Thursday, August 7, 2008

Audacity, of what, Hope?

Whenever I hear the term audacity, my heart always transports upon a journey back to Danton, the definition of the word "great French writer" in his immortal words:

"Il nous faut de l'audace, et encore de l'audace, et toujours de l'audace."

Gen. George Patton would weave a greater part of his soul to that phrase in the complex man he was so much so the German war machine would invest great amounts of psychological profiling to try and understand a general as great as the Prussian, Frederick the Great.
The phrase is often translated audacity, audacity, audacity in a form of bold, brazen courage.

It literally translates loosely, "we must dare, dare again and forever dare".

While French at heart, it is more German and American in character in what audacity means. It is Frederick the Great facing 3 empirical armies of France, Russia and Austro Hungary, splitting his forces and trouncing them all.
It is George Patton in the years of 1944 and 1945 literally as 1st Army and the British under Montgomery sat in the lowlands and his 3rd literally smashed, ripped, tore and obliterated the entire German army alone.

That is what audacity means at it's heart, a brutal, male, warfare of spirit where even when knocked down, the soldier gets up, and up and up again against all odds to win by God's grace.

Barack Obama's audacity is instead founded in a Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church, which is not the audacity of Jesus the Messiah, beaten all night by Sanhedrin guards, beaten by Roman soldiers so his nose was smashed in, scourged with a metal tipped whip until his back was in shreds and then strapped to a cross beam to carry until he broke down, and then, he got up again and walked to his crucifixion.
No, Barack Obama's audacity is founded in the Marxist coup of the mob overthrowing a royal Russian family and then slaughtering them in a cellar, a mother and her children.

This is the "audacity" which Barack Obama founds his hope on, and when this commentary exposes what his hope is, there will be a shocking definition of that too in the Obama terminology.

Barack Obama and Rev. Wright's audacity was founded in the Marxist theology of South America where it had nothing to do with saving a person's soul nor reforming them with education. No, Barack Obama's audacity is a demagogue riling up the poor masses to revolution where the poor would steal a nation's wealth as it plundered it.
If this sounds like Barack Obama's plan to force Americans by taxes to hand over almost 1 trillion dollars to poor dictatorial nations around the world, it is exactly what it is. This is the doctrine of James Cone, the Black Liberation founder who Rev. Wright and Barack Obama are both quoting.

Mr. Cone is noted for some of the most bizarre phrases in advocating killing God if he does not fit the policy of liberating the black person in various forms.

JAMES CONE QUOTES: "If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. "

"Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy."

"What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love."

"There is no use for a God who loves white oppressors the same as oppressed blacks."

"Black hatred is the black man's strong aversion to white society. No black man living in white America can escape it. While it is true that blacks do hate whites, black hatred is not racism. "


Some readers will now have light bulbs going off in finally understanding where the warped things they have been hearing from "blacks can not be racists" to "blacks can only use the N word". The source is James Cone and messiah Obama is his disciple.

This is the "audacity" which Barack Obama speaks of. It is not of change. It is of revolution. It is not of love. It is of hatred. It is not of God. It is of Barack Obama.

It is frustrating to read Dreams of My Father and the Audacity of Hope and try to comprehend just where the brilliant journalists are who inform the world they are more intelligent than others in praising these books, as when one starts taking apart what Barack Obama is couching his clever rhetoric in this Obamantion religion comes pouring out like a Charlie Manson helter skelter theology of class warfare.

Visiting Audacity of Hope for some Barack Obama quotes, the thrust of what kind of "hope" Barack Obama is speaking of for his communist theology is this:


"In such a life I, too, might have contented myself had it not been for the particular attributes of the historically black church, attributes that helped me shed some of my skepticism and embrace the Christian faith."

"For one thing, I was drawn to the power of the African American religious tradition to spur social change."

"Few minorities can isolate themselves entirely from white society—certainly not in the way that whites can successfully avoid contact with members of other races."

"Rightly or wrongly, white guilt has largely exhausted itself in America."

“We are no longer just a Christian nation, we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”

"I can’t help but view the American experience through the lens of a black man of mixed heritage, forever mindful of how generations of people who looked like me were subjugated and stigmatized, and the subtle and not so subtle ways that race and class continue to shape our lives."


Barack Obama desires in his "hope" to create a guilty white America again, using "black religion" not for saving a soul, but for advancing one race after he fragments the entire United States into different sects to exploit them for his political gain.

What really needs to be focused on in this is the last quote from Barack Obama as his lens view of the black man he is needs a good cleaning for the historical facts he is ignoring in his world view which only appears from his birth in 1961.

