. Why the hell the guy took that off and cut it up is something only rez people would understand.

OK I better get going as John Wayne might show up and I got more ornaments on my lawn in things I hauled out to get that freezer in here twice, that it is scaring the deliverymen.

Thank you for being part of the family.

God bless the Good.

Nuff Said