Modern Africa started in essence in the year 1440 AD when Middle Eastern traders started harvesting certain black Africans for slaves.
It is very important to note that there are differences in Africans. North African Berbers who give a gave rise to the term barbarians, because these Muslims were invading white Europe, kidnapping, plundering, enslaving and raping these people. These barbarians stole so many white people that in interbreeding a new mixed race was created.
White Gold by Giles Milton is a book which explains a great deal of this. Most of North Africa is a product of white slavery by black Africans.

It is this structure which graduated when the Middle Eastern slave traders were replaced as Europeans supplanted the Asians. What needs to be noted is that just like Mexicans are imported into the United States in a human traffic with centers of collection and commerce, that the same system was in place in Africa where black African kingdoms were rounding up black Africans not of their people and selling them for profit to the slave trade ships.

There is a vast Truth hidden in this that blacks were in the slave trade as much as that traffic is still in operation in Africa today. There are elite bodies there today carrying it out and there were elite bodies carrying it out selling to Europeans, but Europeans are the only ones receiving the blame.

A great question in this is this:

Have you ever seen a Zulu, Dinka, Masai slave in your life? No and you will not as these peoples were organized, had armed militaries and cultures which were operational governments.
Uganda was such a place as this and Barack Obama's Luo tribe was of Uganda and immigrated to Kenya where they carried out warfare against other blacks to gain that territory.

That must be understood as Barack Obama hides in his African heritage that it was his groups who were rounding up other blacks to sell to the slave market.
For the real fact, Barack Obama's ancestors were part of a collective structure which preyed on other blacks like Oprah Winfrey's ancestors, hunted them down, put them into bondage, marched them out to trade centers and sold them to Europeans.

President Theodore Roosevelt touched on this in his fine book, African Game Trials. He noted with great hope the colonial system in assisting kingdoms like Uganda to joining the first level of civilized nations, being productive and advancing all humanity. This of course was destroyed by communists in the 1950's, but that is part of Obama's Marxist's past in another issue of the plunder of Africa today.
It is vital to note that President Roosevelt also recorded his porters who were a good natured people, but of no organized body. They were simple people and uncivilized.
He gave a description of them as adult children huddling under bushes in the cold not being adept enough to gather wood to build fires to keep warm, but once they were literally made to make the effort they would immediately brighten, smile and begin singing.
They lacked the provision of understanding cause and effect still in 1900.

Propaganda has led to the lie that all Africans are of the same advancement level of the slave period when nothing was of the sort. Slaves were preyed upon peoples by the more advanced kingdoms. The slave had no organized ability to fight off assailants and their entire life was one of proportion to animal life where if one was not a slave their purpose in life was either being a meal for a lion or an crocodile.

That is a cold reality of facts which is not being discussed. President Roosevelt in his writings would also go on to note that American blacks who had been enslaved as of 1900 were much better off in America in being advanced socially than those African blacks who were incapable of even understanding that gathering wood for a fire would make them warm to provide for themselves.

American blacks of the Barack Obama class like to transplant themselves into the black American culture as fellow discriminants now, especially when he came from middle class Hawaii, his mother and father were both highly educated, he attended three colleges including Harvard, his first job was paying several thousand dollars a week which he gave up and his wife is earning several hundred thousand dollars a year, along with their million dollar status.

Barack Obama is nothing of the black American experience of someone like Clarence Thomas or Jesse Jackson as they are of different tribes where one was of a system preying on these uncivilized tribes and driving them off lands or kidnapping them to sell them into slavery.

The "hope" of Barack Obama is no different from the myopic kingdoms dictating what was good for the peoples not like them. He degrades white people, humbles hispanic people and has decided that hope is not a Gospel of salvation, but one of plundering a land of wealth and giving it to the people he decides needs to advance.
That is the story of the Luo tribe in Kenya from it's roots.

That is no kind of hope. It is called piracy. The same piracy which Joe Stalin redistributed all the wealth other peoples in the Soviet bloc had for Russian communist benefit. The same piracy of Daniel Ortega plundering Nicaragua of it's nation's wealth. The same piracy which Nelson Mandela has ushered into South Africa and the same piracy of Robert Mugabe in Rhodesia.

So the Audacity of Hope which Barack Obama writes of, exists by and promotes is Lurking Piracy. That is the audacity, of what, hope, which Mr. Obama is advocating in the old tribal warfare he is part of from his Kenyan roots.

In Dreams of My Father, Barack Obama revealed the empty juvenile soul he has filled with hate searching for a solution to his emptiness. In Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama fills that emptiness with his plan to enslave all people in the same human piracy of 1440 where only his group dictates how other races live and what they may have.

Barack Obama wills to not only initiate a new slave trade, but he wills to be the king running it. That is his version of audacity and hope.

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